• The area of country, the population of the country, the capital, language, states and internal territories. National Anthem, Flag and the Coat-of-Arms, creation of The Commonwealth of Australia. The constitution of Federal Parliament, duties Monarch.

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  • Name origin Canada. Main symbol of the country. Time zones and climatic zones. Main features of the population. Administrative-territorial division and distribution of resources, provinces and territories. State system and export. Children's education.

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  • Lexicology as a branch of linguistics. Factors determining the importance of modern English lexicography. Common problems of lexicology: connotation, stylistic synonymy, functional differentiation of vocabulary. Morphological structure of English words.

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  • The variety of ing forms. The categorial status of the gerund constructions. The internal structure of the ing constructions. Differences between Acc- and Poss-ing structures. The syntax of the Poss-ing construction. On the Semantics of Ing Complements.

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  • Information technologies expansion. Information technologies: money recedes into the background. On difference significance in the technological time speed. Resources for new technologies. Old technologies. Global regulation for global competition.

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  • General equation of motion for a radiating electron. The origin of the Schott energy in the Abraham-Lorentz version of electrodynamic radiation theory. The Ford-O'Connell equation, the derived from a microscopic Hamiltonian for an electron with structure.

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  • Approach to the linear model of international trade based on the theory of Markov processes. Continuous model of international trade is built, in which the transition of the system from state to state is described by linear differential equations.

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  • The revealng the genesis of gifted education in Ukraine in the XX - at the beginning of the XXI century. The stages of gifted education. The study of foreign experience and implementation of its positive conceptual ideas in practice of the native schools.

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  • Research on the development of the Spanish national-marked concept aventurismo during the XVI-XX centuries. Its close ties with other key elements of the national conceptual sphere are established. Ways of representing the concept in the language world.

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  • Features of formation and formation of the Institute of environmental rights of citizens in the modern national legal doctrine and legislation, taking into account natural law approaches. The value of approximation to European and world standards.

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  • Development of such a plan, which would take into account certain boundary conditions at the lowest possible cost of production. The use of genetic algorithms in the design of production plans under conditions of variable economic demand is presented.

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  • Functions of genitive case. Consideration of active classes of noun. Description of genitive case. Specification of genitive case: domain, subjective genitive case, genitive case of origin, objective case. Features of classification of genitive case.

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  • The effect of folic acid on the processes viability, organogenesis, development of the whole organism flies. Morphometric analysis of its impact on first generation hybrids in damage to the wing type "cutting" and the changes of embryonic mortality.

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  • Reconsidering climate change governance. Geoengineering - a literature review. Ethical aspects of geoengineering. Incorporating geoengineering in DICE. Radiation balance, сost benefit analyses. Climate damage, environmental impacts and abatement.

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  • Introduction to geographical location, climatic conditions, the state structure and the number of New Zealand. The study of the current state of the state's economy. Characteristics of the education system and the main religious beliefs in New Zealand.

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  • Consideration of geographical location and national symbols (the royal coat of arms) in Scotland. Investigation of the level of economic development, production, the climate and culture of the state. Characterization of Scotland within the United Kingdom.

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  • England - is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Geographically England includes the central and southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain. The official currency in England the pound sterling. Prominent English figures from the field.

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  • History of the basis of Odessa. Research of military value, geographical and an economic situation of the main seaport of Ukraine. Progress of the tourist industry in city. The famous writers, scientific, musicians and the sportsmen born in Odessa.

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  • Geographical position, climate and cities of the Great Britain. London is the capital city of England. Geographical position of the USA is in the central part of the North American Continent. The national capital is Washington. Pacific Coast Valleys.

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  • The economy of Germany from Nazi Era to nowadays. Development of West and East, post-reunification. 2008-2009 recession and GDP growth in 1992-2009. Economic regions of the country, it’s natural resources, primary and industry. Oil and gas transport.

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