• Features of the health care system in the United States. General characteristics of the structure of the health system, familiarity with the features. Analysis of public health programs and financing system. Analysis of major government programs.

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  • Reviewed epidemiological, environmental state of the population. Analyzed data on provide of food and water, the level of diseases. Recommendations for vaccination, holding chemoprophylaxis of malaria, and rules of conduct, that reduce the risk to health.

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  • Role of diseases of the circulatory system in the structure of diseases and rank significance, overall mortality in war veterans. Limitation of their communicative functions due to natural involutionary processes – the hearing loss and vision loss.

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  • Consideration of the negative impact of stress on the human body. Basic rules of taking care of their physical and mental health. The importance of exercise, healthy diet, lack of bad habits, avoiding anxiety routine. The need to protect the environment.

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  • Підхід до хірургічного лікування пацієнтів з виразковою хворобою шлунка і ДПК з огляду на присутність і тривалу персистенцію інфекції Нр в шлунку і можливість виникнення та прогресування дисрегенераторних змін в слизовій оболонці шлунка у хворих.

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  • HELLP-синдром как редкое осложнение в акушерстве, возникающее, в III триместре беременности, на сроке 35 или более недель. Содержание тромбоцитов в крови. Генетические дефекты ферментов печени. Основные этапы развития синдрома при тяжёлой форме гестоза.

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  • Классификация HELLP-синдрома на основании лабораторных признаков. Аутоиммунное повреждение эндотелия, гиповолемия со сгущением крови и образование микротромбов с последующим фибринолизом как этапы развития HELLP-синдрома при тяжёлой форме гестоза.

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  • Гемолиз, повышение уровня печеночных ферментов, уменьшение количества тромбоцитов. Осложнение гестоза и угроза жизни матери и плода. Перинатальная смертность при Hellp-синдроме. Возможные причины развития заболевания. Изменения в системе гемостаза.

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  • Synthesis of hexafluorosilicates was performed by the ion exchange reaction between methanol solutions of the corresponding hydrochloride. Determination of nitrogen content which according to Kjeldahl and silicon content by the photocolorimetric method.

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  • Рак предстательной железы (РПЖ). Потенциал пьезоэлектрических материалов как источников ультразвука. Проведение радикальной простатэктомии. Результаты фокального лечения РПЖ с использованием HIFU. Эффективность HIFU в качестве первичной терапии при РПЖ.

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  • Effect of extract of goutweed ordinary, tinctures goutweed ordinary and the infusion collection "Arfazetin" on the histological structure of kidneys and liver of mice with alloxan diabetes. Principle of action of drugs and effects of treatment of mice.

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  • Частота гена DRB1, гаплотипа DRB1-DQA-DQB1 в популяционных группах России. Характеристика HLA DRB1 маркеров чувствительности, устойчивости к развитию заболевания сахарным диабетом. Аутоиммунные заболевания как возможный механизм действия отбора на HLA II.

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  • Analysis how to speak with a patient to make the patient feel free. Methods of physical diagnosis of patients. How to make a correct diagnosis and administer a proper treatment. The final stage of diagnostics – analysis of the anamnesis of a disease.

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  • Hospital hygiene is developing standards and requirements for placing, planning and sanitary-technical support of medical institutions. Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the design, construction, re-profiling of health facilities buildings.

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  • Evaluation and comparing the effectiveness of visual enhancements as aids in identifying artificially created dentinal cracks in resected root ends. Clinician’s ability to diagnose fractures in the dentin of resected roots. Gates Glidden drills.

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  • The reasons why immunoadsorption (IA) might be used at the place of plasmapheresis. The prerequisites needed to implement immunoadsorption. The four phases in the IA technique. The management of hemodialysis procedures and IA circuits simultaneously.

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  • The impact of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme on medical service utilization in rural China using an econometric accounting for selection and cen-soring problems in data. The results show the increases the number of outpatient visits per capita.

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  • The use of biofeedback in arterial hypertension subjects allowed to achieve better control of heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The positive dynamics of the integral BQI values has indicated a training effect of regulation systems.

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  • The cumulative survival rate of 190 endodontically treated posterior teeth be assessed in a retrospective study. Survival rate - retention of both cusps. Number of endodontically treated and survival rate of the resin-restored teeth. Fracture pattern.

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  • Analysis of the bronchial hyperreactivity indicators in 60 children suffering from asthma with exercise induced bronchoconstriction and without exercise induced bronchospasm. A phenotype of childhood asthma with exercise induced bronchoconstriction.

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