• The role of the microcirculation in cardiovascular system. Component parts of the cardiovascular module. Transcapillary exchange is the primary function of blood. Factors contributing to the movement of blood through the veins. Types of blood circulation.

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  • Security tax police employees: concepts and principles. The peculiarities of legal regulation of performance tax police employees at present. Analyze and guarantees legal protection of the tax police. Deficiencies in the legal protection of tax.

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  • Familiarity with the basic stages of personal sales: prospecting, handling objections, closing the scale. Personal selling as a promotional method in which one party uses skills and techniques for building personal relationships with another party.

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  • Getting to know persistent conceptual and methodological issues in personality assessment. Peculiarities of the dispositional approach to job attitude, an empirical and conceptual review. The main features of personality and organizational culture.

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  • Consideration of the tendency of development of industrial and technical practice of ecologically pure plant products in the system of organic farming. Study of the possibility of using unmanned aerial vehicles in biological plant protection technologies.

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  • Определение факторов оказывающих влияние на продажи и прибыль компании: политических, экономических, социокультурных и технологических. Сбор информации по динамике и характеру изменения каждого фактора. Характеристика сводной таблицы PEST анализа.

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  • PEST-анализ как полезный инструмент понимания рынка, позиции компании, потенциала и направление бизнеса. Рассмотрение факторов, влияющих на продажи и прибыль компании в долгосрочной перспективе. Общая характеристика условных этапов PEST-анализа.

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  • Общая характеристика деятельности туристической фирмы ООО "БП "Сильвер-тур". Проведение комплексного анализа правовых, экономических, социальных, культурных и технологических факторов макросреды фирмы. Описательный pest-анализ ООО "БП "Сильвер-тур".

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  • Основы анализа внешней среды фирмы. Политико-правовые факторы, влияющие на фирму. Результативное ведение бизнеса. Причинно-следственные связи экономических явлений и процессов, возникающие в сфере экономической деятельности хозяйствующих субъектов.

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  • Study of swelling kinetics as compared to solvents of various nature (water in various pH, ethanol, toluene) was carried out. IR comparative spectra were obtained for different composites. High anti-bacterial action of the synthesized nanocomposites.

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  • The synergetic model of boundary friction - the system of equations for the stress, strain and temperature, describing the nontrivial behavior of the ultra thin lubricant film. The influence of shear modulus deformation defect on hysteresis phenomena.

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  • The problem of essence of human being in the history of philosophy. Continuity of views on the nature of human being. The image of human in the Ancient, Christian, New Age and modern philosophies. Differentiation of social and biological in human being.

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  • A long shadow of logical positivism. The approach to language through a study of logical form. Predominance of logical positivism in philosophy area. Behaviorism had a run of influence within philosophy. Behaviorism influence within philosophy area.

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  • Phoneme, its allophones, features and functions in the speech. The phonetic analysis of phonemes in system of vowels, consonants. Distinctions in an articulation of English, Russian, the Kazakh languages. Practical tasks on an educational pronunciation.

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  • Phonetic transcription in the linguistic sense is the systematic representation of language in written form, may aim to transcribe the phonology of a language. Broad and narrow phonetic transcription. The International Phonetic Alphabet – origin, uses.

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  • Phonetics is one of the fundamental branches of linguistic. It’s very important in the study of a language, because neither grammar nor lexics can exist without the phonetic form. The branches: general and special. The methods of Phonetic Analysis.

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  • Definition of the term "phonetics". Analysis of the system of linguistic sciences. Characteristic of the mechanisms and aspects of phonetics. Study of the methods of phonetic investigations. Characteristic of history of the Prague School Phonology.

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  • Formal definition of phonetics. The vocabulary of the language, the origin and development of words. Sounds of human speech. An inseparable relationship between the four aspects of speech sounds in their actual use. The combination of words in sentences.

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  • Functions and components of the intonation. Speech melody or the pitch. The features of English speech rhythm and sentence stress. The Intonation Group. Differences with the Russian. The notion of "tone”. Static and kinetic tones. The intonation group.

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  • General information about the phonostylistic, value of this term. Tempo of speech and attention paid to speech as criterion of understanding of speech. The main types of phonostylistic processes. Phonostylistics in a Second Language, it’s problems.

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