• Determination of nature, research of structure and study of types of human memory as a psychical function and type of intellection. Storage, accumulation and reproduction of information from memory. Features of vocal memory and research of hypnosis.

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  • Encoding Verbal Information. Short-Term and Long-Term Memory. Prolonged strengthening of potential neural firing. Implicit and Explicit Memories. Identification of items previously learned. Context Effect. Forgetting As Retrieval Failure. Interference.

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  • Memory Definitions. Memory Block Diagram. Memory Organization Example. Basic Memory Operations. Timing of signal changes and data observation. RAM Integrated Circuits. Cell Arrays and Coincident Selection. Storage of information on different capacitors.

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  • UNIX Memory Management. Sharing of memory segments or regions. Allocating memory in pages. Address space management. Initial Access to Pages. Hardware Translation Tables. Hardware Requirements. Mappings between backing store and address regions.

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  • The memory hierarchy, some cache specs. Measuring cache utilization. Codes cache optimization. Data cache optimization. Prefetching and preloading. Structures, field reordering. Hot or cold splitting. Beware compiler padding. Cache performance analysis.

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  • Symptoms of meningitis. Clinical signs of meningeal irritation tissues. Increased intracranial pressure. Methods of its medical treatment. Description of possible complications. The mechanism of resistance to the pneumococcus. Infection control measures.

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  • Nature of cogitative processes of man, their essence and philosophical value. A study of properties of human consciousness and mind, their value, is in creative activity. Reflections of man as philosophical category and basic problem of contemporaneity.

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  • Understanding of freedom in Merleau-Ponty's book "Phenomenology of perception". Existential Marxism in postwar France. Analysis of concept: being and nothingness, self and world, subject and object. Dialectical duality of the perceiver-perceived body.

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  • The massage recovery feature as independent of the choice of the signature equation and that all ElGamal type schemes have variants giving message recovery and archive five new signature schemes giving message recovery with different properties.

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  • Structure, a composition, a biological role, synthesis and catabolism of phospholipids. Conversion of Squalene to Cholesterol. Determination of interdependence of the deficiency of hydrolytic enzymes and lysosoms support sphingolipidosis development.

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  • The biological role of phospholipids and glycolipids. The composition of blood lipoprotein transport. Cholesterol biosynthesis and its regulation. Synthesis of bile acids and intravascular lipolysis. Violation and regulation of lipid metabolism.

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  • Analysis of two theses of Richard Double in Metaphilosophy and Free Will: disputes over free will are in principle unsolvable, since they stem from incommensurable metaphilosophical views and principles; free will is not an objective feature of reality.

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  • The value of language, consciousness, mentality and culture as an object of modern linguistics. Direction and scope of the study of metaphor, its conceptual components and structure. The essence and the ways to solve the language problems of semantics.

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  • Metaphor definitions, structure, types, theories and interpretation. Metaphor use in different scopes. Ways of metaphor identification and analysis. Metaphor analysis implemented using the example of novels "Jane Eyre" and "The Old Man and the Sea".

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  • The essence of the metaphysical foundations of sports. The concept of sport as the optimum existence. Metaphysics of its development in the history of philosophical thought. The conditions under which the processes of socialization in sport take place.

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  • Metchnikoff's life. A Biographical Note. Metchnikoff's Autobiographical Retrospection of His Phagocytosis Hypothesis. Harmony and Disharmony - Metchnikoff's Metaphysics. The Concept of the Embryonic Layers. Metchnikoff's Early Opinion of Recapitulation.

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  • Process modeling related to spatial movement of plant elements with diverse forms and structure when they are planted or excavated. The inertia parameters of different types of fruit crop stocks taking into account their density have been determined.

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  • The study of the sequence of stages of reconstruction of graphical images on a computer using decoding dual vectors of the tuple. Decoding code values in software components. Ways of coding information. Methods of the decrypting computer codes cost.

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  • The values of indicators of the quality of TCP connections specific to each type of Slow HTTP-attacks. A mathematical model formalizing the behavior of the web server when implementing Slow HTTP-attacks of various types, architecture of detection.

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  • The methodical approaches to assessing the attractiveness of higher educational institutions delivering training of specialists according to particular majors. The categories of higher educational institutions according to majors and qualification levels.

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