• The summarized philosopher's main ideas concerning the Jewish question. The anti-Semitism is reduced to its metaphysical signification and is pictured as a struggle with evil itself. The modern human anti-Cartesian and anti-Spinozist sensibility.

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  • It's impossible to comprehend Foucault's politics without understanding concept of resistance. Contrary to the claims of those who asserted that Foucault's notion of a power paralyzes, his notion of resistance supports a wide range of political action.

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  • The author's conception of the freedom of the will is neutral with regard to the problem of determinism. Person is the singular form of people, membership in a biological species. The distinction between a person and a wanton is as illustration.

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  • A sharp distinction between psychological genesis and grounding by Frege. Different interpretation of the term "unprovable". The introduction of Axiom I. Conceptions of self-evidence. Place of the Frege's pragmatism and conceptualism in his epistemology.

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  • The puzzling difference in the surface of the two thinkers' work, in their writing styles between Martin Heidegger and Hans-Georg Gadamer. Gadamer`s project in Truth and Method, his magnum opus, as following the later Heidegger's line of inquiry prose.

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  • Philosophical reflections on the art of Heidegger: changing aesthetic paradigms of art to an event, or performance. Art artifact as a component of a comprehensive experience of art, engaging, and combinatorial activity of the perceiving subject.

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  • Heidegger writes that metaphysics is in decline and is approaching its end, as the earth informed by metaphysics has become desolate, as is evident from the events of the last century. This decline marks the oblivion of Being as the truth of metaphysics.

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  • Philosophical approach to phenomenology in work that centers around technology. The content of the eclectic school "experimental phenomenology" with bridges and hermeneutics pragmatism Instrument development of intermediary between man and the world.

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  • A philosophical-anthropological analysis of hesychasm reveals its essence and meaning. There are determined basic criteria of hesychasm: quietude; the practice of inner prayer, catharsis of mind and heart; bodily techniques, aiming at union with God.

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  • Рассмотрение вариантов тела, в зависимости от контекста рассмотрения, в концепции Ж. Бодрийяра. Разработка оригинальной концепции "тела без органов", используемой в искусствосфере. Биосоциальная природа феномена телесности. Природа свободы гендера.

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  • Характер гри як явища культури. Сутність ігрової концепції культури, яка була сформульована нідерландським істориком і філософом ідеалістом Йоханом Хейзінгом. Тема гри у творчості іспанського філософа Х. Ортегу-і-Гассета. Герман Гессе "Гра в бісер".

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  • Цель и функции техники, ее место в антропологии или антропологической интерпретации. "Основания философии техники" Эрнста Каппа. Технические возможности и их связь с эволюцией людей и окружающей их средой. Совместимость техники с человеческим началом.

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  • Philosophical looks of the German philosopher, sociologist, composer and music theorist, Adorno Theodor W. invocatory an audience to see, what hidden reports in our televisional shows and programs, covered evil-minded to support a capitalist regime.

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  • The development thesis of Karl Marx`s Theory of History. Joshua Cohen`s impressive critical notice of KMTH. The Rational Adaptive Practices view of the development of the forces. Child autonomous tendency to grow up. Problem of class-specific rationality.

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  • Skepticism and criticism of the idea of a transcendental justification philosophy. The concept of natural and phenomenological attitude. Transcendental idealism and a statement of the problem of intersubjectivity "Cartesian meditations" Husserl.

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  • Husserl as the founder of the modern theory of semantic categories and critic of skepticism and relativism. Decision epistemological question of the relationship between subject and object. Consideration of the method of "phenomenological reduction."

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  • Difference between Foucault and Hazard in a method of the analysis of intellectual history. The "episteme" - the structure of all knowledge of a period. A generality of history of the man and ideas. Rejection of category of change as anthropology parts.

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  • Heidegger made the distinction between ontical and ontological. The history of ontology in in Heidegger's terms is ontical, and ontology ought to designate fundamental ontology. It is from this distinction he developed his project of fundamental ontology.

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  • Description of teaching of analytic philosophy at Cambridge, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw and Lviv. American influence on European philosophy. Comparative analysis philosophical conception of the students of Cambridge - G.E. Moore and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

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  • Analysis of interpretations of the essence of the information environment in the cultural concepts of philosophers of the twentieth century. Features of information environment interpretation in the concepts of P. Sorokin, E. Toynby, N. Danilevsky.

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