• Consideration of life of the people of Portugal, their culture, traditions, holidays, religion. The study of the functions of families in the state. Availability, openness and friendliness of the townspeople. Football as a national game in Portugal.

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  • Понятие турникета как устройства, предназначенного для ограничения прохода людей. Их порядок использования в общественном транспорте. Наиболее распространенный способы авторизации пассажиров и оплаты за проезд. Программная составляющая POS YARUS.

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  • Значение и виды POS-терминалов и POS-систем. Преимущества и риск использования POS-систем. Техническое оснащения торгового предприятия. Организационно-правовая и экономическая характеристика ООО "SPAR", анализ использования предприятие POS-терминалов.

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  • Research on the mega-sportive events visitor’s characteristics. Study of value orientations of FIFA-2018 World Cup visitors. Recommendations on the hotel’s positioning strategy for the tourists coming for FIFA World Cup in 2018. Market cоncept of a hоtel.

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  • Globalization as a factor in international migration. Political and economic instability of Ukraine. Formation of migration flows in Ukraine. The reduction in the number of economically active population of Ukraine, the situation on the Labor market.

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  • Review trapping processes in so-called “free” thick-film structures based on spinel-type Cu0.1Ni0.8Co0.2Mn1.9O4 ceramics. Studies need to add glass in the ceramic material. Positron trapping processes in temperature-sensitive thick-film structures.

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  • MacPherson and his propose of the classical foundations of "possessive individualism", the basis of what he later called the "Western democratic ontology". Locke and the Dialectics of Possessive Individualism. The Reversals of Possessive Individualism.

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  • Problems and specificity of issues regarding pressure wastewater discharge. Example of application of parametric designing related to the use of CAD software in conducting new studies on the liquid flow in the devices for biological wastewater treatment.

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  • Problems and specificity of issues regarding pressure wastewater discharge. Example of application of parametric computer-aided design of wastewater discharge system for better design collector of wastewater in the areas of distributed architecture.

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  • Study of the works of "Mainstream Theatre and performance studies". Study of the phenomena of the performance. Basic principles of poststructuralism and deconstruction. Heisenberg's theory. A full arsenal of ideas, and those grouped around identity.

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  • Distribution of solid solution on phase diagram. Solid homogeneous feldspars. Term for albite exsolution lamellae in K-spar matrix. Examples of post-crystallization. Smoother boundaries from recrystallization. Replacement of one mineral by another.

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  • Review the history of the myth of Pygmalion. The illusion of independence in mythology. Image the hero in the mythological consciousness of the reader. Empathy Pygmalion and its recovery in the postmodern. Self-deception and reality of modern times.

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  • The uses of postmodern theory in rhetoric and composition studies. Antifoundational, antiessentialist assault on Enlightenment conceptions of the subjects and objects of experience are extended to postulates of grand narratives of the past or present.

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  • Assignment of Disulfide Bonds in Proteins by Chemical Cleavage and Peptide Mapping by Mass Spectrometry. Enzymatic Sequence Analysis of N-Glycans. Analysis of S-Acylation of Proteins. Identification Protein Phosphorylation Sites with Mass Spectrometry.

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  • Essence and types of risk, the concept of occupational risk. Professional risk to human activities. Professional tax risk. Practical recommendations for the use of gas weapons. Gas cans and recommendations for their application. Application of gas gun.

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  • Modeling and principle of operation positioner power consumption in the direct mode of automated management. Evaluation of the use of the corrected function decline in electricity consumption in the automated control system of technological process.

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  • Особенности работы с программой по созданию компьютерных презентаций "Power Point". Характеристика возможностей программы при работе с образцами, текстами и электронными таблицами. Порядок создания слайдов и художественного оформления презентации.

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  • Общая идеология Power Point. Представление информации на экране. Работа с образцами. Создание презентации с помощью Мастера автосодержания. Ввод и оформление текста. Художественное оформление презентаций. Использование электронных таблиц в Power Point.

    реферат (35,1 K)
  • Power Point – демонстрация электронного слайд-фильма. Создание презентации: размещение текста, графика, рисунка. Обычный режим просмотра. Добавление нового слайда с маркированным списком. Заметки докладчика. Шаблон дизайна и цветовая схема презентации.

    контрольная работа (2,8 M)
  • Пять различных способов, чтоб опубликовать свою презентацию в Интернет. Способы открытия, закрытия, сохранения презентации. Создание Web-страниц в PowerPoint. Сохранение слайда в виде рисунка. Этапы разработки презентаций. Использование схем анимации.

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