• Ethnosocionics is one of the directions of socionics, a young science, which was born on the boundary between psychology, sociology and information science. Socionics is based on the Jung's typology and Augustinavichjute's Intertypes' Relations Theory.

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  • The numerical distinctiveness-stereotype threat-performance deficit process among women conducting a mathematical task. The participants with a measure of stereotype to assess activation by means of a stereotypical word fragment completion task.

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  • A particular cultural grouping how a way for young people to express their individuality. The kinds of subculture in Russia: rockers, hippies, punks, skinheads, goths, bikers, rappers. A different music in the country. The common elements of a subculture.

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  • The article deals with the specifics of the content analysis of visual sources usage in the sport related social movements study as one of the significant and flexible method in sociological analysis. Considering the specificity of visual sources.

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  • Consideration of the current situation of demographic crisis in Ukraine, to identify its causes and impact on national security of the country in social and humanitarian sphere. Analysis of the structure and trends of main population health indicators.

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  • The living arrangements of Britain’s ethnic minorities. Diversity among white families. A substantial degree of economic polarisation. South Asian families in Britain. The key feature of family life in South Asian communities. Diversity and change.

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  • Feature of Facebook and Twitter influence on the shopping habits of students by testing the correlation between the recommendations on social media and consumption patterns. Analysis of the use of networks for information about sales and promotions.

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  • Analysis of historical policy of the presidency of V. Putin and D. Medvedev. The impact on the perception of modern Russian past, their national identity and functioning in society. Using the authorities,of the past to achieve political and social goals.

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  • The problems of Higher Education System and Juridical system in Russia, the USA and UK. Scientific research nowadays. Comparative analysis of dominant Russian and American Values. Challenges of the XXI century: climate changes, problems of the young.

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  • Trust is the daughter of debate not of sympathy. The absolutist realism and the historicist relativism in science. The question of the specifity of the science field. The struggle for the monopoly of specific competence. Capital and power over capital.

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  • Overview of one of the most successful theoretical frameworks in biomedical research on interactions between society and health – cultural consonance model. Discussed the intellectual roots, up-to-date key findings in cultural consonance research.

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  • Communication as the meaning of life. The concept of communication theory, its study from the point of view of scientists. Peculiarities of communication of plants and animals. The universal law of the relationship of living beings on the planet.

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  • Definition and nature of the freedom. Specificity and kinds of moral responsibility of the person by itself and a society. Advantages of the communistic world which was never reached and is still unreachable for our society. Concept of a great freedom.

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  • Analysis of the nature of communication trends in modern society. Understanding and interpretation of the translation from the point of view of hermeneutics. Use of language in the behaviorist pragmatics. The notion of "communicative community" in Apel.

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  • Introduction to the modern principles of crowd control. Essence of the concept study of the crowd, her species - spontaneous, organized and led by the leader. Consideration of the characteristics of mass behavior. Features of human behavior in the crowd.

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  • Alienation as the systemic result of living in a socially stratified society. An endless sequence of discrete, repetitive, motions that offer the worker little psychological satisfaction for "a job well done" in the Capitalist Mode of Production.

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  • Преимущество капитализма, недостаток частнособственнического предпринимательства. Демократическая форма правления, приспособляемость капитализма к социальным и экономическим проблемам. Преимущества и недостатки социализма. Процессы и проблемы XXI века.

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  • Философско-социологическая позиция А.А. Зиновьева, методологические основы его социологической теории. Понятие термина "коммунизм", отношение к человеку как к высшей ценности. Виды социальной борьбы по А.А. Зиновьеву. Марксистская теория классовой борьбы.

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  • Биография А. Чаянова. Широта и разнообразие его интересов. Доклады как значительный вклад в развитие экономики. Работа над бюджетными обследованиями. Главная цель - улучшение крестьянского хозяйства на основе рациональной организации производства.

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  • Борьба с алкоголем в виде "сухого закона" в России и Советском Союзе с начала ХХ века по сей час. Его влияние на уровень преступности в государстве. Законы, принимаемые правительством для ограждения граждан от пагубной привычки и их влияние на общество.

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