• Osteochondrosis as a degenerative-destructive spinal cord injury, systemic lesion of vertebrae, ligamentous apparatus, intervertebral discs. Analysis of quality of life, anxiety and the presence of depressive disorders in patients with osteochondrosis

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  • Characteristics of the inflammatory condition of the lungs, affecting mainly microscopic air sacs, known as alveoli. Determination of signs and symptoms of pneumonia. Assessment of possible risk factors. Study of the main ways of treating the disease.

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  • Successful management of pain emergencies is a strong component of clinical excellence. The major and main mechanisms of local anesthetic failure and focuses on available evidence for developing effective and efficient approaches in local anesthesia.

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  • Histological studies of inflammation of fibrous connective tissue. The surgical removal of a painful process. Drug encapsulation technique in the root canal periapical region of the left central incisor tooth. Analysis of representation of the case.

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  • Scientific achievements of the French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur. Identifying the causes of childhood diseases and infant mortality, the use of vaccination. The acquisition of a degree in the physical sciences in the Higher Normal School.

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  • Lung abscess is necrosis of the pulmonary tissue and formation of cavities (more than 2 cm) containing necrotic debris or fluid caused by microbial infection. Organisms. Causes. Signs and symptoms. Diagnosis and Management. Complications. Prognosis.

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  • Periapical lesions - an expression of the reaction of the organism, which actively prevents the spread of bacteria from the infected root canal in the surrounding tissue. Qualitative and quantitative cell research. The composition of periapical granuloma.

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  • A study of the results of epidemiological surveillance as of October 2012 on the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis, documented in the countries of Brazil, China, S. India and South Africa. Analysis of the main methods of combating the disease.

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  • Dens evaginatus as an odontogenic anomaly characterized by an enamel covered tubercle. A typical example of a maxillary premolar. Main observed values in the treatment groups. Adoption of the selective enamoplasty-preventive resin restorative method.

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  • Characteristics of the basic principles of clinical practice in the reproduction of horses. Introduction to the theory of reproductive management of horses, including management of stallions, mares and newborn foals. Management principles mares.

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  • The comparative analysis of protocols of medical care for patients with brain injuries. The ability of Ukrainian producers to provide the necessary level of visualization of medical care in the treatment of traumatic brain injury in military men.

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  • This report describes the clinical, laboratory, and epidemiological findings on 27 cases of Mayaro virus (MV) disease, an emerging mosquito-borne viral illness that is endemic in rural areas of tropical South America. Description of symptoms.

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  • Melazma is an disorder of macular hyperpigmentation limited to face. Affecting to the female gender. The disease is asymptomatic, a source of cosmetic misiance, psychological stress for the patients. The main factors are hereditary and ultraviolet rays.

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  • Symptoms of meningitis. Clinical signs of meningeal irritation tissues. Increased intracranial pressure. Methods of its medical treatment. Description of possible complications. The mechanism of resistance to the pneumococcus. Infection control measures.

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  • The therapeutic dosage forms based on standardized biologically active substances of bee products. Prevention and treatment of ulcer diseases of the gastroduodenal area. The share of capsules at the pharmaceutical market compared to other dosage form.

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  • Examination of patients with liver cirrhosis with manifestations of hepatic encephalopathy. Clinical manifestations of the disease in patients for correction of microbiocenosis of intestines in addition to the prebiotic was administered probiotics.

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  • Analyze of methods that may be used in speech therapy for children to stimulate the development of speech or to improve the situation of children with speech disorders. Opportunity of patients, for whom traditional speech therapy proved to be failed.

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  • Analysis of several methods that can be used in speech therapy for children to stimulate the development of speech or to improve the situation of children with speech disorders. Identification of the reasons for the failure of traditional speech therapy.

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  • Analysis of several operative techniques for minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty. Research of a technique for the operation procedure, which enables to reach the joint without cutting any muscle. Radiographic evaluation of treatment outcome.

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  • Justification of the conclusion that for asymptomatic bacteriospermia potentially pathogenic microorganisms which adhere to the sperm cells, can reduce the fertile properties of ejaculate. Optimal diagnosis and medical treatment of male infertility.

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