• Phonetic transcription in the linguistic sense is the systematic representation of language in written form, may aim to transcribe the phonology of a language. Broad and narrow phonetic transcription. The International Phonetic Alphabet – origin, uses.

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  • Phonetics is one of the fundamental branches of linguistic. It’s very important in the study of a language, because neither grammar nor lexics can exist without the phonetic form. The branches: general and special. The methods of Phonetic Analysis.

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  • Definition of the term "phonetics". Analysis of the system of linguistic sciences. Characteristic of the mechanisms and aspects of phonetics. Study of the methods of phonetic investigations. Characteristic of history of the Prague School Phonology.

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  • Formal definition of phonetics. The vocabulary of the language, the origin and development of words. Sounds of human speech. An inseparable relationship between the four aspects of speech sounds in their actual use. The combination of words in sentences.

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  • Functions and components of the intonation. Speech melody or the pitch. The features of English speech rhythm and sentence stress. The Intonation Group. Differences with the Russian. The notion of "tone”. Static and kinetic tones. The intonation group.

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  • General information about the phonostylistic, value of this term. Tempo of speech and attention paid to speech as criterion of understanding of speech. The main types of phonostylistic processes. Phonostylistics in a Second Language, it’s problems.

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  • The effects of increase in photoconductivity in the macroporous silicon structures. Founding to achieve a maximum at the distance between macropores equal to the double thickness of the Shottky layer what corresponds to the experimental results.

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  • Analysis of the phraseological units, their semantic structure by prof. V.N. Teliya and description of the following principal macrocomponents in the semantic structure: denotational (descriptive), evaluational, motivational, emotive, stylistic, gender.

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  • Ways of formation and classification of idioms, the difficulties of translation. Phraseological units and idioms as an expressive part of the language's vocabulary. Synonymous statements and emphasis, indices for interpretation. Proverbs its means.

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  • Theoretical foundation and particular structure of the phraseology. Reasons, which make newspaper articles expressive and create specific newspaper imagery. Functions of phraseological units. The analysis of articles from "The Herald Eribune" newspaper.

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  • Phraseological units as a subsystem of language. Semantic structure of the phraseological units. The translation of phraseological units. Idioms their classification. Functional types of idioms. Organization phraseology of modern English language.

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  • Professors Smirnitsky’s, Koonin’s and Vinogradov’s classification of phraseological units. The activities of the European Society of Phraseology and for lexicography with their regular conventions and publications attest to the interest in phraseology.

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  • Participation of military officers of Armed Forces of Ukraine in international missions. Physical training serviceman, adaptation to the warfare. International operations in various climatic conditions. Adapt the program developed by the military.

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  • The index of Soil Properties in geotechnical engineering. The value of the soil and rocks in the design of civil engineering. Characteristics of hydraulic and mechanical properties of soil. The physical processes associated with drainage of the soil.

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  • Several views on how to understand or define "reason" and "rationalism". The question of the actual role and place of reason and rationality within the religion of Islam. The problems of deformists thinking, materialist physicalism, faith-in-rason.

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  • Description of life and activities of the outstanding physician of his time Avicenna. An analysis of his works on medicine, the formation of philosophical views. Metaphysical doctrines and their importance in the scientific activity of the scientist.

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  • Promotion in the pharmaceutical industry. The Role of Third-party payment. Choice and Proposed Models of Physician Behavior, Prior Research. The Benchmark: Nave Choice Model. Discussion and Implications, Conclusion for Future Research (Larry & Steve).

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  • Homogeneous precipitation synthesis of nanocomposites - activated carbon – zirconium(IV) oxide. Characterization of samples by x-ray diffraction analysis and electron microscopy. Sorption properties and the degree of extraction of phosphate ions.

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  • The use of block copolymers on the basis of oxides of ethylene and propylene as demulsifiers of oil emulsions. Determination of the dependence of their physico-chemical properties from the content oxyethylene and oxypropylene groups in the molecule.

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  • Investigation of physical and mechanical properties of the cement using of barium-containing clinker and gypsum stone. Effect of additives of barium-containing sulfateferrite clinker gypsum stone. Longer hardening and limits and compressive strength.

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