• Estimation of woman walking with computer stabilometric complex Balance Manager. A reduction in step length and prolonged execution turn time, which might be a cause for decreasing of coordination with aging. Walk Across, Step-Quick Turn and Step Up test.

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  • Key concept of psychology and their definitions, entries on people and subjects important to the study of psychology. Historical information on psychology and psychoanalysis development. Glossary as essential help of understanding of psychology concepts.

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  • Early Years and discoveries of Galileo Galilei: Galileo’s telescope, improved Dutch spyglass, observed mountains on the moon, the Milky Way composed of tiny stars and sunspots. Copernican theory and position of the catholic church. Interesting facts.

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  • Appling Jungian classical theory for discovering reasons and preconditions for forming gender stereotypes and preconceptions relevant to competence level, empathy and level of pedagogical skills within scope of cross-cultural communication discourse.

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  • Game-based learning and its impact on intrinsic motivation and performance of students, in particular speaking skills. The theoretical part includes definitions of main concepts such as intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, gamification and creativity.

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  • The article examines the peculiarities of using gamification as one of the most effective tools in the education system, which diversifies and increases the effectiveness of foreign language learning. Motivation of students to learn a foreign language.

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  • Devoted and characterized to issues of improving the effectiveness of the process of studying mathematics methods in higher education with the help of game technologies. Analyzes the main various classifications of game technologies in education.

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  • The use of game technologies in the educational process is a well- developed issue by both domestic and foreign scientists. Due to the development of technology and computer networks, game theory has been enriched with new ideas and more technological.

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  • Розкриття сутності поняття "Gamification" як використання ігрових практик та механізмів у неігровому контексті для залучення кінцевих користувачів до вирішення проблем. Характеристика основних принципів, що лежать в основі методики Gamification.

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  • Study of the social capital of games. Study of the theory of time displacement. Civic engagement and its classic predictors. Characteristics of the environment MMORPG. Impact of online gaming on social capital. Gaming social capital and civic engagement.

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  • Special attention is drawn to the classification of gaps, which may occur due to subjective and objective factors practically at all levels of the linguistic system. The methods of identifying in the gaps in order to provide equivalent interpreting.

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  • Consideration of the GARCH model with jumps. Model GARCH-Jump, supplemented by the intensity of the news, the obtained empirical results. Changes of the intensity of the jump with time, its linear dependence on the number of positive and negative news.

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  • Water - a component of a natural landscape, which is used by people for creation a comfortable environment, beautiful parks and recreation areas. Garden pond - an important element of the landscape design, which gives a stylish look to a garden site.

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  • William Kent like an architect, painter and furniture designer who introduced Palladian style architecture to Great Britain. The concept of the English Park and the basic principles of its creation. The fundamental styles of Brirish gardening art.

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  • "Pontic Linden" - the border that served to strengthen Roman positions in the South Caucasus. Apsarus - one of the significant places of the Caucasus defensive line. Architectural feature of the earlier fortification structure of Tsikhisdziri outpost.

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  • Study of clinical manifestation of gastric ulcer disease. Symptoms of gastric ulcer disease. Comparing duodenal and gastric ulcers. Symptoms of duodenal ulcer disease. Ulcer with recent bleed. Gastric outlet obstruction. Elective surgical therapy.

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  • Изучение Gastropoda, их видового состава и количества. Сравнения населения каменных россыпей и со скалами, а также с брюхоногими моллюсками на других субстратах. Исследование вертикального распределения гастропод на скалах в акватории заповедника.

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  • Обоснование необходимости GDI-инструментов Windows для реализации визуального интерфейса для пространственных объектов. Возможности их применения как приложения к системам автоматизированного планирования земледелия для сельскохозяйственного предприятия.

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  • История создания первой глобальной дистрибьюторской системы (GDS) в начале 60-х годов ХХ века и ее использование в авиаиндустрии. История и характеристика четырех глобальных систем бронирования на сегодняшний день: Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre.

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  • Study and analysis examines the relationship between gender diversity on boards and firm performance. Characteristics of the main principles of functioning female directors improve the independence of the board, acting similarly to independent directors.

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  • Research on gender differences and leadership, and them extrapolate on research of symphony orchestra organizations. different personalities of men and women, attitudes and self-concepts. The tendency for men to show more leadership than women.

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  • Study of the degree of influence of the level of gender influence on the formation of fluency in speech of native speakers of the Turkish language. Characterization of factors associated with speech delays and language units in individual interviews.

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  • Analysis of ways and methods of introducing technologies into the educational process, taking into account the specifics of female and male psychology, provide a balanced gender component in education. The problem of gender education and upbringing.

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  • Study of the relationship between the choice of language means, their functions and social factors influencing communication. Analysis of the gendered nature of hedges based on private e-mails, phone conversations, and informal communication patterns.

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  • Masculinity-femininity like the phylogenetically predetermined properties of mentality which are formed under the influence of social factors. Characteristics the specific features of sexual crime as the clearest form of gender delinquency of men.

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  • Gender equality permeates all the provisions of the Constitutions of Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. The Fundamental Law determines the gender strategy for the state. The women's movement has been lobbying for necessary changes in laws related to gender issues.

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  • The appropriate organizational climate for reducing discriminatory elements in the workplace is influenced by the work style of the manager and the management team. Style is the own way of expressing oneself of a manager or the management team.

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  • The gender situation in education has been studied. The need to abandon traditional stereotypes and search for new non-standard approaches, as well as to expand the educational space for realizing the individuality of each individual, is described.

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  • The peculiarities of the problems of gender factor in society, culture and language, especially of the female and male language pictures of the world. Characteristics of the main postulates of feminist linguistics at the initial stage of its development.

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  • The role of the phenomenon of tolerance in a partnership between a man and a woman, its importance and necessity in a relationship. Determination of the significance of the phenomenon of tolerance and harmonization in the process of gender partnership.

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