• Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent and islands. Newcomers to Canada – if they know nothing else about it – know that it is capacious. New Zealand stretches consists of two large islands.

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  • The higher frequency bands in satellite telecommunication systems and in astronomy. Design of the Orthomode Transducer. The Optimized Right-Angle Coaxial Junction. Problem of development of multiband feeds for reflector an-tennas in wide frequency ranges.

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  • A broadband coherent orthomode converter based on a coaxial four-ribbed waveguide for a frequency band of 3.4-5.4 GHz was developed. Each element of the design was separately optimized with CST Microwave Studio. Final modeling of characteristics.

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  • The paradox of the growing demand for distance education in the XXI century and the reasons for the decline of level of its teaching. The potential of e-learning in modern education. Pedagogical support of process of training of part-time students.

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  • The identification of the best methods and techniques enhance the creative activities of students in drawing the human figure. The dynamics of the artistic development of students in creative activities. Analysis of programs for fine arts and art work.

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  • Getting an idea about the investment environment and analyzing the factors affecting it. Comprehensive study of the role of foreign direct investment in ensuring long-term economic growth of the country. A systematic approach to finding sources of growth.

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  • Семейство энтеробактерий — Enterobacteriaceae, порядок Eubacteriales — собственно бактерии, классификация, роды, патогенные, условно-патогенные и сапрофитные виды. Значение родов Escherichia, Salmonella, Proteus, lersinia в патологии домашних животных.

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  • Начало работы в anylogic. Как создать модель, добавлять и соединять объекты, создать анимацию. Модель банковского отделения, цеха предприятия и отделения офтальмологии. Запуск модели и изучение ее поведения. Создание и моделирование разных типов деталей.

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  • Ladder of intentions and reasons for farming. The "Way of life" of a farmer-entrepreneur. Phases of the development of a farm enterprise as a business. Building entrepreneurship skills. Extension support for developing entrepreneurial capacity.

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  • Productive contribution of entrepreneurship in society, the assessment of its role and importance, feasibility study. Scope and regulatory framework. The impact of political trends in the development of productive and non-productive entrepreneurship.

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  • The concept and business sectors. Social network and human capital as scientific research enterprise. The life cycle model, its basic structural factors contributing to the run. Development and evaluation of the project, a test for multicollinearity.

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  • Economic global forecast due to environmental. Global objectives, principles and priorities of timber industry. Regional historical, economic, political and cultural aspects of timber industry. Economic affect of issue on regional industry to date.

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  • Root-filled teeth human. Estimating the burden of endodontic inflammation. Periodontal disease and adverse health. Chronic inflammatory oral infections. Differences exist between chronic inflammatory disease of periodontal and endodontic origins.

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  • Paradoxes as recourses for understanding deep and subtle features of language and concepts. Categories of the best known epistemic paradoxes. Intriguing paradox derived from an example of A. Prior’s. Problem in use of nonfactive propositional predicates.

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  • The role of knowledge in the information society, it's status and legitimacy in the postmodern model era. Different types of language games and their pragmatics. Nature of social relations and the prospect of post-modern philosopher Lyotard's book.

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  • The critical theorists' analyses of the dialectic of enlightenment. Marx's critique of political economy to instrumental reason. The context for critical theory. Marx's dialectical materialism. Nietzsche's genealogy of morals. Critical contradictions.

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  • Bias errors in thought or standard rejections are in judgements which take place in certain situations. Distortions, related to probabilities and beliefs, in the estimation of role of subject of action, effect of positiveness and effect of negativity.

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  • A hostile analysis by Wyndham Lewis of what he called the time-cult - the network of similarities and influences dominating his culture. In his book "The revolutionary Simpleton" he finds in modern art the concrete evidence of a time-obsessed Zeitgeist.

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  • The concept, nature and purpose of mathematics. The process of identifying the "unknowns" in the process of solving the equation. Characteristic and distinctive features of types of equations, examples of possible solutions. Features Diophantine equation.

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  • Equine dental evolution: perspective from the fossil record. Fossil horse dental adaptations. Trends in dental evolution. Dental ontogeny and wear. Fossil record. endodontic therapy. Technique for tooth capping. Extraction by vertical alveolar osteotomy.

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