• Анализ процесса создания и отправки сообщений электронной почты, хранения на сервере, организации нескольких учетных записей и групп новостей. Характеристика использования шаблона с исходящими сообщениями, форматирования текста, создания адресной книги.

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  • Основні тенденції і проблеми формування в Україні інформаційного суспільства та включення держави до загальносвітових процесів побудови Глобального інформаційного простору, поточні й стратегічні завдання, досягнення й перепони на шляху інформатизації.

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  • Simple models describing dipole radiative strength functions in medium and heavy nuclei. Basic parameters of the giant dipole resonances and their error. Phenomenological model to describe the kind of asymmetric dipole radiative strength functions.

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  • The arrival of native Americans and Europeans to the continent. Evidence of ancient life in America. Examination of ancient culture. The history of the European colonization of America; the formation of the British colonies, the institution of slavery.

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  • American literature begins with the orally transmitted myths, legends, tales, and lyrics (songs) of Indian cultures. There was no written literature among the more than 500 different Indian languages and tribal cultures that existed in North America.

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  • Characteristic of quintets of Luigi Boccherini as an object symbol of the Italo-French line of chamber instrumentalism, including among piano works. Crossing of the early Romantic and Biedermeier stylistic trends in the genre model Luigi Bockerini.

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  • Characterization of the behavior of the board in respect of income which is a key issue to each shareholder. Analysis of management on the main features: quality earnings and revenues, income instability, discretionary charges and cases of fraud.

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  • Interest of East Asia to natural resources, transportation routes and new fishing grounds Arctic region. The lack of unity within the Asian Arctic rehionudlya achieve common goals. Perspectives of Asian cooperation with members of Arctic council.

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  • Interpreting the composition and dynamics of presettlement forests. Inferred about pre- settlement pine density from land surveys and lumber statistics, based on new evidence and analyses. Statistics of growth and income of white pine-tree of lumber.

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  • The processing of information into the memory. The retention of encoded information over time. Process of getting information out of memory. Ebbinghaus’ Retention Curve. Beneficial effects of distributed practice for repetitions. Types of Encoding.

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  • The theoretical issues of SWOT-analysis implementation. Its practical use for comparative ecologic and economic evaluation on the example of a large metal manufacturer, JSC "Kazzink" (Ust Kamenogorsk, the Republic of Kazakhstan) to prevent it from crisis.

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  • The problem of social and ecological efficiency correlation. Ecological efficiency and the problem of market economy regulation. A device that describes the "environmental" effectiveness of various systems from the point of view of economic theory.

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  • Features of detection of representatives of xylotrophic pyrenomycetes. Characteristics of wood substrate, placement in the ecological niche, and also specialization of all verified species to the stage of destruction of dead wood on the Renvall scale.

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  • Study of the concept of environmental insurance in the scientific literature. Analysis of the environmental law in the Polish legislation concerning the use of environmental insurance mechanisms. Problems in the field of environmental insurance in Poland.

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  • Characteristics of the main anthropogenic factors of environmental pollution. Analysis of the impact of industrial pollution on the atmosphere. The study of the problem of deforestation. Analysis of measures to create a system of ecological security.

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  • The greenhouse effect is real and essential for life on the Earth. Pollution is one of the most burning problems of nowadays. The Earth has enough for every man’s need, but not for man’s greed. Changes in technology must be baked by slower growth.

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  • The solution of problems in waste recycling and low-cost power supply is shown on the example of a special waste products recycling complex. This gives an opportunity to improve the energy efficiency and promote ecologically oriented economic development.

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  • Сurrent hypotheses about the structure of water and the influence of the magnetic field on the change in its structure. Hypotheses about the possibility of using high-frequency electromagnetic fields to increase their influence on the structure of water.

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  • The econometric models of goods export from Ukraine and the import to Ukraine in general, their seasonal and trend components are considered. The forecast of investigated indices for III and IV quarters of 2013 is made based on these constructed models.

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  • Research a number of econometric models of the relationships between regional macroeconomic indicators of the labour market of Ukrainian economy. Evaluation of the developed models, the degree of influence factors, statistical analysis of the results.

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