• The characteristic of a choice of career as one of the most important decisions in human life. The most demanded trades: doctors, drivers, teachers, scientific, sellers, engineers. Satisfaction from work as the important criterion of a choice of a trade.

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  • Analysis of existing professions. Consideration of programming languages??. Characteristics of the benefits of working as a programmer. Study of features of choosing a future profession. Consideration of aspects of a web designer and its functions.

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  • Kazakhstan as a big country taking the ninth place in the world on the area. Baikonur as the first and world's largest spaceport. Astana - the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sights of the city and its history. Famous people and events Astana.

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  • MPAA rating system. The attitude of parents to the children's favorite films. Dividing films on genres: foreign cartoons, melodramas and love stories, serials and musicals, psychedelic and historical films, comedies. Examples of the most well-known films.

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  • My favourite phrase is: “I shall work and learn as long as I live”. I put my exercise-books, pens and other things into my bag and go to the University. As a rule I have no free time on week-days. At 6 o’clock I do my homework. And I go to bed at 12 p.m.

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  • General information on the distribution of the new invasive mildew, Podosphaera amelanchieris Maurizio, registered in Belarus, Ukraine. The distribution of fungi, species and morphological characteristics. Comparative characteristics of several species.

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  • To the use of ancient myths and the category of the beautiful in mythopoetical poems of John Keats. The poet's search of truth and beauty, his identification of love with poetry and the formation of his poetic credo. The desire to contrast the ideals.

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  • The manager is the man who decides among alternative choises. Noe managing is a very important type of behavior. Aspect of organizational decision making. The main myths of management. How decide on the allocation of tellers at various times of the day.

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  • Первая и вторая квадратичная форма. Построение проекции вектора кривизны линии на нормаль поверхности в точке, через которую проходит эта кривая. Изучение кривизны всех линий на поверхности, рассмотрение плоских сечений. Уравнение индикатрисы Дюпена.

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