• The essence of the concept of the VLE, its main elements are: student web portal, electronic library, network tools for recording, editing and viewing, synchronous communication and the virtual world. Communication barriers between students and teachers.

    диссертация (324,8 K)
  • Studying an impact of Virtual Learning Environment on communications in a learning процесс. Concept of VLE: general overview. Communicative practices and barriers between students and instructors; research of Universities of St. Petersburg and Warwick.

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  • Tasks of the course of Analytical Reading. Development of reading skills from skimming, comprehension to elements of in-depth character, theme, style, point of view analysis. The texts are from classical and contemporary short stories to anecdotes.

    учебное пособие (301,1 K)
  • Anton Semenovych Makarenko - a Ukrainian and Soviet educator and writer, who promoted democratic ideas and principles in educational theory and practice. The Human As a Subject of Education is in works of Makarenko. Biography and legacy Anton Semenovych.

    реферат (25,1 K)
  • Consideration the operation of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service in the UK. Need for Ukraine to establish a similar single centralized information portal for university access, that will help students avoid any damaging corruption.

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  • Defining the place occupied by approximate calculations in the school curriculum in mathematics as a science. The development of an optional course and design a creative problem for 7-8 classes. Creative work as a form of further education students.

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  • Basis of measurement the bachelor's and master's degree in education achievements. The types and forms of realization of the process. Assessment of the achievements of teachers of foreign languages. Samples of evaluation tasks for the future language.

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  • The importance of audio visual materials in teaching and learning. Types of Teaching Aids. Theoretical and methodological aspects of using audio-visual aids in language teaching. Role audiovisual media in the learning process of English language.

    курсовая работа (32,1 K)
  • Types of schools. Boys Girls Co-educational. Prep Primary and Secondary. Education methods within a traditional education framework. Remedial and extension classes or other approaches to meet the needs of students with differing levels of abilities.

    презентация (462,4 K)
  • The concept of the true and the false authority of a teacher-educator. Experimental verification of the significance of personal and professional components the authority of the teacher. Pedagogical conditions of formation of the true authority.

    курсовая работа (45,7 K)
  • Problems of career guidance work in schools. Description visual programming environments Borland Delphi. Method professional diagnostics and vocational guidance. Overview of the software tools to design tests. Analysis of the conduct of research.

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  • Рассмотрение клиникo-пcихoлoгo-педaгoгичеcкой хapaктеpиcтики шкoльникoв c нapушением интеллектa. Анализ методов кoppекциoнной paбoты пo aктивизaции и paзвитию пoзнaвaтельных интеpеcoв у млaдших шкoльникoв c нapушением интеллектa нa уpoкaх технoлoгии.

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  • Analysis of the history of appearance of design. Features of the formation of skills for professional-oriented speech. Computer graphics as images created, modified or processed by computers. Consideration of the evolution of the design process.

    методичка (969,9 K)
  • Elaborating the scenario for organization of the students’ qualitative self-study, based on blended learning models: rotation, flex, self-blend and on-line driver models. The examples of their use. The most suitable concepts for full-time students.

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  • Details on the approach to remote learning Web 2.0 in graduate students of informatics at the Graz University of Technology. The influence of didactic concepts and technical implementations to increase training and teaching in educational institutions.

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  • Consideration of problems of training and educationsuccessful member of society means encouraging students toactive social life. The idea of informing parents about the ways to make students successful is really worth using. Value assessment in learning.

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  • Analysis of the needs of society in artistic and aesthetic education. Rehabilitation of teaching systems for future teachers of artistic disciplines, including music and choreography. Description of the hermeneutic approach in artistic education.

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  • The stages of child development, from the prenatal period to the early years of life. The principles of child rearing in the present conditions, the approaches to the process and the evaluation of its effectiveness. Social and cognitive development.

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  • Twists and turns of the Chinese state policy toward scholars and students living abroad since 1978. Overseas Chinese sholars and students as a new social elite group. Analyse of statistical data on students going abroad and returning to China country.

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  • Choosing a profession for a school leaver. Gender inequality, working Holidays and career prospects. Topic: "My future profession – programmer, economist, interpreter". Youth and unemployment. What the differences in career aspirations of boys and girls.

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