• The economic environment. Measuring economic activity. Economic systems and markets. Income, price and demand. A model of the economy, inflation. Money, banking, injections, withdrawals. Interest rates, bond prices. The money market and monetary policy.

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  • Researching volume of a lexical lexicon of English language. Definition of a subject, predicate, definition in the text and their translation into Russian. Finding modal verbs and their equivalents, Participle 1 and Participle 2 in certain sentences.

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  • Comparisons of Adjectives, Present Continuous versus Present Simple. Prepositions of Place-Movement-Time. Sentence linkers, And in sentences with a series of same-subject verbs. Reason and purpose: because, since, so. Condition: if, in case, if not.

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  • The description of history and traditions of celebrating of a Christmas and New Year in England and other countries of the world. Distinctive features of traditions, preparation of New Year's dishes, ornament of a celebratory fur-tree and Christmas gifts.

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  • Сборник грамматических упражнений и текстов по бытовой тематике (Introducing Myself. Family. Appearance. Character. Daily routine. Free time. Hobby. House and Home), а также контрольные работы для проверки знаний материала. Vocabulary для каждого урока.

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  • The Object of Lexicology. The structure of the word. The main problems of lexicology. Vocabulary as a system. Archaic and obsolete words. Professional terminology. The historical circumstances which stimulate the borrowing process. Etymological doublets.

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  • The Etymology of English Words. Vocabulary as a system. Professional terminology. Etymological doublets. The main problems of lexicology. The historical circumstances which stimulate the borrowing process. The Object of Lexicology. The structure of word.

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  • The fundamentals of the word theory in English. The Etymology of English Words. How English Words Are Made. Homonyms: Words of the Same Form. Synonyms, Euphemisms. Antonyms. Phraseology: Principles of Classification. How Words Develop New Meanings.

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  • Names of Greek letters and their pronunciation in formulas. Some facts on the development of the number system. Abbreviation and mathematical dictionary for the telecommunications specialists. Expressions and constructions used while retelling texts.

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  • Culture is important components, which form every nation. Favorites American composers: George Gershwin and his first work “Rhapsody in Blue”, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra. Other greatest Russian composers: Procofyev, Igor Stravinsky, Rimsky–Korsakov.

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  • Neologisms in Modern English. Definition of the term "neologism", "author neologism". National-cultural specificity of learning a new vocabulary. Transfer features neologisms based on the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" and the novel "Harry Potter".

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  • Definition of noun as a part of speech. Morphological and syntactical characteristics of a noun. Classification of a noun as a notional part of speech. Proper nouns, сommon nouns, сountable and uncountable nouns. Nouns of singularly and plural patterns.

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  • Conduct international seminars for teachers of English for special purposes and disseminate their experience among Ukrainian specialists. Description of "Activity Planning Maps" as a methodological tool for the successful preparation of language classes.

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  • Short histories on different themes: Belarus (Health care in Belarus, Education in Belarus), Great Britain (A day trip to London, British theatre and its theatrical traditions, System of education in the UK), my home (My family, The house of my dreams).

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  • Thomas Dekker (c. 1572 – 25 August 1632) was an English Elizabethan dramatist and pamphleteer, a versatile and prolific writer whose career spanned several decades and brought him into contact with many of the period's most famous english dramatists.

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  • Phraseological units are word-groups that cannot be made in the process of speech, they exist in the language as ready-made units - idioms. Рhraseological combinations - groups with a partially changed meaning. Description of the main linguistic features.

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  • Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent and islands. Newcomers to Canada – if they know nothing else about it – know that it is capacious. New Zealand stretches consists of two large islands.

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  • The higher frequency bands in satellite telecommunication systems and in astronomy. Design of the Orthomode Transducer. The Optimized Right-Angle Coaxial Junction. Problem of development of multiband feeds for reflector an-tennas in wide frequency ranges.

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  • A broadband coherent orthomode converter based on a coaxial four-ribbed waveguide for a frequency band of 3.4-5.4 GHz was developed. Each element of the design was separately optimized with CST Microwave Studio. Final modeling of characteristics.

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  • The paradox of the growing demand for distance education in the XXI century and the reasons for the decline of level of its teaching. The potential of e-learning in modern education. Pedagogical support of process of training of part-time students.

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