• Исследование продаваемого пространства, с целью создания положительного бренда территории. Проблема освоения городского пространства в России. Съемка документального фильма об освоении города в игре "Encounter". Российская специфика интерактивных игр.

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  • Big panda is a mammal of family bear with original black-and-white coloring of the wool, possessing some signs of raccoons. Appearance bamboo bear. Taxonomy classification of pandas. The big panda as a symbol of the World fund of the wild nature (WWF).

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  • Functions of the endoplasmic reticulum, consists of an extensive network of tubes and pockets, surrounded by membrane. Spherical or slightly ellipsoidal shape of ribosomes, their location in eukaryotic cells on the membranes of the endoplasmic reticulum.

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  • Examination of the results of endovascular devascularization tumors to develop new approaches to the treatment of hypervascular neoplasms in neurooncology. Estimation of the volume of bleeding during removal of tumors sirgical after devascularization.

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  • Basic renewable and unrenewable energy sources. Use of fossil fuel. A sun and disintegration of radio-active elements into earth. Disintegration of microscopic forms of life. Principal reasons of global rise in temperature. Use of nuclear fuel.

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  • The experience of emulsion explosives. Changes in IEE detonation velocity with respect to the degree of ammonium nitrate replacement with calcium nitrate (2) and sodium nitrate (3) compared to the IEE on the basis of ammonium nitrate monosolution (1).

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  • Learn about types of energy used by the people: energy: renewable, non-renewable. Familiarity with the functions of windmills. Characteristics of promising energy sources: wind, direct solar, biomass. Analysis of the characteristics of phytoplankton.

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  • The modern computer technologies. Drawing of clock-pulse generator that from pulse sequence for all programming system. Engineering graphics OrCAD Capture. Projecting and design of principal schemes in electronics, microelectronics and electrotechniques.

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  • The construction of electronic equipment principal schemes of communication systems and their workability control. Introduction to schematic capture. Working with multiple circuit windows. Simulation running indicator. Adding miscellaneous text, comment.

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  • The link between scientific discoveries and their subsequent applications to human needs and quality of life. History and main branches of engineering. Social context of engineering in Ukraine. European federation of engineering consultancy associations.

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  • Analysis of the development of the basic methods of engineering the contact surfaces of tribological systems. Characteristics of the problems and prospects of development of technologies of creating surfaces of discrete-oriented structure of the system.

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  • Borrowings as a way of replenishment of the vocabulary. Criteria of borrowings in English. Historical contacts between Russia and Britain. Russian loan words in English. Words of foreign origin borrowed from Russian. Changes of the Russian borrowings.

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  • A set of classes in English is presented. Tasks and control questions for testing students' knowledge. A set of exercises on vocabulary and grammar, translation of words on the topic of study. Times in English and the rules for their application.

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  • British customs and traditions are famous all over the world. England has preserved it's old ceremonies and traditions to a greater extend than any other country in the world. A lot of them have very long histories. Some are funny and some are strange.

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  • Etymology how branch of lexicology, which deals with the different processes of assimilation or adaptation of the English words. Borrowings can be classified according to different criteria. A direct contact from other languages cultural people.

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  • Classification of borrowings according to the language from which they were borrowed: Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, German, Russian, Holland. Etymological doublets of the English words. The studies different grammatical forms borrowings.

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  • The Science of Economics. Microeconomics and Microeconomics. The Future of Economics. Economic Systems: Two Important Distinctions. Supply and Demand. Markets and Monopolies. The Problem of Inflation. Loans in the United Kingdom. The Science of Economics.

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  • Materials for the speaking test in English language: the texts for reading, translation and paraphrase, topics, cross-cultural texts. Analyzed the topic of family, school, summer vacation, the UK and Russia, the media, computer revolution, global issues.

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  • The geographical position of the United Kingdom. The system of government in the United States. Forms of business organization. Law enforcement agencies in Britain and the USA. The Crown Prosecution Service. British education system. Means of travelling.

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  • Clothes for different purposes. The appearance of the clothing and its main functions. Master classes of the famous couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Fibres of animal origin: wool and silk. New fabric for hygiene applications. Clothes from synthetics.

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