• Методичні засади управління конкурентоспроможністю підприємств машинобудування в процесі адаптації їх діяльності до умов Світової організації торгівлі. Фундаментальні положення економічної теорії, розробки вітчизняних і зарубіжних вчених-економістів.

    автореферат (488,5 K)
  • Статистическое исследование производительности труда. Анализ объема выпуска и отгрузки продукции, движения персонала, использования рабочего времени, оплаты труда. Состояние и использование основных фондов. Затраты и определение финансового результата.

    курсовая работа (739,4 K)
  • Сущность методов оценки бизнеса: затратного, сравнительного анализ продаж и доходного. Эволюция финансовых показателей в оценке качества управления. Факторы рентабельности продаж и оборачиваемости совокупных активов. Управление потоком денежных средств.

    контрольная работа (252,4 K)
  • Analysis of the Fortal Declaration and the environment of global financial and credit institutions, including the BRICS of the New Development Bank. Aspects of overcoming the economic imbalances and risks of the BRICS countries in decision-making.

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  • The source of real exchange rate uctuations: deviations from the law of one price for traded goods in the relative prices of nontraded to traded goods across countries or both. The correlation between the real exchange rate and relative consumption.

    научная работа (421,6 K)
  • Intellectual component in the structure of capital, the capital formation processes are being activated. The role of intellectual capital that acts as an independent factor of manufacturing is increasing. Share of the value generated by capital is rising.

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  • The opening of the first Starbucks in 1971, the name's origin and style. Creating recipes espresso, latte and cappuccino, storing coffee beans. Analysis of cost reduction of production, the analysis of the external and internal environment of the company.

    доклад (19,2 K)
  • Discussion of the ideas of chaos theory, determination of the importance of nonlinearities in mathematical models. Chaos and order as two opposite terms. Models with chaotic characteristics. The application of the theory of chaos in the capital markets.

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  • The concept of hierarchical clustering. The development of a programme for the implementation of the hierarchical clustering algorithm to separate users into groups based on their interests to certain products. Example of complete linkage algorithm.

    курсовая работа (1,3 M)
  • The history of the development of the concept of a command economy. The essence and characteristic features of modern centrally planned economy. Advantages and disadvantages of a command economy. The most frequently cited examples of command economies.

    реферат (12,2 K)
  • Study of static and dynamic effects arising from economic integration. Investigation of the effect of these effects on the functioning of the member countries of integration associations. Possible consequences of Ukraine's accession to the European Union.

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  • Studying the potential of international standards for energy management to improve the competitiveness of industrial enterprises in the conditions of the Ukrainian transition economy. Analysis of the evolution of basic energy efficiency standards.

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  • The studying of competitive relations in the Russian Federation and the search of the decision of problems of formation of the competitive environment. Сoncepts of the term "сompetition" (A. Smith). The problem of the competitiveness of domestic products.

    реферат (10,8 K)
  • Оverview of a competitive procedure, which was selected by the regulator to allocate a frequency spectrum in "digital dividend" in Russia. Discusses the design of the frequency spectrum allocation, and the terms of releasing the spectrum allocated.

    статья (108,4 K)
  • The study of integrated indicators of an estimation of competitiveness of health care institutions and priority measures to improve their operations and competitiveness and the functioning of medical schools in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    статья (116,6 K)
  • The questions of introduction of "green economy" in Ukraine are analyzed. Comprehensive assessment of Kharkiv and Poltava regions development is carried out. Measures to optimize socioeconomic and environmental state of the studied areas are determined.

    статья (73,3 K)
  • Formation of directions of development of affordable housing. The market of affordable housing, the definition of the categories of people who are unable to claim him. The level of housing supply, increase the interest of construction companies.

    статья (143,1 K)
  • Conceptual framework for the rapid diagnosis of industrial enterprises. Typology of factors of influence on the process of express diagnostics, the content of problems arising during its implementation. The importance of indices for grouping steps.

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  • Structure of EVA and BSC consolidation interconnections in the company's value strategic assessment. Division of the intangible assets into components: goodwill relating to the client component of the BSC, structural capital, intellectual property rights.

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  • Characteristics of corruption processes in public procurement sector. Institutional approach to study government procurement. Neo-institutionalism, the theory of transaction costs. Federal and regional level analysisof repeated government procurements.

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