• Ecological priorities in the business. The organizational structure of enterprises operating functions in the system of economical-economical management. Using ecological factors to improve the competitiveness of products and businesses in general.

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  • The main differentiation of the L’Oreal Paris Company. Goods and Service Design. Product life cycle management. The term "Cosmetovigilance" in L’Oreal Cosmetics. Quality and Safety of the products. Supplier and distributor selection. Supply Chain.

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  • The concept of governance. Defining the basic functions of the manager of the enterprise. Examples of managerial skills manager. Factors assess the effectiveness worker. Requirements for the manager. Internal quality manager. Management style.

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  • Modern methods of management decision. Adaptation of classical theories to pharmaceutical management. The requirements for effective management decision. Uncertainty as causes risk in the organization activity. The algoritm for management decision.

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  • The basic methods of strategic management at pharmaceutical companies within the competition environment. Development of pharmaceutical market in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2012. External environment factors affecting management system. Map of target.

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  • The possibility of using the organizational development management as the basis for implementing innovations within the framework of proactive management at the enterprise is justified. Approaches to the organizational development management are analyzed.

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  • Modern management concepts and factors of company in the aspect of its growth strategy are. The increase in the capitalization of an enterprise of a complete cycle of cognac production through organizational and economic transformations of the production.

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  • The role of selection methods in the process of hiring staff. Methods of verifying a candidate for the position. Analysis of the basic methods of selection in terms of their validity. Experience of USA, Japan in staff selection using different methods.

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  • The role, significance of the introduction and subsequent certification of management systems in the activities of a modern enterprise. Approaches to control the business results of the organization, the degree of customer satisfaction and their needs.

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  • Process design, human resources and supply chain management at Lenovo Group Limited: critical analysis and ways of improvement. Human resources and job design. Supply chain management. The strengths, weakness, opportunities and threat of Lenovo.

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  • Analysis methodology implementation of administrative reform as a system of managerial innovations. Innovative activity as a combination of technology and best way to use social resources. The formation of the innovation paradigm of state administration.

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  • Analysis of the models of follower burnout in the workplace. Definition of burnout as a chronic stress syndrome. Analysis of different views on a relationship between burnout and age. Study of correlations between burnout and Big Five personality factors.

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  • The design and management of reward systems present the general manager with one of the most difficult human resource management tasks. This policy area contains the greatest contradictions between the promise of theory and the reality of implementation.

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  • Features of ethics. Creating an ethical style. Issues of ethics in organizations. Fundamentals of origin of business ethics. Classification of business ethics. Creating an ethical climate in business. Creative decision-making within the organization.

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  • The manager is the man who decides among alternative choises. Noe managing is a very important type of behavior. Aspect of organizational decision making. The main myths of management. How decide on the allocation of tellers at various times of the day.

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  • An electronic questionnaire to increase the efficiency of monitoring the growth and development of school-age children. Place control in physical development, education of students in the school of nursing. Use of resources and the working time nurses.

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  • Identifying and assessing the causes of burnout among nurses working in intensive care units (ICU). Developing ways of early prevention and ways to reduce fatigue. Determining the level of burnout among nurses ICU, based on age and length of service.

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  • Surface organizational culture. Subsurface organizational culture. The company’s architecture and the organization of space. Some service places created especially for clients, the usage of the logotype, verbal and non-verbal behaviour of its workers.

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  • The study of aspects of the organizational culture of business management in the industrial district of Brazil. A technique for measurement of the elements of the organizational culture of the company. Proposals on the improvement plan strategists.

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  • Общая характеристика деятельности туристической фирмы ООО "БП "Сильвер-тур". Проведение комплексного анализа правовых, экономических, социальных, культурных и технологических факторов макросреды фирмы. Описательный pest-анализ ООО "БП "Сильвер-тур".

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