• Characteristics of the basic principles of clinical practice in the reproduction of horses. Introduction to the theory of reproductive management of horses, including management of stallions, mares and newborn foals. Management principles mares.

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  • Принципи планування потреб в матеріалах, фінансах і людських ресурсах. Дослідження ринку й складання портфеля замовлень на продукцію. Управління постачанням комплектуючих. Забезпечення поставок й скорочення запасів. Контроль виконання планів виробництва.

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  • Few historians of the twentieth century have had as much impact upon their profession as has Marc Bloch. Although his career was cut short in 1944, his writings have remained alive as historians have striven to expand the horizons of their discipline.

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  • Biography Margaret Hilda Thatcher studying - the 71st prime minister of Great Britain. Life after being Prime Minister. Political career between 1950 and 1970. As Leader of the Opposition and as Prime Minister. Fall from power and post-political career.

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  • A study of Australian coal mine found at Teralba in the 1980s shows that some of the unifying traditions amongst miners were in a state of change over the decade and this change led to the marginalisation of a community established in this time.

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  • Childhood, life with foster families and first marriage of M. Monroe. Becoming one of Hollywood's most famous actresses, way to status of sex-symbol, filmography and the sad evening of a stormy life. Rumors about actress life and memory after her death.

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  • Research and characteristic features of the unit-linked insurance plans are one of the most popular tools in the insurance and investment services market. Reviewing russian and foreign scientific studies, dedicated to a unit-linked insurance plans.

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  • Market assessment of the dynamics of production and consumption of meat and meat products, the increase of export potential of cattle meat of Kazakhstan, and also to the directions for stimulating agricultural producers to develop animal husbandry.

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  • The study a dynamics of demand and supply of labour from the perspectives of the market, and identify and study the characteristics of the workforce, in order to effectively meet business needs for qualified personnel and ensure its competitiveness.

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  • The comparative analysis of protocols of medical care for patients with brain injuries. The ability of Ukrainian producers to provide the necessary level of visualization of medical care in the treatment of traumatic brain injury in military men.

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  • The theoretical basis of marketing in a company. Role of marketing in a company. New tendencies of marketing audit perfomance. Biotechnology market description. Marketing audit results analysis. Analysis of the internal environment of the organization.

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  • Characterization of the main methods of perform marketing study to find marketing leverages of communication on connected devices security. Research and analysis of features of benchmarks of the companies successfully adopting the IoT into the business.

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  • Review of selected marketing communication tools actually used in practice by producers and sellers of organic food products in the Slovak market. Identification, analysis of current level of consumer awareness regarding the issue under consideration.

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  • The new marketing-mix concept. Important practical implications for innovative enterprises, those that base their market activity on new information technologies. The model is an integral part of the rail model which combines marketing strategies.

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  • Prospects for Ukraine’s integration into the European Education Area. Features of the organization of marketing of educational institutions. Development of distance learning. The use of the Armstrong model for non-profit subjects in the research sphere.

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  • Theoretical aspects of marketing research in the construction market. The procedure of planning a marketing research. Benefits of EXMAR. Contents of a strategic marketing plan. Tools and methods of marketing planning. Features of Marketing Research.

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  • Investigation of marketing strategy and effectiveness. Key parts of the general corporate strategy, types and actions, tactics of strategies, strategic models and real-life marketing. Factors driving the level of marketing effectiveness and its dimension.

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  • The advancement functions in marketing. Necessity of marketing for medicine. The analysis of activity of the enterprise. Marketing politicians of the diagnostic centre. SWOT-analyze of the medical centre. Methods of optimization in advertising activity.

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  • Brief biography of M. McLuhan. Origin of French structuralism. Review of the work of M. McLuhan, an anthology of his literary criticism. Consideration of historical relationship between New Criticism and Structuralism. Analysis of modern French criticism.

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  • The American initiative to aid Europe, in which the United States gave economic support to help rebuild European economies after the end of World War II in order to prevent the spread of Communism. Initial post-war events and rejection by the Soviets.

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