• Бомбардировщик В-2 предназначен для ядерных ударов по мобильным стратегическим ракетам и командным пунктам. Может использоваться для карательных операций против стран третьего мира. Его корпус сделан из материалов на основе эпоксидного графита и керамики.

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  • Analysis of the low level of technical and technological base and qualification of the personnel of enterprises of alcohol industry. Characteristics of the research of the system of innovative orientation of the production activity of companies.

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  • Succession of books and essays, a succession of ideas and polemical positions of Jullia Kristneva. The idea of progress and success implicit in figure that runs counter to the material of a vivid impression of an individual history of Walter Benjamin.

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  • The model of stimulating the crediting of fixed assets of the processing industry of Kazakhstan. The analysis of their impact on lending and key determinants of credit risk. Basic principles and elements of the model, the recommended interest rate.

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  • Analysis of investment attractiveness of the Bank when choosing a Bank-the purpose of the transaction of merge or absorption. Methods of evaluation of investment attractiveness of the Bank, accounting, investment attractiveness in assessing its value.

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  • The study the significant factors of bank selection criteria in Malaysia: people influence, communication technology, convenience, personnel, easy process, variety, service quality and cost. Differences in banking conditions for demographic classes.

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  • The review of banking sector of the United Kingdom (AAA/Stable/A-1+ unsolicited ratings) under updated Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment (BICRA) methodology. Peer BICRA scores. Analysis of government support of banking system in United Kingdom.

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  • The comparison of the European banking system and the current financial sector in Russia as it is regulated by laws and by government acts and decisions. Studying the activity of the "Incombank" in Chelyabinsk. Specific and nonspecific bank services.

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  • Short history of formation and development of a modern banking system. The main objectives which carry out commercial banks, their essence and the characteristic. Duties and key functions of the Central banks. Role and value of banking in market economy.

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  • The concept and essence of baseball, its importance to the United States. Basic rules of the game for two rival teams, the location of the starting base on the baseball field. The role of the pitcher, hitters and batters the ball players in baseball.

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  • The lessons of the global financial crisis 2008-2009 biennium. The structure of Basel Committee on banking supervision, characterization of its components. Сapital adequacy requirements. Рarticipate in the international forum Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

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  • Analysis of the history of appearance of design. Features of the formation of skills for professional-oriented speech. Computer graphics as images created, modified or processed by computers. Consideration of the evolution of the design process.

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  • Approaches towards the Typology of Discourses. Characteristics of the Sport Discourse from the Viewpoint of Social Linguistics. Lexical and Grammatical Problems, Problems on Rendering of Player’s and Athletes’ Names, Names of Teams in Translation.

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  • Intonation is a complex unity of speech melody, sentence stress (accent), rhythm, voice qualities (timbre) and speech tempo. The Pitch Component is the variations in the voice pitch which take place when voiced sounds are pronounced in connected speech.

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  • Lexicology as a branch of linguistics. The method of semantic differential. The connections of lexicology with other linguistic subjects. Morphological neologisms. Etymology of the English words. Latin affixes. Phonetic borrowings. Translation loans.

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  • Lexicology as stimulation of systematic approach to the facts of vocabulary. The internal structure of the word or its meaning and semantic structure. The etymological doublets, their meaning and word-building. Morpheme as a small unit of the word.

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  • History and evolution of basketball. Key terms used in sport. The essence of basketball games, required elements, the number of players. Optimal growth in the game. Weight basketball ball. The situation of players on the field. Maneuvering in the game.

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  • The diachronic dimension to the system represented by G. Bataille's discursive writings. Manifest as a changing theoretical perspective accompanying a stable thematic context and diachronic dimension is integral to the architecture of Bataille's system.

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  • Species of freshwater red algae, Batrachospermum keratophytum Bory emend. R.G. Sheath, M.L. Vis et K.M. Cole, was record for the first time in the Ukraine. It’s taxonomic position, full description, and locations of B. keratophytum in the Ukraine.

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  • An Introduction to Bayesian Inference in Process Monitoring, Control. Modern Numerical Methods in Bayesian Computation. A Bayesian Approach to Statistical Process Control. Bayes’ Rule of Information and Monitoring in Manufacturing Integrated Circuits.

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