• The concept of franchising, an analysis of the main trends of modern development of franchising in the world. Key aspects of the use of franchising and the development prospects of this form of business in Ukraine, the characteristics of its shortcomings.

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  • Consideration of the price and output determination under the one essential type of imperfect competition markets - oligopoly. Characterization theory about predatory pricing. Examination different assumptions and predictions of the activity two firms.

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  • Analysis of agricultural sector of Uktaine. The necessity of improving the model of innovations funding in the agrarian sector of Ukraine with the account of globalization processes. The model constructed by the rule of "the golden sequence" is proposed.

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  • Development of such a plan, which would take into account certain boundary conditions at the lowest possible cost of production. The use of genetic algorithms in the design of production plans under conditions of variable economic demand is presented.

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  • Study of the theoretical, methodological, and conceptual framework of global economic instability and its influence on the development of China. Causes for concern in financial circles relative to inflation. Reduction in the growth of China's economy.

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  • Analysis of public relations mechanisms. The impact of economic uncertainty, risk industries, changes in the relationship between corporations and the government. The role of public relations in the worldwide activities of transnational corporations.

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  • Study of the dynamics of the markets of dairy products in the pre-and post-crisis periods. Trends of the processes of structuring in the markets of cheese, dairy products, butter. Problems impeding the development of the internal market of dairy products.

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  • Perspective of supply and demand. All changes in economic activity and all changes in financial markets’ prices. Different way of looking at the economy and markets. Economic booms and busts. How the Market-Based System Works. Phase of a deleveraging.

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  • Regional wage inequality in Malaysia is still prevalent widely with more developed regions receiving higher proportions of wages compared to the less developed ones. There is a positive relationship between human capital attainment and salaries.

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  • The essence of Russian economic modernization. The technological progress, competitiveness and improving the standard of living of everyone. The analysis of the "points of contact" is an analysis of a company, a service itself and market relations.

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  • Analysis of results of portfolio sorting into ten decile and long-short portfolios and subsequent future monthly returns at random dates compared with days when FOMC statement or rate decision was announced. Long-short Feng-measure portfolio over time.

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  • Features of the organization with information-flow constraints. Familiarity with the basic features of linear-quadratic control with a capacity constraint and multivariate state. Characteristics of the consequences for macroeconomic time series behavior.

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  • The yield curve modeling. Brief overview of term structure model types and the analytical description of the Vasicek and Hull-White models. The term structure of Russian Federal Bonds. The implied economic characteristics stemming from the Vasicek model.

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  • The relationship of the state and regional investment policy. The process of improving the planning system and regulation of investment activity at the meso-level. The formation of the phasing and sequence of strategic planning of investment activities.

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  • Infrastructure improvement of the economic environment like the priority of state regulation of innovative development of the corporate sector of the economy. Tools of public-private partnership in the large infrastructure projects implementation.

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  • Accounting of Income & Profits of enterprise. The balance sheet & the income statement. The law of diminishing returns. Multiple inputs, the production function. The Critical Factors of Social Enterprise Profitability. Business factors, trade-off factors.

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  • Characteristics, features of the process of income distribution for Russian companies. Description and distinctive features of incomes policy in modern Russia. The functional distribution of income. The specificity of the distribution of income by size.

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  • The impact of the fiscal policy of income redistribution on income inequality in countries with an average income, covering from 1990 to 2010. Analysis approach based on generalized method of moments model and financial policies of income distribution.

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  • Legal regulation of industrial parks, the conditions and stages of their formation. Types and benefits of creating parks and their functioning for the state, management companies, members. The role of industrial parks in attracting foreign investors.

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  • Uzbekistan is a country with a developed industry. Leading sectors of the industry are: cotton cleaning, machine building, textile, gas, precious metals, electronics, instrument making, aviation, oil processing, car making, and agricultural processing.

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