• Environmental aspects of food production. Economic development of food industry. Comparative analysis of environmental payments that are presented for payment and actually paid by the companies in the region, the volumes of the capital investments.

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  • The land and resources of Scotland. Lakes, climate, plant and animal life. Natural resources, population. Principal cities, religion and language. Elementary and secondary schools, universities and colleges. Forestry and fishing, mining and manufacturing.

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  • The article deals with essence and main peculiarities of environmental management system from the synergetic approach view. Authors reveal essence of the environmental management system institutional provision and main approaches regarding its formation.

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  • Characteristics of the reasons why people commit suicide. Analysis of religious, psychological factors, methods of suicide. Study the most common non-fatal suicide attempts in both sexes, differences in the spread of rate of suicide depending on age.

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  • Analysis of indicators of sugar producers of the Czech Republic for 2007-2011, which are compared to similar indicators of food producers. Benchmarking as the main method in the analysis of financial indicators. Model trade of the Czech Republic.

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  • The application of the structure of socio-technical and multi-level theory of transition. Successful introduction of innovations. Development of scenario heating system for the Ukrainian city of Bila Tserkva. Development of new types of heating systems.

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  • The term of economic growth. Four key elements of economic growth by Simon Kuznets. Benefits from growth driven by technological change. Economic and social costs from rising inequality. Advantages, disadvantages and forecasts of economic growth.

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  • Approaches to the classification of economic methods for managing the reproduction of land resources. On the basis of which the methodological apparatus of economic support of reproduction of land resources in the Republic of Kazakhstan has been improved.

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  • Model periods and dynamic features of political propaganda. Communication with the development of economic indicators of political information. The use of propaganda as a strategic policy tool. Creating barriers to entry for the opposition candidate.

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  • Analysis of features of development of economic strategy of industrial enterprise in conditions of instability on the materials of Eastern Kazakhstan. Analysis of production of major industrial products in the region, its largest industrial enterprises.

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  • Description of economy and basic economic problems. Types of taxes: progressive, proportional and regressive. Application of law of demand and of Supply. Collusion is a secret arrangement between two or more firms to fix prices or share the market.

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  • Economics is the branch of social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The term economics comes from the Greek for oikos (house) and nomos (custom or law), hence "rules of the house(hold)."

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  • Short overview of Finland’s economy, government budget, budget policy, budget cycle and annual budget process. The public debt and budget deficit. Crisis in financial sector of Finland. The structure of budget expenditures. Exports and import by month.

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  • Kazakhstan is the largest nation and economy in Asia, and the ninth largest nation by area in the world. Kazakhstan's monetary policy has been well-managed. Oil and gas is the leading economic sector. Kazakhstan has the potential to be an oil exporter.

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  • Characteristic of economic changes in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Analysis of the Asian financial crisis and its negative impact on the Russian economy. Study of factors of stable economic growth. Analysis of economic program 2007.

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  • The report by Siau should stimulate further investigation of the epidemiology of Acinetobacter species in various parts of the world. Time has come to study the pathogenicity of these microorganisms that are without doubt of growing clinical importance.

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  • To know foreign languages is absolute necessary for every educated person. Reasons why people study English - the language of international air traffic control, and is currently developing its role in international policing, and emergency services.

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  • The role of education provided by institutions which support entrepreneurship and informal technology enhanced learning for entrepreneurs in Serbia on entrepreneurial success of graduates. The solution for fostering entrepreneurial spirit among graduates.

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  • Great Britain does not have a written constitution, so there are no constitutional provisions for education. The system of education is determined by the National Education Acts. Secondary education. Primary education. Private education. Life school.

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  • Education in England is not as perfect, as we think. There are plenty of stereotypes, that British education is only Oxford and Cambrige, but there are many educational stereotypes. The story of British schools. Arguments about the purpose of education.

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