• The differences between financial accounting and management accounting. Discussing the positive and negative aspects for each type of account. The importance of doing competent accounting information for making effective financial management decisions.

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  • The concept of governance. Defining the basic functions of the manager of the enterprise. Examples of managerial skills manager. Factors assess the effectiveness worker. Requirements for the manager. Internal quality manager. Management style.

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  • Modern methods of management decision. Adaptation of classical theories to pharmaceutical management. The requirements for effective management decision. Uncertainty as causes risk in the organization activity. The algoritm for management decision.

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  • The basic methods of strategic management at pharmaceutical companies within the competition environment. Development of pharmaceutical market in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2012. External environment factors affecting management system. Map of target.

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  • The terminology and requirements for safe, reliable operation of critical IT infrastructure were defined. The generalized structure of critical information technology infrastructure, by its basic level, sub levels and functionality were described.

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  • Dens evaginatus as an odontogenic anomaly characterized by an enamel covered tubercle. A typical example of a maxillary premolar. Main observed values in the treatment groups. Adoption of the selective enamoplasty-preventive resin restorative method.

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  • Influence of modern working conditions on the health of workers of mining and concentrating enterprises. Organization of sports mass and physical culture at the enterprises. The structure of diseases of workers of the mountain-concentrating enterprises.

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  • An alternative is considered to be European Union, which in turn is very promising for the economy of Ukraine. Industrial-financial groups play a very important role in the economy of our country and highly influential on the trends of its development.

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  • Familiarity with the mechanisms and instruments of management of investment flows in the national economy in a systemic crisis. Consideration of the main ways of applying the rules of long-term promoting investment in strategic economic activities.

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  • The directions of improvement of the personnel management structure of communal enterprises as a strategic imperative for the development of a city management system. The need to improve the efficiency of companies to bring them to European standards.

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  • The possibility of using the organizational development management as the basis for implementing innovations within the framework of proactive management at the enterprise is justified. Approaches to the organizational development management are analyzed.

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  • Modern management concepts and factors of company in the aspect of its growth strategy are. The increase in the capitalization of an enterprise of a complete cycle of cognac production through organizational and economic transformations of the production.

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  • The role of selection methods in the process of hiring staff. Methods of verifying a candidate for the position. Analysis of the basic methods of selection in terms of their validity. Experience of USA, Japan in staff selection using different methods.

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  • The various management styles in organizations and their interplay in an organizational life cycle. Creating the link between management styles and organizational life cycle. The styles such as the participative, autocratic, democratic, paternalistic.

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  • The role, significance of the introduction and subsequent certification of management systems in the activities of a modern enterprise. Approaches to control the business results of the organization, the degree of customer satisfaction and their needs.

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  • Motivation an group support - one of the main factors affecting the efficiency of management of educational process in learning a foreign language. The relation that students come from different background - the key to effective classroom management.

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  • Process design, human resources and supply chain management at Lenovo Group Limited: critical analysis and ways of improvement. Human resources and job design. Supply chain management. The strengths, weakness, opportunities and threat of Lenovo.

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  • The history of the football club Manchester United. Participation in the Champions League. Winning UEFA Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. Ferguson Career Coach. Records of attendance team matches. Construction and reconstruction of stadiums.

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  • Familiarity with the peculiarities will manifest the psychomotor impotence of the sub’єct of extreme behavior. Zagalnuyu characteristic dіyalnіsnogo p_dhodu as a methodological basis for the continuation of the psychomotor behavior of the sub’єkt.

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  • Influence on the mass consciousness and unconsciousness of society manipulative technologies that are implemented in the modern geopolitical space to change cultural values in Ukraine. Conducting a hybrid war by directing manipulative influence.

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