• The Italian system of numeration of propositions. Account of Peano's Logical Symbolism. Russell's "Logic of Relations". On Finite and Infinite Cardinal Numbers. Connect of the proposition. Combinations and Permutations, the class of infinite numbers.

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  • Search of the Dirichlet series with zero abscissa of absolute convergence. Study of asymptotic equality features. The convergence at different points. The role of the Dirichlet series in number theory. The behavior of the three-dimensional function.

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  • Characteristics of the main principles of construction of cubic maps and base points. Planarizations, their common properties. The proof of the theorem determine a cubic, quadratic and normal forms of planarizations. Complex and real classification.

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  • Characteristic of a Krull–Schmidt Theorem for nonassociative algebras. Definition of the upper annihilating series. Study of some families of nilpotent evolution algebras. Classification of four- and five-dimensional nilpotent evolution algebras.

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  • Determination of p-groups with nilpotency class 3 where all proper subgroups have nilpotency class less or equal 2. The necessary and sufficient condition for finite p-group to be a minimal group of nilpotency class 3.

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  • The order and lower order of an entire function. Using the Fourier series method to study the properties of subharmonic functions. The subharmonic function in the complex plane. The finite system of rays. The class of delta-subharmonic functions.

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  • Putnam argues that, by reinterpretation, the Axiom of Constructibility can be saved from empirical refutation. This paper contends that this argument fails, which leaves Putnam’s sweeping appeal to the Lowenheim - Skolem Theorem inadequately motivated.

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  • Hilbert scheme of points and induction scheme. Cellular decompositions for various nested Hilbert schemes of points. Hodge classes on self-products of K3 surfaces. On the cotangent sheaf of Quot-schemes. Algebraic families on an algebraic surface.

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  • Approximations in Scientic Computation, сomputer Arithmetic, mathematical Software. Linear Systems, solving Linear Systems, Iterative Methods for Linear Systems. Linear Least Squares, eigenvalues and Singular Values, Nonlinear Equations, optimization.

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  • The notion of weighted sharing of sets improving theorem A.I. Lahiri. Idea of gradation of sharing of values and sets known as weighted sharing. The definitions of the value distribution theory. Nonconstant meromorphic functions having no simple poles.

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  • Consideration the results of simulation definition spectral analysis of signals, which consist of harmonic signals with noninteger periods. Studied the change of spectral components by changing width of Fourier transformation by discarding samples.

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  • Overview of constraint solving. Term algebra. Attacker model. Constraint generation. Subterms and product closures. Well-defined protocols and constraint sequences. Ground derivability. Conservative solutions. Decision procedure for symbolic constraints.

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  • Basic formulas of combinatorial analysis. Theorem of addition of probabilities of incompatible events. Theorem of multiplication of probabilities. Bayes’s formulas. Mathematical operations over random variables. Properties of a distribution function.

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  • The Lorentz force equations provide a partial description of the geodesic motion of a charged particle on a four-manifold. Ampere’s law with displacement current and Faraday’s law. Transformation properties of the connection: the Lorentz transformation.

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  • Оценка различий между двумя выборками по уровню количественно измеренного признака. Назначение и описание критерия Манна-Уитни. Его графическое представление. Возможные варианты соотношений рядов значений в двух выборках. Ограничения и подсчет критерия.

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  • Evidence the well-posedness of Fourier problems for anisotropic parabolic equations with variable exponents of nonlinearity without any assumptions on the solution behavior and growth of the initial data as time variable tends to minus in nity.

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  • The logic of quantification. Non-standart set theories. Typically ambiguous variables. Standardized theory of types. Equate the null classes. Connections with Zermelo's theory. Functional Logic. A motive for unifying universes. Use general variables.

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  • Определение содержания и исследование истории доказательств аксиомы параллельности Евклида, или пятого постулата, как одной из аксиом, лежащих в основании классической планиметрии. Разработка Николаем Ивановичем Лобачевским доказательства V постулата.

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  • The definition of real and complex vector spaces. The calculation of the reference type. Rules of addition and multiplication of scalars. The concept of subset. The direct sum of two subspaces. The calculation of the projection of the vector on the area.

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  • Вивчення змінних та сталих величин, парності, непарності, періодичності, монотонності функцій. Характеристика зростаючих, складних, спадаючих, обмежених та періодичних функцій. Дослідження алгебраїчних, дробно-раціональних та ірраціональних функцій.

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