• Estimation of woman walking with computer stabilometric complex Balance Manager. A reduction in step length and prolonged execution turn time, which might be a cause for decreasing of coordination with aging. Walk Across, Step-Quick Turn and Step Up test.

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  • Key concept of psychology and their definitions, entries on people and subjects important to the study of psychology. Historical information on psychology and psychoanalysis development. Glossary as essential help of understanding of psychology concepts.

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  • Early Years and discoveries of Galileo Galilei: Galileo’s telescope, improved Dutch spyglass, observed mountains on the moon, the Milky Way composed of tiny stars and sunspots. Copernican theory and position of the catholic church. Interesting facts.

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  • Game-based learning and its impact on intrinsic motivation and performance of students, in particular speaking skills. The theoretical part includes definitions of main concepts such as intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, gamification and creativity.

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  • Розкриття сутності поняття "Gamification" як використання ігрових практик та механізмів у неігровому контексті для залучення кінцевих користувачів до вирішення проблем. Характеристика основних принципів, що лежать в основі методики Gamification.

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  • Special attention is drawn to the classification of gaps, which may occur due to subjective and objective factors practically at all levels of the linguistic system. The methods of identifying in the gaps in order to provide equivalent interpreting.

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  • Consideration of the GARCH model with jumps. Model GARCH-Jump, supplemented by the intensity of the news, the obtained empirical results. Changes of the intensity of the jump with time, its linear dependence on the number of positive and negative news.

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  • William Kent like an architect, painter and furniture designer who introduced Palladian style architecture to Great Britain. The concept of the English Park and the basic principles of its creation. The fundamental styles of Brirish gardening art.

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  • Study of clinical manifestation of gastric ulcer disease. Symptoms of gastric ulcer disease. Comparing duodenal and gastric ulcers. Symptoms of duodenal ulcer disease. Ulcer with recent bleed. Gastric outlet obstruction. Elective surgical therapy.

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  • Изучение Gastropoda, их видового состава и количества. Сравнения населения каменных россыпей и со скалами, а также с брюхоногими моллюсками на других субстратах. Исследование вертикального распределения гастропод на скалах в акватории заповедника.

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  • Обоснование необходимости GDI-инструментов Windows для реализации визуального интерфейса для пространственных объектов. Возможности их применения как приложения к системам автоматизированного планирования земледелия для сельскохозяйственного предприятия.

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  • История создания первой глобальной дистрибьюторской системы (GDS) в начале 60-х годов ХХ века и ее использование в авиаиндустрии. История и характеристика четырех глобальных систем бронирования на сегодняшний день: Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre.

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  • Study and analysis examines the relationship between gender diversity on boards and firm performance. Characteristics of the main principles of functioning female directors improve the independence of the board, acting similarly to independent directors.

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  • Research on gender differences and leadership, and them extrapolate on research of symphony orchestra organizations. different personalities of men and women, attitudes and self-concepts. The tendency for men to show more leadership than women.

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  • The social and psychological factors of emergence of gender therapy as a direction of psychological care to couple, which enables to depose conflictogens at stages of family life. Ensure parity of functioning of husband and wife in a family is given.

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  • Geographical characteristics of continent North America. The Relief of the Countries. Great Lakes (Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario). The Grand Canyon from Moran Point. Cultural Regions of the United States. Natural resources of continent.

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  • The creation of a European judicial system in Ukraine. The merger of an independent Cossack state with Russia. The competence of the bodies administering justice. Functions of the Court of Appeal. The role of the hetmans in the implementation of reforms.

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  • Neutral, common literary and colloquial vocabulary. The stock of words forming the neutral stratum. Special literary vocabulary Terms. The stylistic effect of the medical terminology used by Cronin in novel "The Citadel". Special colloquial vocabulary.

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  • Common Position on symmetry of mobile/fixed call termination rates. Fixed termination regulation across Europe: an overview. Regulation of market and mobile termination tariffs. Principal advantages of symmetry on a long-term and a transitory basis.

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  • General information (status, population, ethnic composition, religion). Origin of the name Canada. The monarchy, federal government. The parliamentary system. Political development. Making, people, education, history of Canada. Provinces and territories.

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