• The study of social capital components. Reduction of investment flows into the country. Collective action and cooperation among the social networks of agents. Reduced operating costs. Creating the prerequisites for economic growth and social welfare.

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  • The problem of social and ecological efficiency correlation. Ecological efficiency and the problem of market economy regulation. A device that describes the "environmental" effectiveness of various systems from the point of view of economic theory.

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  • The solution of problems in waste recycling and low-cost power supply is shown on the example of a special waste products recycling complex. This gives an opportunity to improve the energy efficiency and promote ecologically oriented economic development.

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  • Environmental aspects of food production. Economic development of food industry. Comparative analysis of environmental payments that are presented for payment and actually paid by the companies in the region, the volumes of the capital investments.

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  • Analysis of indicators of sugar producers of the Czech Republic for 2007-2011, which are compared to similar indicators of food producers. Benchmarking as the main method in the analysis of financial indicators. Model trade of the Czech Republic.

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  • The term of economic growth. Four key elements of economic growth by Simon Kuznets. Benefits from growth driven by technological change. Economic and social costs from rising inequality. Advantages, disadvantages and forecasts of economic growth.

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  • Approaches to the classification of economic methods for managing the reproduction of land resources. On the basis of which the methodological apparatus of economic support of reproduction of land resources in the Republic of Kazakhstan has been improved.

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  • Model periods and dynamic features of political propaganda. Communication with the development of economic indicators of political information. The use of propaganda as a strategic policy tool. Creating barriers to entry for the opposition candidate.

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  • Analysis of features of development of economic strategy of industrial enterprise in conditions of instability on the materials of Eastern Kazakhstan. Analysis of production of major industrial products in the region, its largest industrial enterprises.

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  • Characteristic of economic changes in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Analysis of the Asian financial crisis and its negative impact on the Russian economy. Study of factors of stable economic growth. Analysis of economic program 2007.

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  • The economic environment. Measuring economic activity. Economic systems and markets. Income, price and demand. A model of the economy, inflation. Money, banking, injections, withdrawals. Interest rates, bond prices. The money market and monetary policy.

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  • Getting an idea about the investment environment and analyzing the factors affecting it. Comprehensive study of the role of foreign direct investment in ensuring long-term economic growth of the country. A systematic approach to finding sources of growth.

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  • Ladder of intentions and reasons for farming. The "Way of life" of a farmer-entrepreneur. Phases of the development of a farm enterprise as a business. Building entrepreneurship skills. Extension support for developing entrepreneurial capacity.

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  • Productive contribution of entrepreneurship in society, the assessment of its role and importance, feasibility study. Scope and regulatory framework. The impact of political trends in the development of productive and non-productive entrepreneurship.

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  • The concept and business sectors. Social network and human capital as scientific research enterprise. The life cycle model, its basic structural factors contributing to the run. Development and evaluation of the project, a test for multicollinearity.

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  • Consideration of the formation and development of agriculture in Pavlodar region. The structure and composition of gross output of agriculture by industry, principal livestock industry. The definition of instruments of state support of agriculture.

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  • Effective government regulation of industry in Ukraine. Problems of social and economic development and use of methods of tax policy. Causal diagram of the innovation economy. Objectives of innovative companies. Capital factor of innovative enterprises.

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  • Cluster model in cross-border cooperation. Analysis of positive effects of a meso-level of international integration formations represented by network structures of intraindustrial and inter-industrial cooperation in a form of cross-border cluster system.

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  • Research and characterization of the types of investors presented on the market: extrapolators and fundamentals. Introduction to the basic methods check for bubble driven by investors with extrapolative expectations. Chosen institutional investors.

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  • The role of farming in the economic system and the development of the agricultural sector. The problem of reducing small agricultural enterprises. Development of methods to support farmers in Ukraine through the introduction of international experience.

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