• The challenges of measurement and use indices of adolescent intelligence. Technique and tools to monitor schoolchildren of mathematic classes' abilities. The research of intelligence indices of students and the mechanisms of intelligence development.

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  • The assessment of radiological hazard to the workers involved in manganese mining, industrial applications in Egypt. The natural radionuclides contents of manganese have been determined by low background spectroscopy using hyper-pure germanium detector.

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  • A stable antibody which can be used over a period of time. Extract mouse tumour cells, which grow continuously, and culture them in the laboratory. Analizes of immune response to monoclonal antibodies produced in mice, as these are foreign proteins.

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  • Monument to Duke de Richelieu, located in Odessa on the Primorsky Boulevard. The monument is directed to the sea, in front of it there are Potemkin Stairs, behind - the two buildings forming a square. Interesting facts relating to the monument.

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  • Research of Shynkaruk's understanding of the moral Christian values as the important components of the Ukrainian culture. Philosopher's approach to interpret the moral values that are the main principles of the spiritual development of Ukrainian culture.

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  • The development of diagnostic females Mordellid Beetles of the genus Stenalia Mulsant with the new species-specific trait outer morphology - female pygidium. General characteristics of the range of data beetles - in Central and Eastern Palearctic.

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  • This great topic considered the structure of English words includes many items. There are such as affixes, prefixes allomorphs etc. Morphology studies the internal structure of words. The notion of morpheme. Classification of suffixes and prefixes.

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  • Free and bound forms of morphemes. Morphological classification of words. Aims and principles of morphemic and word-formation analysis. Analysis into immediate constituents. Derivational and functional affixes. Classification of affixe, allomorphs.

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  • Features of morphostructural changes in the uterus of rats with prevailing hemodynamics disorder of the organ in NNLA-injection. Microcirculatory changes as a manifestation of vascular decompensation, accompanied by disturbances of blood rheology, etc.

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  • Studying official date the foundation of Moscow. An ancient Russian architecture. The Kremlin - a historic fortified complex in central Moscow. Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin Presvyatoy. The State Tretyakov Gallery - Art Gallery in Moscow.

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  • Peculiarities of Russian tourism development, the first tourist organizations. The most mass tourist organization in pre-revolutionary Russia. "Shopping-tourism" - old tradition. Moscow history, geographical situation. It is the centre of the tourism.

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  • Considered a motherhood and its influence on the health of women in Greek villages of Northern Azov. It is shown that pregnancy and childbirth was always accompanied by various prejudices and number of injunctions, woman could harm to the unborn baby.

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  • Definition of Motivation. Behavioral Views, cognitive Views of Motivation. The Humanistic View, the Impact of Cooperative Learning on Motivation. Suggestions for Teaching in Classroom: Motivating Students to Learn. Resources for Further Investigation.

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  • Definition of motivation. Behavioral, cognitive and the humanistic view of motivation. The impact of cooperative learning on motivation. Suggestions for teaching in your classroom: motivating students to learn. Resources for further investigation.

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  • Informal names for geographical objects as interesting phenomena in the sphere of proper names. The motivation of the informal place names in the USA that often indicate a special feature of the activities characteristic of a particular city or state.

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  • The design and management of reward systems present the general manager with one of the most difficult human resource management tasks. This policy area contains the greatest contradictions between the promise of theory and the reality of implementation.

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  • Cognition in Motivational and Affective Contexts. Intelligence and Personality: From Psychometrics to Personal Dynamics. Dynamic Integration: Optimization and Differentiation in Development. Intellectual Functioning and Development in Social Contexts.

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  • KTM 990 adventure: New overlander on test. Aprilia: into the future. Leo Mercanti on the future of the Italian marque. Husky trails: Ian Kerr goes back to trail riding school. Ducati monster S4RS: The launch of the latest Panigale fire-breather.

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  • Introduction of new approaches to teaching in Ukrainian in mountain schools. Formation of communicatively competent cultural personality. Accounting for national-regional components of communication. Use of optimal language tools and ethical norms.

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  • Rich history of formation Hollywood industry of motion pictures. Golden Age of Hollywood and the great system of monopolization of the motion pictures industry. Big Six in Hollywood and they grossing films. Key coordinating actions in Hollywood Games.

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