• Comparative analysis of the philosophical views of Brecht and Lukacs Marxism and art in the era of Stalin and Hitler. Constructing a Marxist Aesthetics. Consideration of art as a reflection of economic relations and as a construction element of reality.

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  • Mary in Henry VIII's reign. Mary in Edward VI reign. Mary as "the queen of nine days". Maria's struggle for a throne. History of her marriage and pregnancy. Struggle against plots, estimation of her reign by the people as period Bloody Queen Mary.

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  • Modern martial arts. The early history of judo. The worldwide spread of judo. Early life of the founder. The greatest judoist of all time. Kimura in professional wrestling. Kimura vs Helio Gracie. The philosophy and subsequent pedagogy for judo.

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  • An analysis of the behavior of workers in the event of release, taking into account the current transformational conditions of management. Overcoming the problem of massive release of workers at the stage of development of the domestic labor market.

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  • The essence and purpose of the media and their role and importance in modern society. The main sources of media: Internet, television. Factors affecting the perception of the world with information. Inuse social networks for the benefit of society.

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  • The media is an area where it is important not to confuse the object with the language. Commentary is one of the most distinctive of all uses of English. The Use of Language in Newspapers. The function of brief news items. Journalese: form and content.

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  • Клонирования кДНК белка GMLK из листьев винограда сорта Пино Нуар. Выравнивание аминокислотных последовательностей клонированного белка MAST2HP и белка GMLK. Экспрессия полученного конструкта в гетерологичной системе: в культивируемых клетках Vero.

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  • The main aspects of the translation procedures in two typological different text genres. Studying of selected non-literary and literary texts from the point of view of textual linguistics and translatology. Description of the publication methodology.

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  • This article analyzes and proposing some elements for a grounded theory of the network society. The network society is the social structure characteristic of the Information Age, as tentatively identified by empirical, cross-cultural investigation.

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  • Назначение универсальной массовой математической системы MathCAD. Основы работы с программой. Рабочее пространство, входной язык системы. Способы выполнения аналитических (символьных) вычислений. Работа с графикой, оформление текстовых областей документа.

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  • Features a mathematical model of wireless mesh-network, which implements the principle of access time to a common radio resources. Allocation of slots and their routing. Analysis of finite delay in terms of the allocation of slots along the route.

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  • Model of nanostructured finishing and improving surface treatment of machine parts based on nonlinear dissipative oscillator, allowing to define the bifurcation parameters of frictional force and speed of loading of the material of the surface layer.

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  • The use of the boundary values of parameters of mould displacement of the earth's surface and refining the workings of the design scheme to predict the trajectory of sedimentation. Determination of empirical coefficients of mathematical equations.

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  • The mathematical foundation of filtration technology of useful information from noises in the radiotechnical and radio­computer systems on the basis of the stochastic modification of Gilbert-Huang transformation has been developed in the article.

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  • The propagation of electromagnetic waves in inhomogeneous isotropic lines in the presence of expofunctional influences. Differential equations like the wave equation relative to the unknown electromagnetic field intensities, criteria of solvability.

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  • List of the adopted abbreviations and designations. The complexity of configurations. Architecture – models and their appendices. Extreme constructive possibilities. The complexity of finite configurations. Formal discrete models of self reproduction.

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  • Назначение графических управляющих элементов NNTool, подготовка данных, создание нейронной сети, обучение и прогон. Разделение линейно-неотделимых множеств. Задача аппроксимации. Распознавание образов. Импорт-экспорт данных. Применение нейронных сетей.

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  • Description of international experience to reform the system of legal training in the field of economic and business law in the context of the struggle against monopolies, international economic integration, combined with the іnformatization of society.

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  • The Maxwell electromagnetic duality relations the Aharonov-Bohm, Aharonov-Casher, and He-McKellar-Wilkens topological phases, which allow a unified description of all three phenomena. Two experimental schemes for measuring the He-McKellar-Wilkens phase.

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  • History of origin of holiday. Description of origin and development of holiday, his roots and pre-conditions of origin. Heathen roots of holiday of spring. Consuetude’s of traditional celebration of foreign countries. First May is in Great Britain.

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