• Oxidized with solution of hydrogen peroxide multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were modified with 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate (HEMA) or chitosan (CTS). Morphology and surface properties of the pristine and modified MWCNTs have been investigated.

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  • The analysis of the state of municipal water supply of Ukraine and the main reasons that have led to its decline. Consideration of the imperfection of the domestic institutional environment for water. The analysis of advantages of cluster associations.

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  • Art plays an important role in the life of a man and sometimes it is impossible to live without it. A museum is a stock of the world’s masterpieces, it is the place, where you can look at the achievements of mankind, and satisfy your aesthetic taste.

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  • Description and photos of the cultural and architectural attractions of London. The biggest shopping street. The central square of the city. The most famous clock - Big Ben. The oldest bridge across the Thames. History and Legends of the fortress Tower.

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  • Correspondence of the curriculum of university teaching of music teachers to the principles of the Bologna process. Similarities and differences in the principles of educational policy. Musical preparation of primary school teachers in Spain and Bulgaria.

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  • Philosophical reflections of the German philosopher, musicologist and composer. Adorno Theodor W. and his contribution to aesthetics of modernism. Philosophical conception of "new music", objecting against returning to the classic alternative of art.

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  • A structural theory of form. Sketch of a structural form-theory. Harmonic relations between sections. Thematic qualification of harmonically-related sections. The impact of this structural form-theory. Schenker's theory of form and formal categories.

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  • The problems of determination of dimension of existence of music in philosophical and aesthetic views on art. Consideration of Oswald Spengler musical intentions in relation to the ethos of culture. The implementation of culture styles in music.

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  • A method and system for comparing, ranking, selecting and tracking mutual funds provides a statistical analysis based on past history to facilitate the investment process. The red and green shaded area at the bottom of the performance graph shows.

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  • Перспективы российского рынка виртуальных операторов сотовой связи, план маркетинговых действий. Сотовый бизнес и виртуальные сети подвижной связи. Услуга "безроуминговые зоны" для абонентов. Сотовая связь как локомотив современных телекоммуникаций.

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  • During the weekend we have an opportunity of enjoying the life and having rest. The library of our institute and a visit to a sick friend. My family, the working day of an engineer and my working day. My grandmother's country house. The lesson of English.

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  • The school as an institution of socialization. Availability of modern equipment, big rooms, places to rest and an attractive exterior design - an important aspect of school life. Features of the ideal school for pupils. Description of future teachers.

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  • Features of ethics. Creating an ethical style. Issues of ethics in organizations. Fundamentals of origin of business ethics. Classification of business ethics. Creating an ethical climate in business. Creative decision-making within the organization.

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  • Cat - the best animal. Various shapes and sizes of cats. Love for cats. The differences in the habits of cats and dogs. Cat - a great hunter in the world. Cats that live in our family. 7 cats that lived with my grandfather. Affection cats to humans.

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  • Wild animals: horse, cow, dog, cat, fox, wolf, tiger, bear, elephant, panda, bee which can swim, run, fly, sing, jump, understand commands. The animals which live in Kazakhstan: zebra, rabbit, cangaroo, giraffe, wolf, fox and other animals of state.

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  • Favorite holidays. History of holidays in Russia. Tradition of patriotic celebrations in Russia. My favorite holiday - New Year's. New Year international festival, is a holiday for everyone. New Year's holidays with friends. New Year's - a family holiday.

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  • There are a lot of different kinds of sport around us. Millions of people are keen on hockey, volleyball, basketball, rugby, cycling and cricket. But the kind of sport I have a special liking for is football. I go in for football with great pleasure.

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  • Analysis the movie about Harry Potter – the story of a boy who survived the attack on him the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. Describing the Hogwarts (School of Witchcraft) – the fictional school of wizards. Harry Potter – a series of books and movies.

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  • The profession a person chooses in many ways determines his future life. Today the most popular professions are lawyers, economists and managers. I know there are many interesting and useful professions but above all I like the profession of a manager.

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  • Not easy thing, to choose a profession. I want to become a сomputer programmer. In the future it will be one of important profession. It is self interesting employment but specific work. I am sure that my dream will be carried out sooner or later.

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