• Grand Canyon - one of the deepest canyons in the world. Located on the Colorado Plateau, Arizona, USA, in the national park of the Grand Canyon. History of Education and the first signs of life in the canyon, climate and nature of the Grand Canyon.

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  • Description of a variational graph-theoretic. Brief review of linear graph principles. Generate the equations of motion with elastic deformations, the flexible bodies are discretized using two types of finite elements. Discretize unidirectional bodies.

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  • Determination of the main causes of Graves' disease. Study of the main symptoms and causes of disease problems of diagnosis of Graves' disease. Use artytyreoyidnoyi medicine, radioactive iodine and surgical methods in the treatment of Graves' disease.

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  • Basic information about the geographical position of Great Britain, its political system and national symbols. Features cities and industry. The history of royal family. Characteristics of customs, traditions and celebrations in United Kingdom.

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  • General information about the geographical position of Great Britain, its political system and national symbols. Features cities, industry and agriculture. Characteristics of education, literature, sports, traditions and celebrations in United Kingdom.

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  • The landscape of Britain is mostly rugged hills and low mountains. The climate of Britain is usually described as cool, temperate and humid. Places of interest in Great Britain. Оften Great Britain is called the "country of cities". British traditions.

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  • Administrative division and state system of Great Britain. The population and history of formation. Historical places of interest, cities: London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Politics of the United Kingdom. A geographical position and climatof the country.

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  • Characteristics of the main factors that affect the climate of Great Britain. Climatic features and temperature of winter, spring, summer and autumn. Influence on the climate of the country of the Atlantic ocean and the currents of the Gulf stream.

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  • General characteristic of Great Britain, its description most big cities: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester. History of their occurrence, economy and sights. Distinctive features of Republic Kazakhstan and its capital - the cities of Astana.

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  • The connection of disparate cultures in time and space using architectural traditions. Overview of building typologies and diversity of Greek architecture. Classification of Greek temples with respect to their plan and the way in which arranged column.

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  • Greek literature is the basis of contemporary literature. There are four major periods of Greek literature: preclassical, classical, Hellenistic-Roman, and Byzantine. Two of the most excellent historians Greece's classical age: Herodotus and Thucydides.

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  • The problem of the green marketing. Higher production costs of green products. Energy saving fuel is still a difficult problem. A marketing strategy of the public green car. Green marketing development status and domestic green marketing development way.

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  • Descriptions of non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over 42 countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam. Analyze Greenpeace activities such as global warming, deforestation, overfishing and nuclear power.

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  • The legal research of the grounds for refusal of recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards under the New York Convention of 1958, their explanation by both foreign and national scholars, and analysis the case law, including Ukrainian court practice.

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  • Analyses the efficiency of R&D projects, which are estimated with many quantitative and/or qualitative criteria and may exist in several copies. Ranking these projects by efficiency using the technique for reducing the multi-attribute space dimension.

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  • Study of the dynamics of the markets of dairy products in the pre-and post-crisis periods. Trends of the processes of structuring in the markets of cheese, dairy products, butter. Problems impeding the development of the internal market of dairy products.

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  • Bradykinin receptor 2 as an attractive therapeutic agent for glioma patients. A high antiproliferative activity in the human glioblastoma cells U373. Effect of nonapeptide bradykinin antagonists on U373. BKM-570 as a potential anti-cancer agent.

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  • A negligibility-based framework to model network-centric security problems in mobile ad hoc networks. Modeling network-centric security in a negligibility-based framework with network scale as the input parameter and anti-disruption secure routing.

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  • Этапы проведения эмпирического исследования на тему психологических особенностей карьерной мотивации магистрантов с профилем образования "управление" и "филология". Методика проведения диагностики мотиваторов социально-психологической активности личности.

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