• Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. Consideration of the political, legal situation of the country. Features of territorial location. Aboriginal peoples in present-day Canada. Characteristics of the economic, financial situation.

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  • Geographical position of the USA. State symbols of the USA. The USA physical geography. Weather and climate. Mineral resources. Demographics of the United States. The USA economic geography. Washington, D.C. – the capital city of the United States.

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  • Changes on economic and political map of the world. Typology of countries from the hierarchy and spatial perspective of the economy. A new geography of the world economy and changes in the organization of production, outsourcing and offshoring.

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  • The determination of the meaning and sense for international conflict interaction, caused by the geoinformational factors. The distinctive features of modern aggressive information psychological conflict and local wars and armed conflicts that it caused.

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  • Geologist Salaries and the Economic Slowdown. Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships in Geology. Demand for geologists in the petroleum and mineral resources sectors. Рroduction of oil, natural gas, groundwater. Applicants for teaching in post-graduate.

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  • George Bernard Shaw (26 July 1856-2 November 1950) was an eminent Irish playwright, literary critic, journalist, photographer and traveler. The story of his life and the main stages of literary creativity. Political views and activities of the writer.

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  • The great English poet George Gordon Byron was born in 1788in an old aristocratic family. The biography аnd creativity. In the Greek town of Missolonghi Byron fell ill with typhus and died in April 1824. His friends brought Byron's body to England.

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  • The richest natural resources of Central Asia and military-strategic position as a geopolitical feature of the region and the reason for the interest of the world powers here. The main ways and importance of achieving a leading position in the region.

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  • Famous Germany Customs and Traditions. Oktoberfest in Germany. Most people are familiar with the German festival Oktoberfest. The holiday of st. Martin. This holiday in Germany is celebrated every year on 11 November. Weddings Traditions. Sankt Nikolaus.

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  • Germany: territory, culture, population, economics, government, money, communications and education. Excursion in the Bavarian Forest National Park. The great number of attractions in every part of the country. Dresden art gallery of old masters.

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  • Возможности применения движущихся изображений, основные виды анимации. Процесс подготовки анимированного GIF. Программа Ulead GIF Animator: описание элементов стандартного меню, панелей инструментов, атрибутов, палитры и статуса. Оптимизация изображения.

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  • Gimp как многоплатформенное программное обеспечение для редактирования изображений, анализ возможностей. Особенности сравнения векторной и растровой графики. Панель инструментов как единственная часть интерфейса программы. Способы создания новых файлов.

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  • Michel Leiris`s the new edition of Manhood with an essay in the form of a preface which constitutes the most cogent commentary on this work. In this essay "The Autobiographer as Torero" he illuminates perfectly the intentions to which we owe this book.

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  • The archeological excavations in Barda. Existence of glassware production in this ancient city of Azerbaijan. The decorative glassware items, bracelets, rings and beads. Extensive economic and trade relations of Barda with the surrounding cities.

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  • Study of the theoretical, methodological, and conceptual framework of global economic instability and its influence on the development of China. Causes for concern in financial circles relative to inflation. Reduction in the growth of China's economy.

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  • Research and characterization demographic problem. Consideration of international relations, intercommunication and range of processes in economic, political, social and cultural life of the planet. Analysis of the modern state of human civilization.

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  • Phrase structure rules and transformations as special cases of derivational constraints. Participles and adjectives in Classical Greek. Deleting the pronoun "one" after a numeral. Deleting the constituent immediately following "be". Lexical insertion.

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  • A concept and principal reasons of global rise in temperature, place of this phenomenon, is in the modern world. Character of changes of climate, related to the global rise in temperature. Climatic changes, affecting atmospheric and ocean rotation.

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  • Natural and anthropogenic causing of global warming. Increased greenhouse effect due to human activity. Analysis of changes in various systems because of reasons due to global warming. Assessing the impact of global warming in world development.

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  • Globalization is the process of transformation of local or regional phenomena into global. Globalization has various aspects which affect the world in several ways. Globalization – the growing integration of economies and societies around the world.

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