• Euphemisms in linguistic meaning are the words which are banned because of mythological beliefs, superstitions, prejudice and to avoid rude or curse words and phrases. Euphemisms are the high informative, effective and important unit of the language.

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  • Feature of the food entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Characteristic of production of fats for industrial handling. Cultivation of grain crops for own entity. Cooperation with supermarkets and shops. Expansion of a clientele and sales increase.

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  • The main problems of the use and development of English in European countries, except for those countries in which English is the official language. Characteristic of the changes that appeared in the process of using Euro-English as a lingua franca.

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  • Analysis of the structure of the Euromaidan protests of late 2013 - early 2014 in Kiev. Comparison of the Euromaidan phenomenon with other mass protest actions or revolutions in the networked society of the modern world described by sociologist Castells.

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  • Decisive components of Mediterranean security in the north-south and south-north direction. The perverse effect of mirroring western public perceptions and radical Islamists defend policies. Nato’s strategic concept. The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

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  • The essence of European economic integration. The consequences of economic integration in trade, the consequences of Market integration of the European Union and its impact on foreign trade. Threats, challenges in the last stage of economic integration.

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  • The peculiarity of the need to implement European experience in the field of automation of modern lab microbiological analysis of food and feed in the laboratory of bacteriological services of government departments of veterinary medicine of Ukraine.

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  • The development of the idea of a united Europe. The EU's actions for insurance the safety and security. Economic and social solidarity of the member states, promoting the European model of society. Historic steps of creation and expansion of the Union.

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  • Analysis of changes in the global labor market and the search for ways to overcome the crisis in Ukraine. Expansion of the service sector infrastructure. Improving the skills and competitiveness of the workforce. Search for investment in fixed assets.

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  • Based on selected papers kindly provided by the European Central Bank. Developments in the Financial Sector in Europe following the Introduction of the Euro. Economic and Monetary Union in Europe - the challenges ahead. Euro and European integration.

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  • The nature and system rules of development of the European Union. Features of the monetary and banking system of the EU, which is made up of the European Central Bank and the national banks of member-states. Characteristics of the target payment system.

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  • Outcomes on adapted physical activity (APA) in Education, Sport, Rehabilitation. Functional Map of APA coach. Social inclusion of people with disabilities. Participation in physical activity, sports, physical education. International Paralympic movement.

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  • European Union approach on migration. Its immediate action in the lights of values. Military involvement in the crisis. Relocation and resettlement mechanisms. Challenge to human dignity and fundamental rights. Analysis of the European Union-Turkey deal.

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  • The EU security policy as part of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy. The evolution of the EU security policy influenced by external cgallenges. The principles, directions and priorities of security policy and cooperation with the NATO.

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  • The role of crisis conditions in the modern space in the perception of negative tendencies that provoke a chaotic rethinking of many age-related achievements of moral progress. Analysis of the controversial problems of euthanasia in modern practice.

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  • Theoretical Analysis of Civil servants pay differentiation. Possible ways of optimization civil servants’ pay differentiation. Comparative analysis of civil servants’ pay differentiation in Central government of Russia and OECD countries. Pay composition.

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  • The role of nationalism, imperialism, militarism, alliances at the beginning of the First World War. Problems between Britain and France, Britain and Russia, Austro-Hungary and Italy. Collaboration between Germany and France. Formed the Triple Alliance.

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  • The quality of the track as a factor for assessing the effectiveness of the vehicle track with regard to safety, quality and service trips. The parameters that define the quality of the track geometry include track and track stiffness are measured.

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  • Effective government regulation of industry in Ukraine. Problems of social and economic development and use of methods of tax policy. Causal diagram of the innovation economy. Objectives of innovative companies. Capital factor of innovative enterprises.

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  • Gravity model for Latvian trade in agricultural products, its use for the identification and assessment of key factors influencing trade flows. Characteristics of a positive trend of development of Latvia's total export of agricultural products.

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