• Mergers and acquisitions as a tool and factors of competitiveness of the company. The Walt Disney company, its activity and main competitors. M&a transactions as a tool for development. Improving the weakest segment of сompany using M&A Strategy.

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  • Класифікація некомпактних поверхонь з краєм. Типи некомпактних поверхонь. Можливі причини некомпактності. Поняття та властивості ідеальних меж (кінців) некомпактних поверхонь. Теорема про повну топологічну класифікацію некомпактних поверхонь з краєм.

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  • Description of creative activity in the screen arts of the brilliant Ukrainian poet N. Vingranovsky. List of feature films and documentaries made By H. Vingranovsky in Ukrainian film studios. Information about the unfinished film projects of the figure.

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  • Понятие MacOS, ее основные характеристики, история зарождения и развития. Технические характеристики ранних версий, совместимость с Intel х85 и Power PC. Проблема поддержки периферийных устройств, внутренняя структура MacOS, преимущества перед Windows.

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  • Analyzes of the gross domestic product, consumer price index, unemployment rate, trade balance, business environment, fiscal policy. The last tendencies of Ukraine's economy. The main problems of development and growth of economic potential of Ukraine.

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  • Основные принципы работы с Flash, основы пользовательского интерфейса, типовые функции, настройка. Работа со статичной графикой, форматы, рисование, импорт графических фрагментов. Форматы анимированной графики и видео, создание интерактивных фильмов.

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  • Periapical lesions - an expression of the reaction of the organism, which actively prevents the spread of bacteria from the infected root canal in the surrounding tissue. Qualitative and quantitative cell research. The composition of periapical granuloma.

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  • The most visited sights of London. Madame Tussauds and its museums. History of creation of a museum of Madame Tussauds. Opening of museums in Great Britain and Europe. The main know-how of wax statues. Modeling methods in madame Tussauds Museum.

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  • The Reign of John. John and the King of France. John and the Pope. John and the barons, reasons for the Charter. Magna Carta contained 63 articles. Certain limitations to his power. The Charter after 1215. The decline of feudalism. The growth of cities.

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  • The results of experimental studies of the magnetooptical Kerr effect of thin-film systems based on Niand V. Dimensional and temperature dependencies of the Kerr effect are shown, as well change of MOKE-loop shape at different annealing temperatures.

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  • Giant and Tunnel Magnetoresistance. Ferromagnetic and spacer layer of synthetic antiferromagnetic. Future MRAM Improvements. 16-Mbit MRAM with a 180 nm lithographic process. The next-generation MRAM that is said to operate with write cycles under 1 ns.

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  • Main features of vowel system and consonant system of Welsh English pronunciation. Analyze the phonological structure of Welsh English pronunciation. The vowel and consonant system differences of Welsh English. Examples and differences of Welsh English.

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  • Functioning system BIOS when enabling the computer. Program CMOS Setup. The main sections of the program BIOS Setup. Advanced BIOS, Chipset Features. Power Management Setup. Adjustment computer system parameter. Determination load device operating system.

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  • Modern issues of competitiveness. Specific factors influencing international competitiveness in emerging countries. Chinese automotive market: development and dynamics. Problems of automotive clusters in Russia on the case of the sollers company.

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  • The benefits of extensive reading in a foreign language. Ways to implement extensive reading in English into the "School of Foreign Languages and Culture". Study of the influence of reading in a foreign language on the success of language learning.

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  • The problem which Kant faces in "The Schematism of the Pure Concepts of the Understanding" in his Critique of Pure Reason is that of explaining how "intuitions" (or what we might be tempted to call sense experiences) can be subsumed under "categories".

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  • Проникнення в Іспанію, через Маґриб, елементів культури Східного Середземномор’я, яка поширювалася з Піренейського півострова у Прованс і на Сицилію. Літературна традиція, народжена в Андалусії, як основа нової арабської, а отже, і маґрибської літератури.

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  • A study of the results of epidemiological surveillance as of October 2012 on the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis, documented in the countries of Brazil, China, S. India and South Africa. Analysis of the main methods of combating the disease.

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  • Tools for Security and Insecurity. Unbiasing a Biased Coin. Combining Weak Sources of Entropy. Pseudorandom Number Generators. Random Permutation Generation. Sound Approach to Random Number Generation and Use. Computationally Secure Information Stealing.

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  • The differences between financial accounting and management accounting. Discussing the positive and negative aspects for each type of account. The importance of doing competent accounting information for making effective financial management decisions.

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