• Механизм формирования команды в любом коллективе, на любом рынке и сфере деятельности. Эффективность руководителя отдела продаж по отношению к группе. Развитие качества лидера, профессиональных навыков и умений. Основа формирования и управления командами.

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  • Quality training of tax officers - part of personnel policy. Culture and ethics of communication with employees taxpayers. The moral demands of society to tax police employees. Actions of a conversation with the taxpayer in cases of insults, threats.

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  • Conditions of success in implementing changes in the organization. Reasons for resistance to changes in domestic enterprises and methods. The method of "Alps" principles Paretto and Eisenhower. The possibility of involvement in decision-making in Ukraine.

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  • Использование языка ArchiMate для написания архитектуры предприятия, его достоинства. Характеристика методологии моделирования ТOGAF, ядро языка, его диаграммы и уровни. Описание окон в свободном пространстве Archi, назначение папок верхнего уровня.

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  • Familiarity with the main aspects of creating a new method of management of micro-enterprises. Consideration of the features of the growth process of globalization and marginalization of small and micro businesses. Analysis of the problems of networking.

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  • Work-life balance is an effective management tool. Work roles have become an important part of lives of individuals. Nature of British industrial relations system. Difference in working hours between the United Kingdom and other European states.

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  • Business conversation is a conversation between a few interlocutors with the purpose of permission of certain business problems or to establish business relationships. It has it’s own types, situations, rules. Also it must be conducted in correct form.

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  • Business ethics, high and low context communication. Differences between business and social ethics. Conception of human nature. Description and comparison of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Doing business in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

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  • The report looks at different functions within an organisation. Human resources. Sales, marketing, research and development. Production, operations, customer service. Finance and Accounts. Administration and IT. The type of business and style of work.

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  • Theoretical bases of business practice of equestrian business. Review of equestrian industry and its sectors. The strategic planning and marketing role is in organization of farm. Features of pedigree work and rule of zootechnic account and control.

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  • Definition of the concept of "coaching", its influence on the development of the managerial potential of enterprise. Indicators for assessing the development of the professional, qualification, creativity and organizational ability of user of coaching.

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  • Основное программное обеспечение CALS-технологий. Возможности применения CALS–технологий для информационной поддержки системы менеджмента качества ВУЗа. Единая интегрированная система управления ВУЗом. Системы интегрированной логистической поддержки.

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  • Changes and change management practicies. The research consists in studying Project Management Office roles and functions in change management activities held in the companies. Compare the Project Management Office roles and change management models.

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  • Literature Review and Methodology. Influence of the global economic crisis on Shipping Industry. Relations between marine transportation, trade and the finance. The strategies of shipping lines operators. Approach for market strategy of Precious Shipping.

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  • Development of a customer-oriented model that allows benchmarking of container terminals. This model takes into account the consumer's preferences regarding the importance of certain attributes of a port. Typology of consumers based on their preferences.

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  • Determine three blocks of characteristics that enhance to understand the nature of these types: economic characteristics, innovation activity and governance. Examination results of the comparative analysis of these development types is conducted.

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  • The concept of competitive advantage, major misconceptions about the creation of competitive advantage. The basic nature of competition. The factors that determine the nature and degree of competition in an industry. The main flaws of strategic thinking.

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  • Drawbacks and advantages of the main approaches of corporate social responsibility. The principles of CSR: features and problems. The global need for CSR. Analyze activity of the Sanofi company and characteristic to the Russian companies concerning CSR.

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  • Organisation crisis: its kinds, phases and consequences. The factors influencing occurrence of crises. Bankruptcy of the organisation: its kinds, the purpose and consequences. Analysis of indicators of productivity, performance and return on assets.

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  • The crisis, except the sad moments, opens sluices for management system reorganization, for its development. Internal engineering of business processes, strategy and competitive struggle. Some theses, assumptions and hypotheses, assortment audition.

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