• The influence of Muslim and Jewish thinkers on the sciences and philosophy of Latin West. The physic theories of the beginning of the universe, relationship between God and the created order of things. The role of Greek science in Islamic culture.

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  • Bibliography of the teaching of physics at Lviv University during the XVIII-XIX centuries. Illustration of more than ninety works of different type of cover or initial pages. Biography of the authors place their works in the context of history university.

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  • Features of the physical mechanism of hermetic sealing and storing the air cavity of large volume, based on using magnetic fluid. The use of a mechanism for creating devices of sampling and chemical analysis of gases in mines and chemical industry.

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  • The problems germinating seeds under different concentrations of salts as representatives of cultural and natural flora. Study characteristics seed mass of plants and wild flora culture. The impact of water on the seed germination rate, the quantity.

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  • Characteristics of the main functions that perform heart. Analysis circuits cardiovascular system. The differences between skeletal and cardiac muscle physiology. A simple model of stroke volume. Effect on the contractility of autonomic activity.

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  • The female reproductive system. Ovaries, yellow body of the uterus or fallopian tubes. Anatomy and histology of the uterus. Endometrial, vaginal and mammary glands. The development of female sex hormones, phase of reproductive and menstrual cycles.

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  • Analysis rezultatov with bacteriophage P1Cmc1ts100 set of lysogenic strains of phytopathogenic bacteria erwinia "horticola" and of erwinia amylovora associated with woody plants. The conversion of phenotype from CMS to the CMR with authentic prophage.

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  • Two basic principles of organization of social space. Main oppositions in the realm of food. Place of the income in determining distance. The art of eating, drinking. The body as a social product, which is the only tangible manifestation of the "person".

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  • Features Rassmotrenye goods Or transportation materials through a pipe. Description history pipeline transport in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Business Kazakhstan-China pipeline, Kaspyyskoho Tengiz consortium transportation in Novorossiysk oil and gas.

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  • Find the ratio of root-mean-square deviations of pixel distortions and rotations in the learning process to avoid classification errors. Simulation, training and testing of a two-layer perceptron with 250 neurons in its hidden layer for training traingda.

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  • Planar and spatial design diagrams and motion equations of the vehicle in the course of straight-line motion. the elastic and dissipative characteristics of elastic constraints, longitudinal slope and road profile, changes of design characteristics.

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  • Allocation and Sizing of Distribution Transformers and Feeders. Planning of Distribution Networks under Load Growth. Optimization Methods for Power System Problems. List of Tables, Principle Symbols and Acronyms. Statement of Original Authorship.

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  • A leaf cell consists of metabolic compartments. The use of energy from sunlight by photosynthesis is the basis of life. Photosynthesis is an electron transport process. ATP is generated by photosynthesis. Mitochondria are the power station of the cell.

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  • Отличительные особенности таймеров. Предустановка и программирование счетчика. Построение импульсной диаграммы для отсчёта бита. Моделирование генератора включения и выключения прямоугольных импульсов с заданными величинами работы мультивибратора.

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  • Рассмотрение и характеристика особенностей Fidelio Suite 8, как единой базы данных под управлением одной из самых надёжных в мире систем управления базами данных Oracle. Ознакомление с главными методами гибкой интеграции с основными системами отеля.

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  • Логики с PN-операторами как логический базис для систем интеллектуального анализа данных, основанных на когнитивных рассуждениях, использующих немонотонные модификационные исчисления. Анализ основных альтернатив многозначным логикам с J-операторами.

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  • The content of PNA+ receptors on the plasma membrane of intraepithelial lymphocytes and stromal lymphocytes of major salivary glands in newborn animals after intrauterine antigen action. A lower content of SBA+ lymphocytes in the experimental group.

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  • Developing the extremely dangerous and a serious infectious illness in young children. The conditions of treatment in hospital in case of pneumonia. The functional diagnostics of disease in infants. The treatment of bacterial and viral pneumonia.

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  • Assessment of the extent of Poland's influence in the EU's Eastern policy since the beginning of the 21st century. The prevention of new barriers on the Eastern border. Relations with Ukraine and partners with which it collaborates in many areas.

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  • A short summary of museums and institutions related to museums in Poland with an additional focus on those, which offer for their visitors’ interactive ways of sightseeing. Description of some examples of interactive features that exhibits can have.

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