• The principles of formation, classification, evaluation of risks accompanying investment activity. The stages а decision-making in the given economic category. The mechanisms for determining the potential value of financial losses from investments.

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  • Analysis of the models of follower burnout in the workplace. Definition of burnout as a chronic stress syndrome. Analysis of different views on a relationship between burnout and age. Study of correlations between burnout and Big Five personality factors.

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  • Coloratura - a tool that describes a fragment of a vocal composition, consisting of large-scale courses and passages requiring the performer to effectively use the voice scale. Stanistaw Monyushko - one of the creator of the Polish National Opera.

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  • Characteristics of reading as one of the main skills that a pupil should acquire in the process of learning a foreign language in school. The use of images with tooltips - the most frequently used teaching methods that help children learn new words.

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  • Analyze of methods that may be used in speech therapy for children to stimulate the development of speech or to improve the situation of children with speech disorders. Opportunity of patients, for whom traditional speech therapy proved to be failed.

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  • Analysis of several methods that can be used in speech therapy for children to stimulate the development of speech or to improve the situation of children with speech disorders. Identification of the reasons for the failure of traditional speech therapy.

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  • The determination of condensates as one of the problems in a nonperturbative quantum chromodynamics. Glueball - the nonlinear properties of gluons create the possibility of a color-neutral state. The physical significance of effective Lagrangian.

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  • Setting and flying descriptions of the Russian military cargo helicopter of Mi-171Sh. Reliability of helicopter and his advantage at the air shipment of forces of attack and fire support. Application of helicopter the countries of NATO and Russian army.

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  • Using measurements of surface tension, solubilization, and fluorescence spectroscopy, the detection of polyesters based on aliphatic dicarboxylic acids and PEG-1000 to form monomolecular micelles in aqueous solutions at the concentrations of 10-7-10-4 %.

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  • Основы делового туризма: встречи для информационного обмена, инсентив-туры (тренинги, семинары), проведение конференций, корпоративных праздников. Задачи инсентив-тура. Зарубежный и отечественный опыт рынка mice-индустрии. Разработка инсентив-тура.

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  • The biography of life and sports activity of Michael Jeffrey Jordan - is a former American professional basketball player, active businessman, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Fate in NBA games and Olympic career the great basketball player.

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  • Biographical sketch of the life and activities of the famous French philosopher Michel Foucault. particularly Freudian criticism in the works of the scientist. Comparison of the ancient and the Christian attitude to sexuality. The value of prohibitions.

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  • Analysis of several operative techniques for minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty. Research of a technique for the operation procedure, which enables to reach the joint without cutting any muscle. Radiographic evaluation of treatment outcome.

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  • Justification of the conclusion that for asymptomatic bacteriospermia potentially pathogenic microorganisms which adhere to the sperm cells, can reduce the fertile properties of ejaculate. Optimal diagnosis and medical treatment of male infertility.

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  • Extraradicular Flora of Refractory Apical Periodontitis. Sampling of Periapical Lesions. Periapical Samples with Sulfur Granules. Scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The diagnosis of asymptomatic apical periodontitis, treatment, and prevention.

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  • Evolution and history of the most prominent 16 and 32 bit microprocessors in the microcomputer and how they are similar to and different from each othe. Іnteractivity addition to the combination of text, graphics, images, audio and video by multimedia.

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  • Основные понятия интерактивной СУБД Microsoft Access: таблицы, запросы, формуляры, отчеты, макросы и модули. Создание и восстановление поврежденной базы данных. Заполнение таблиц, встраивание объектов, разработанных в других программах. Фильтрация данных.

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  • Методика получения выборок из баз данных. Создание запроса в режиме конструктора в Access 2003. Классификация команд языка SQL. Изучение операторов Select, Insert, Update и Delete. Исследование их синтаксиса. Рассмотрение примеров выводимых таблиц.

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  • Рассмотрение особенностей работы с такими формами данных как текстовая и числовая информация. Заполнение таблиц данными с определенными характеристиками. Создание запросов согласно потребностям. Характеристика методов создания формы, изменения оформления.

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  • Загальні відомості та створення бази даних. Реляціна модель даних. Робота з Access. Запити, їх типи та етапи створення. Формування критеріїв пошуку. Форма, її застосування, операції з елементами та перегляд. Звіти, додавання графічних зображень до них.

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