• The theoretical sociology in historical perspective: from the classic tradition to postclassical efforts of synthesis, to the situation today in which theorists are more and more constructing formal models as essential components of their methodology.

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  • Nowadays, teenagers in different parts of the world, including Kazakhstan, tend to drink more and more frequently the alcohol. The consequences such as negative health effects, growth of suicides and crimes among teenagers, are destined to appear.

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  • Основні тенденції і проблеми формування в Україні інформаційного суспільства та включення держави до загальносвітових процесів побудови Глобального інформаційного простору, поточні й стратегічні завдання, досягнення й перепони на шляху інформатизації.

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  • Characteristics of the reasons why people commit suicide. Analysis of religious, psychological factors, methods of suicide. Study the most common non-fatal suicide attempts in both sexes, differences in the spread of rate of suicide depending on age.

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  • The study of the problem of ethnic conflicts in Africa, which is one of the persistent problems facing the States, with a view to its settlement, and sustainable development. Ontological, ethical and political imperatives in addressing ethnic conflicts.

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  • The problem of preparation of youth to family life as a complex socio-psychological education in the structure of personality, which is formed by many interconnected factors. Main factors that influence the willingness of young people to family life.

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  • Research on gender differences and leadership, and them extrapolate on research of symphony orchestra organizations. different personalities of men and women, attitudes and self-concepts. The tendency for men to show more leadership than women.

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  • Research and characterization demographic problem. Consideration of international relations, intercommunication and range of processes in economic, political, social and cultural life of the planet. Analysis of the modern state of human civilization.

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  • Disclosure of social problems of families with children with physical disabilities. Determination of the main forms of cooperation between public and private sectors in the provision of social services to children with disabilities in Kazakhstan.

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  • This article analyzes and proposing some elements for a grounded theory of the network society. The network society is the social structure characteristic of the Information Age, as tentatively identified by empirical, cross-cultural investigation.

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  • The essence of the methodological individualism. Development modern game theory. Kinds technological forms of social knowledge. Public and private aspects of information. The role of information and knowledge in the development of the social system.

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  • Foresight process as a dynamic combination of interconnected elements, influencing each other. Hierarchy - a collection of elements, where asymmetric relationships are ordered inside a whole. Analysis of the tasks involved in conducting interviews.

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  • The reasons for protection of stereotypes that reinforce the collective narcissism in Germany and rebirth of fascism. Neutralization of German cultural values. Blaming the Germans as a nation. Preservation of language and national identity in exile.

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  • Two basic principles of organization of social space. Main oppositions in the realm of food. Place of the income in determining distance. The art of eating, drinking. The body as a social product, which is the only tangible manifestation of the "person".

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  • The concept and nature of globalization, its advantages and disadvantages. The impact of migration on territorial boundaries, the use of state and local budgets for the development and organization of new jobs, construction of social infrastructure.

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  • Особенности языка мобильных телефонов. Изучение системы коротких сообщений. Оценка положительных и отрицательных моментов использования мобильного общения посредством SMS. Оценка популярности SMS среди младшего подросткового возраста и юношества.

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  • Symbolic power in social space. Structuralism is social world itself and not only within symbolic systems, objective structures independent of the consciousness. A twofold social genesis the schemes of perception and social structures (social classes).

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  • Socialization as the process by which people learn characteristics of their group’s norms, values and behaviors. Three Levels of Socialization. What if Your Social Construction of Reality Is Not Average. Self-Concept: Who Are You. Larger Social Issues.

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  • Study the phenomenon of wealth as the foundation of society as the main motive and motivation in the work of government to the community. Coverage of the main intentions in relation to wealth in Ukraine and factors of social codes phenomenon wealth.

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  • Studying the spectrum of socio-economic determinants of medical care of pregnant women in Pakistan. The average simulation time of the first treatment to the doctor during pregnancy. Groups of factors affecting the health of pregnant women in the country.

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