• Biography Paul Samuelson and his contribution and development economics. Samuelson award of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Foundations of Economic Analysis Samuelson and integrating them mathematics and economics. Samuelson's professional positions.

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  • Cezanne's artistic heritage of more than 800 oil paintings, watercolors and the other works. Some works of Cezanne: "Big Pine", "Mount Sainte-Victoire", "Aqueduct", "Self-portrait on a pink background", "Still Life with a Skull", "The pyramid of skulls".

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  • A numerical technique has been used slove the carrier transport equations for PbSnTe photodiode configurations. The model computes the spatial distribution of the electric field, electron concentrations and the generation-recombination of the mechanism.

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  • Рассмотрение особенностей проведения ранней диагностики рака предстательной железы. Определение уровня сывороточного простатспецифического антигена. Выполнение пункционной биопсии предстательной железы. Анализ гипердиагностики и избыточного лечения.

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  • National innovation system - a set of interrelated institutions, engaged in production and commercialization of technology within national borders. Military-industrial complex - the most important resource for the innovative breakthrough of Russia.

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  • Schematisation of defects in oil pipelines. Numerical and analytical methods of calculating stress. Paris power dependence. Methods of definition of cyclic crack resistance of a pipe material. Characteristics of cyclic crack resistance of steel.

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  • Indicators of incidence of malignant tumours of the female population in Russia. Number of patients in oncology dispensaries. The problem of detection of oncopathology. The level of mortality from the pathology of the organs of the reproductive system.

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  • Deontology as a doctrine of moral and ethical issues. Principles of interaction with colleagues. Criticism as a personal allowance of perfection. The main ways to take criticism well. Methods to improve interpersonal relationships and their benefits.

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  • Review the model of osteoarthritis in the rat line Wistar. Effect of the one-time injection of CH3COOI acid on the knee joint. Physiological, histological, cytological and radiological methods for diagnosing changes of the bones of the skeleton in human.

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  • Popular scientific prose style, shaping properties. Stylistic devices that are used in popular prose literature. Interrelation of the means of expression and the subject-matter, i.e. of the expressive means of a language. Slang and colloquial lexicon.

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  • Regional and non-regional varieties. Local varieties of English on the British Isles. British and American English. Canadian, Australian and Indian variants. Dialects of English. Features of traditional dialects. Contemporary changes to modern dialects.

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  • Somatic vocabulary as a class of words. The mechanism for carrying out a translation analysis of Shakespeare's tragedy. Research of somatic tokens from source text and target texts. Creation of a classification of methods for translating somatisms.

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  • Characteristic and research features of the liver which is located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, just below the diaphragm. Identification and analysis of the difference in child liver. Familiarization with the basic functions of liver.

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  • This work analyzes ternary phase diagrams of magnesium with two rare-earth metals of different subgroups, conducted in IMET RAS in connection with the development of high-temperature magnesium alloys. A lot number of phase diagrams were discovered.

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  • The problem of translation of literary text (poetry, satirical work , lyric, dialect literature). Philological analysis of linguistic difficulties in literary translation: lexical transformation, grammatical forms and construction, culture-Specific Items.

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  • The concept of borrowing, particularly borrowing in the English language. The richness of vocabulary of a foreign language. Features of the distribution of Russian words in the English language, the classification of borrowings denoting concepts.

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  • The translation of official documents. Use of professional terms approved by the relevant official bodies. Peculiar features of style of official documents. Translation of standard documents as an important branch of technical one. Translation theory.

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  • Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse was an English satirist, author and a comic novelist who created the famous fictional characters of Bertie Wooster and Reginald Jeeves. Biography of the satirist, his childhood and education. The most Notable Works.

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  • Native Americans in the United States. The European colonization of the USA. Federally recognized tribal governments in the United States. Cultural aspects and certain elements. Society, religion and gender roles. Terminology differences of some Indians.

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  • The People of North America. Sub-ethnic groups in the state of Morelos tlauika. The main traditional occupation of the Aleuts. Algonquin Indian people groups in Canada. A characteristic feature of the ethnic history of the American people in the USA.

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