• Study crystallographic sequence of the phase transition in zirconium dioxide at heated. The transformation of monoclinic phase in tetragonal modification. The appearance of new anion vacancies, which form at evaporation of the oxygen from the lattice.

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  • The impact of futures indexes introduction on the volatility and market efficiency of the underlying assets. Investigation of the hedging of the futures. Relationship between the real estate U.S. futures index and American, European and Australian.

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  • Analysis of sales of passenger cars, the factors of innovative activities of manufacturers and dealers that affect them. The main types of demand for cars: classical, Christmas and autumn. Sales forecasts popular brands in Ukraine passenger cars for 2014.

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  • Mathematical methods of the allocating resources: proportional and priority. Development a software product that allows adjusting the budget. Production and proper management. Modelling of information systems for managing the resource allocation.

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  • General comparison of signaling and econometric approaches, arguments for and against each of methods to predict a banking collapse. Econometric approach of banking crises' modelling. Fitting the prediction model for banking crisis 2008-2009 in Russia.

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  • Mathematical description of aggregated models. The essence of the concept of estimating electronic circuits. The list of principles of computer-aided design of semiconductor electronics. Influence of the aggregation problem on parametric synthesis.

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  • Hedge fund research. Multifactor asset-pricing models. Hedge funds factor models. Data on asset pricing factors and descriptive statistics. Carhart four-factor model. Betting against beta. Quality minus junk. Analysis of regional focuses, asset pricing.

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  • Standard Formalisms - software engineering notations used to specify the required behaviour of specific interactive systems. Types of system model: dialogue, full state definition, abstract interaction. Computers are inherently mathematical machines.

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  • Radar Range Equation and Cross Section. Circular Polarization Components. Vector Effective Height. Mutual Coupling Between Antennas. Radiation Structures and Numerical Methods. Aperture Distributions and Array Synthesis. Dipoles, Slots and Loops.

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  • Architectural works, in the material form of buildings. The National Congress of Brazil and Sydney Opera House, designed by Oscar Niemeyer and Jorn Utzon. Modern concepts of architecture. Contemporary architecture, modernism, reaction of architecture.

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  • The Australian electoral system and its history. General description of the electoral population of Australia. Features of the relationship of the Communist Party with Laborism. Analysis of the major problems for socialists operating in the Greens.

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  • Breaker protection and control architecture. Modern microprocessor-based relay protection and automation devices. Notion of intelligent electronic devices. Advanced breaker protection and control diagnostic. Blocking functions in breaker protection.

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  • Information preparation for adoption of operational and expected administrative decisions. The current management of the expenses in order to achieve the planned economic benefits in ordinary activities. Functions and tasks of managerial accounting.

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  • Dialects in a modern English: American, Australian, British, Canadian, Nigerian, Caribbean, New Zealand English. Most common mistakes that people make when referring to "dialect". Distinctive vocabulary and grammar. The dialects of present-day English.

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  • The modern electronic media and threat they pose to the development of personality and spiritual development of the young generation. The educational potential for human development towards homo creator. Use of media in process of autonomous learning.

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  • Peculiarities of lexical shortenings in the English language. Analysis of abbreviated formations in the Ukrainian media texts. Lexical shortenings and their functions. Comparative lexico-semantic analysis of English and Ukrainian reduction in the press.

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  • Survey of the Development of English Grammatical Theory. Morphology and syntax in the English Voice System. Problems of Field Structure. Infinitival, Gerundial and Participial Phrases. Transpositions and Functional Re-evaluation of Syntactic Structures.

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  • Familiarization with the English literature of the 20th century. Using technology "stream of consciousness" to create symbolic images. Study of features of the post-war literature. Creative group of writers, vіshedshih from the lower strata of society.

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  • In this article the author describes the all functions and features of SCRUM method, its roles (master, owner and team). It is observed the advantages of this methodology before others. The detailed description of SCRUM work is presented in this article.

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  • The role of information technology in human life. The use of personal computers, television monitors, slide projectors, videodisc players, multimedia systems and the Internet. Office furniture. Communication in organizations. As for color harmony.

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