• An Introduction to Bayesian Inference in Process Monitoring, Control. Modern Numerical Methods in Bayesian Computation. A Bayesian Approach to Statistical Process Control. Bayes’ Rule of Information and Monitoring in Manufacturing Integrated Circuits.

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  • The beautiful place in New York. Manhattan Chinatown – quarter. inhabited mainly by immigrants from China. Little Italy the most famous example of the Italian quarter USA. Center Theater District in New York. Times Square is a symbol of the United States.

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  • The methods used in the subsequent proofs. The usefulness of the side-by-side multiplication. Proving geometric inequalities where is the area, an arbitrary triangle ABC and what follows: sides, semi-perimeter, medians, angle-bisectors, altitudes.

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  • Christmas Day how a merry family holiday for all the people of Great Britain. The main tradition and organization of celebration. Christmas trees in houses, in the streets and churches. Turkey with cranberry sauce and plum pudding - a typical lunch.

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  • Advantages of young parents. The reasons that young couples have children sooner. The large gap between children and parents. Common interests, active sports, music, games. Solution of the problems of children in communicating with the opposite sex.

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  • The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by T. Kuhn like one of the most influential book of XX century and landmark event in the history, philosophy, and sociology of scientific knowledge. Analysis of central idea of a "paradigm shift" in the sciences.

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  • От Россини до Мейербера: принципы классического bel canto в опере первой половины XIX века. Женские персонажи и типология певческих голосов. Вокально-исполнительская практика и теория сольного пения эпохи романтизма. Описание процесса постановки голоса.

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  • Bialowieza forest is a large primeval lowland forest. The state national Park, which is located in the Republic of Belarus, is a single natural complex of the Bialowieza National Park in Poland. Ecological-economic and scientific-research institution.

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  • История появления терминов Above The Line и Below The Line на российском рекламном рынке. Характеристика основных составляющих BTL: паблик рилейшнз, прямой маркетинг, личные продажи, выставки, упаковка. Понятие стимулирование сбыта, его основные задачи.

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  • Benelux is а political, economic and customs Union of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The history of its formation and development, current trends and prospects of further expansion. Rights and obligations of members. Signing the contract.

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  • Описание компании "Benneton", ее основных характеристик и свойств. SWOT-анализ, определение сильных и слабых сторон товара, возможностей и угроз. Выбор стратегии позиционирования товара. Расчет бюджета рекламной кампании, оценка ее эффективности.

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  • The individual self and freedom. Identity of nature. Bergson's point of view so eloquently set forth is not a system but a philosophical vision. Mechanism regards "the future and the past as calculable function of the present", and claims that is given.

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  • An interpretation od Bergson's doctrine, which resolves the contradiction and can briefly put in such ways: intuition is intellectual process, which puts us in direct touch with reality and on the other hand, gives us knowledge through concepts.

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  • Determination of the Employee Profit Contribution. Projection to the Employee Cash Flow. Possible application and interpretation of the results. Hierarchy of indices of the potential perspective "employees". Berliner Balanced scorecard Approach.

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  • "Mathematical Logic as based on the Theory of Types" - the greatest and most original of Russell's works. Contributions which Russell made to the philosophy of physics. Causality as a matter of regular sequence. Logic as "the essence of philosophy".

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  • There are history, etymology, characteristics, production, applications, toxicity (inhalation, ingestion, dermatological effects, effects on children, detection in the body, industrial release and occupational exposure limits) in Summary about beryllium.

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  • Physical-chemical characteristics and isotopes of beryllium. Productions and commercial use of beryllium, his applications (radiation, mechanical, magnetic, electronic). Toxicity, chronic disease, industrial release and occupational exposure limits.

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  • Opening of maintenance of metaphysical doctrine is in interpretation of modern philosophy. Description of properties of veritable metaphysical objects and phenomena. Research of conceptions of metaphysical true and properties of metaphysical motion.

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  • Some aspects of giftedness and creativity, the conditions of their formation and development, social approaches. Standards and subjective norms intellectually creative behavior. Social, cultural and historical factors of the development of talent.

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  • Multidimensional data distributions with complex topologies and variable local dimensions. A new type of low-dimensional "principal object": a principal cubic complex. The method of topological grammars with the minimization of an elastic energy.

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