• Evolution, scope and importance of botany. Human nutrition and fundamental life processes. Medicine and materials, environmental changes and plant breeding. Soil science and conservation. Vegetable farming as growing of vegetables for human consumption.

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  • Obtaining a criterion of boundedness of L-index in direction for functions f(hz;mi). Finding sufficient conditions of boundedness L-index in direction for some class of entire functions with "plane" zeros. Proving existence theorems of entire function.

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  • Combinations and proportions of types of flour and other ingredients, and also of different traditional recipes and modes of preparation of bread. Using the yeast for leavening bread is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Heartier consistency of Canadian bread.

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  • Enigma cipher machine. Cryptographic ally strong sequences. Shift register-based stream ciphers. Hellman’s time-memory trade-off. Birthday attacks on hash functions. Secondary phase refinement. Implementation attacks. Sigaba rotor in reverse orientation

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  • Analysis of the Fortal Declaration and the environment of global financial and credit institutions, including the BRICS of the New Development Bank. Aspects of overcoming the economic imbalances and risks of the BRICS countries in decision-making.

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  • Consideration of problems of training and educationsuccessful member of society means encouraging students toactive social life. The idea of informing parents about the ways to make students successful is really worth using. Value assessment in learning.

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  • History of TV. TV: is it a good thing or not. Television in Britain. Television in Russia. Newspapers the British Press. Development of Radio Technology. Interesting Fact about Britain Radio. About Radio in Russia. Media education is a quest for meaning.

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  • The origins of music in Britain, folk songs and dance music. The emergence and spread of British pop culture - popular music, commercially produced in the country in the mid-1950s as a softer alternative to rock'n'roll and, later, commercial rock music.

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  • The problem of defining British and American English. Some peculiarities in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Differences in the organization of education and grammatical words. Features pronunciation of English communication in America and Britain.

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  • History and main directions of journalism British Broadcasting Corporation. The history of the formation and television broadcasting and role in these processes BBC. Free-to-air BBC Channels. The activity of international BBC television channels.

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  • Definition of British cuisine as a specific set of cooking traditions and practices associated with the United Kingdom. Description and history of the formation of British food as unpretentious dishes made from local ingredients with simple sauces.

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  • Learning of practice and traditions of cooking in the United Kingdom. Analysis of the influence of the cuisine of Indian culinary tradition in the UK. Features description of British kitchen stigma – a hearty breakfast and traditional Christmas lunch.

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  • The British have many traditions, manners and customs of which they can be proud. The features of historical, modern, state, family and royal traditions. National and religious holidays, public festivals, traditional ceremonies, national kitchen.

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  • General notions of british dialects. The classification of british dialects according to their location. Midlands english: east and west midlands, east Anglia. Southern, scottish english, wenglish, hiberno-english. Divergences from rules of pronunciation.

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  • The famous places of World Heritage Cities in Britain: Canterbury Cathedral of the Anglican community, Oxford modern university center, Stratford-upon-Avon literary and cultural center, Durham Castle and museums, Stonehenge monument, Loch Ness area.

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  • Familiarity with the history of the British monarchy. The Royal Prerogatives as action of the Government that gets its legitimacy from the crown. Consideration of peculiarities constitutional role of the Queen, general characteristics of its tasks.

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  • The three elements in British Parliament: the Queen, the House of Lords and the elected House of Commons, their function and roles. The effectiveness of Political Party System. The structure of Her Majesty's Government: Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

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  • Полномочия Парламента, его функции. Монарх как глава государства. Состав Палаты общин и лордов. Британская Конституция, ее основные отличия от конституций других стран. Содружество Британской империи и Великобритании. Система Политической партии.

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  • Traditionally the English have 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner (description). An Englishman’s home is his castle. The English like their Queen. The red color is very important and popular in England. The English national sport is cricket.

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  • Short biography and beginning of a career of Britney Spears. A leading role on "Shou Mickey Mouse". Conclusion of the contract with the largest recording studio. First albums and the most popular singles of the singer. "Child once again", platinum awards.

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