• Coexistence of two or even more cultures which vary in language, religion and values. Determination of the features that characterize minorities. Activity of the most prominent school and education centres with Ukrainian as a medium of instruction.

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  • The essence of teaching authority. The concept of the true and the false authority of a teacher-educator. Structure of pedagogical authority. The personality of a primary school teacher. Сhoosing a profession and master teaching skills, develop of skills.

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  • History and development of extracurricular activities in mathematics. Elaboration of an optional course "options in Geometry". Psychological and physiological characterization of teenagers. Thematic planning optional course "options in Geometry".

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  • The birth of the Finnish education and the impact on him the Lutheran Church. Degree of teacher education and its impact on student outcomes. Improving the education system. Programme for International Student Assessment and the success of Finland in it.

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  • Positions in methodology of teaching vocabulary and writing. Principles of vocabulary development. The influence of age on vocabulary acquisition of English as a foreign language. The development of passive and active vocabulary in a second language.

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  • The history of universities in Ireland began in 1311 when John de Lee, Archbishop of Dublin, received from Pope Clement V permit for the University of Dublin, and in 1854 founded the first Catholic University of Ireland, with the Rector of Newman.

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  • The importance of reading in the lives of everyone. The development of reading skills, as the development of communication skills. The advantage of the fantastic stories to increase vocabulary. Motivational aspects of the study Lingua Country.

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  • Types of grammar presentation techniques. The advantages of using games. Choosing appropriate games and the best time to use them. Factors influencing the choice of games. Methods of using games: presentation, controlled practice, communicative practice.

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  • The set of ideas about his subject to life, perspectives and values in the context of the chosen profession. Creating image "I am a professional" in the future professionals sotsionomichnyh professions in the process of growing and professional self.

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  • Waldorf education is humanistic approach to pedagogy based on the educational philosophy of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Three broad stages in child development, each lasting approximately seven years. Transition to formal academic learning.

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  • The examination of theoretical approaches to the problem of economic education development in the Republic of Poland from 1989 to our days. Research of the content of economic education and the form of its teaching in educational establishments.

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  • The University of Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world, the seventh-oldest in the world. History of the university. Foundation of the colleges. Faculties, departments, libraries and museums. A school in the University.

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  • Specifics and benefits of using role play in English lessons. Basic principles and characteristics of the use of role-playing games in teaching a foreign language in the classroom. Analysis of lesson plans developed in the framework of the present study.

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  • Formation and evaluation of social and cultural abilities in the fourth grade level. Psycho-pedagogical features of pupils. The use of a questionnaire as a method of estimating the motivation of students. Ways of evaluating sociocultural abilities.

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  • Системы дистанционного обучения в интернет. Основные возможности системы онлайнового обучения. Основные способы представления информации. Типовая структура системы онлайнового обучения. Основные формы дистанционного обучения посредством интернет.

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  • Explanation of all the steps in the process of writing a thesis: table of contents title page, writing a term paper. A comparison of term papers and dissertations. Metaphors for Dissertation Writing. The Stages in Writing аnd Defending Dissertation.

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  • Семья Макаренко и его детские, школьные и юношеские годы. Педагогические курсы и преподавание в школе, статус лучшего студента института. Преподавание истории русского языка, ведение внешкольной и внеклассной работы, новые пути обучения в педагогике.

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  • Рассмотрение теории коллектива выдающегося советского педагога А.С. Макаренко. Характеристика основных положений и принципов воспитания подрастающего поколения, выдвинутых Макаренко. Применение данных принципов в современной педагогической практике.

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  • Исследование особенностей программно-целевого управления в различных социальных сферах. Анализ возможностей его использования в системе образования. Изучение сущности и значения программно-целевого управления для создания системы социального воспитания.

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  • Актуальність проблеми толерантності та терпимого ставлення людей один до одного. Гуманістичні цінності у процесі виховання та навчання в системі сучасної освіти. Розкриття змісту педагогічного оптимізму вихователя на основі творів А.С. Макаренко.

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