• Description of activity of the European Сentral Вank in the conditions of crisis. Measures on prevention of inflationary processes. Credit and monetary policy of market leaders. Analysis of crisis situations of past years. Ways of renewal of fund market.

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  • Arbitration as a quasi-judicial form of dispute resolution by one or more decision makers called arbitrators. Applicable laws and agreement, arbitral tribunal and awards. Arbitration with sovereign governments. Specialized arbitration organizations.

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  • General information about archaisms. Alternative meanings, retronym. The process of words aging. List of archaic. English words, their modern equivalents. Analysis of ancient texts. Archaisms in literature and mass media. Deliberate usage of archaisms.

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  • The article as a determining unit of a specific nature accompanying the noun in communicative collocation. The peculiar features of the article. The properties of the English articles at four successive stages. The justification of the substitution.

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  • The essence of articulatory phonetics, physiological aspects of voice mechanisms. Articulatory differences of vowels and consonants in the English language, their distinctive features from the Russian language, the manner of articulation of consonants.

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  • Features of the Ukrainian Baroque style. Classicism, as the art of "heroic citizenship". Rococo art as a "gallant old". Characteristic of these styles in art, their development and expression in everyday life, architecture, works of art, interior design.

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  • Characteristics of the evaluation of the comparative policy of land use development in the rural areas of the European Union in Poland and Ukraine. Analysis of the program content and the characteristic tool for applying the strategy in these countries.

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  • Geography. Ocean bottom. Water characteristics. The Atlantic Ocean as seen from the west coast of Ireland on a fair day. Climate. History. Some important events in relation to the Atlantic. Economy. Terrain. Elevation extremes. Natural resources.

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  • Promptings in training to the second language. A problem of prompting and the relation of students in the various countries. Factors of research of growth of cultural level. Integrated and promoting type of prompting. The Humanistic Perspective.

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  • Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere (that is the bottom half of the world). The animals and plants which were originally here no longer had contact with animals from other parts of the world. The city of Australia – Canberra, Sydney.

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  • The description of the Australia and its geographical position. The population of the country and its capital. The preservation of the environment of the Australian government. Sports in Australia and its participating in all of the Olympic games.

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  • The typical mistakes in the English punctuation and the correct rules of the using an apostrophe. The most important grammar rules. This is very useful material for all learners who want to understand English more deeply and use it in an appropriate way.

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  • Analysis of the low level of technical and technological base and qualification of the personnel of enterprises of alcohol industry. Characteristics of the research of the system of innovative orientation of the production activity of companies.

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  • Principles of the creation of the Polish-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Polish phraseological vocabulary. Problematic issues that need to be solved before packing. Harmonization of terms that have significant differences in the understanding of linguists.

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  • Approaches towards the Typology of Discourses. Characteristics of the Sport Discourse from the Viewpoint of Social Linguistics. Lexical and Grammatical Problems, Problems on Rendering of Player’s and Athletes’ Names, Names of Teams in Translation.

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  • Intonation is a complex unity of speech melody, sentence stress (accent), rhythm, voice qualities (timbre) and speech tempo. The Pitch Component is the variations in the voice pitch which take place when voiced sounds are pronounced in connected speech.

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  • Lexicology as a branch of linguistics. The method of semantic differential. The connections of lexicology with other linguistic subjects. Morphological neologisms. Etymology of the English words. Latin affixes. Phonetic borrowings. Translation loans.

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  • Lexicology as stimulation of systematic approach to the facts of vocabulary. The internal structure of the word or its meaning and semantic structure. The etymological doublets, their meaning and word-building. Morpheme as a small unit of the word.

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  • The diachronic dimension to the system represented by G. Bataille's discursive writings. Manifest as a changing theoretical perspective accompanying a stable thematic context and diachronic dimension is integral to the architecture of Bataille's system.

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  • Christmas Day how a merry family holiday for all the people of Great Britain. The main tradition and organization of celebration. Christmas trees in houses, in the streets and churches. Turkey with cranberry sauce and plum pudding - a typical lunch.

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