• International recommendations on Using error control coding at different network layers. The complexity of decoding in the channel with independent errors. Providing security of data in a network with the help of coding methods. Public-key cryptography.

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  • Investigation of the essence of economic security of the state. The influence of Western countries' sanctions on the economic security of Russia. Analysis of the monthly dynamics of imports of goods and the index of industrial production in Russia.

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  • History of arts. Design elements and principles. The importance of colour. Theatrical costume. Scenic and interior design. The home of ideas. Textiles in the interior. Modern hairdressing procedures. Photography types. Corporate identity. Business cards.

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  • The principal problem of definition and general characteristics of the verbals. Controversy in the usage of non-finite forms of the verb in modern English. The essential feature of the use of gerund, participle and infinitive in colloquial speech.

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  • Hilary Putnam and his similar claim about water. Discovering by Kripke and Putnam the true atomic structure of gold or the true molecular makeup of water. Discovering by them of a new type of particle lucking in and around the nucleus of the atom.

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  • Analysis of criteria for steels warping susceptibility under the thermochemical treatment. Study of value of the details warping during the quenching. Analysis of residual internal pressures in hardened layer and kinetics of austenitic grain growth.

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  • Consideration of the formation and development of agriculture in Pavlodar region. The structure and composition of gross output of agriculture by industry, principal livestock industry. The definition of instruments of state support of agriculture.

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  • Analysis of the relationship between different areas of the brain according to the coherence of their electroencephalogram rhythms. Determination of decrements and frequencies based on the EEG model. Neural ensemble of brain membrane potentials.

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  • A method of the WWER-1000 fuel element cladding durability analysis using the energy creep theory. The value of linear heat. Linear heat rate jump. Analyzing the current Ukrainian energetic status. Circumferential and axial stress. Combined load cycle.

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  • Andreev reflection microbolometer with a SIN-junction as the microthermometer. Replacement of the microthermometer based on SIN-junction with a microthermometer based on superconducting transition-edge sensor. Microbolometer sensitivity evaluation.

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  • Application of a number of bioindicators belonging to different taxonomic groups of plants: spring wheat, watercress, oats, soy, radish. Use as a test object plants of the family duckweed, which are characterized by simple structure and high sensitivity.

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  • The procedure of creation, check and adjustment of detailed dynamic model of an electric power system. Criteria of verification and quality indicators of authenticity of dynamic models. Definition of sizes of the measured meanings of voltage frequency.

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  • The effect of various concentrations of heavy metals salts (lead and mercury nitrates) on recombination parameters in drosophila. These compounds have genetic activity and increase the crossing-over frequency in zone y-v of chromosome 1 (X) of drosophila.

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  • Estuary English как современный тип произношения в Великобритании. Основные подходы лингвистов к пониманию понятия Estuary English, его фонетические и лексико-грамматические особенности. Современное состояние и перспективы развития Estuary English.

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  • CSMA/CD - метод коллективного доступа к данным с опознаванием несущей и обнаружением коллизий. Форматы кадров технологии Ethernet. Описание четырех модификаций заголовков кадров Ethernet. Основные спецификации физической среды технологии Ethernet.

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  • Особенности истории развития сетевых технологий по передаче данных. Общая характеристика протоколов локальных сетей. Время оборота и распознавание коллизий. Спецификации физической среды Ethernet. Максимальная производительность скорости интернета.

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  • Court and law reform in the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika as a result of the development of project of the Conception of the Court and law reform. Antilawful behaviour in the judge association. Examples of infringement of judge`s ethics norms.

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  • The study of the problem of ethnic conflicts in Africa, which is one of the persistent problems facing the States, with a view to its settlement, and sustainable development. Ontological, ethical and political imperatives in addressing ethnic conflicts.

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  • Study of pathological changes of vegetative, generative organs of common ash (Fraxinus excelsior L). Different systematic and functional groups of microorganisms, numerous types of harmful entomofauna. Etiology of common ash diseases in Podolia, Ukraine.

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  • The study of the etiology and pathogenesis of the spread of drying of forest plantations. Classification of basic factors and reasons that contribute to the weakening and drying of woody plants and the recommended models that explain this phenomenon.

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