• The imaginative examples pointing out some "blind spot", surprisingly concrete reformulations of what appears at first to presuppose higher levels of abstraction, and striking, but easily verified phenomenological facts. Wittgenstein`s interest in them.

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  • Автоматизация работы складского хозяйства. Понятие, цели и задачи WMS-системы управления складом. Классификация и принцип работы. WMS-система как инструмент повышения эффективности складской логистики и средство оптимизации бизнес-процессов на складе.

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  • Analizes of factors influencing tobacco use among women. Health consequence of tobacco use among women. Smoking and reproductive outcomes, cigarette smoking among pregnant women. New European anti-smoking campaign and quitting smoke and attempts to quit.

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  • The politics of the Persians and Islamists, alliances with the Western world and the establishment of their power on the laws of Sharia. The revolution of 1979 and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a rejection of the Persian identity.

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  • Работа с графикой в MS Word. Импортирование графики в документ. Основные типы графики. Создание графических объектов, форматирование надписей, картинок и рисунков. Механизм встраивания и связывания объектов в среде Windows. Способы обновления связи.

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  • Dynamics and factors of the formation of new words. The concept of word-formation, transformation and transmission as the main processes. Classification, types and basic methods of formation of new words. Characteristics of word-building models.

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  • Word-formation and other ways of nomination in modern English. Principles of morphemic analysis and its basic units. Derivational analysis and basic units of derivational system. Affixation: general concept, characteristic and specific classification.

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  • Особенности феномена Word of Mouth (WOM), уровень доверия потребителей традиционной рекламе. Маркетинг "сарафанного радио". Описание содержательных блоков маркетинговых стратегий WOM. Интернет-пространство как основная площадка для реализации WOM.

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  • Segmentation of Words into Morphemes. Principles of Morphemic Analysis. Types of Word Segment ability. Historical Changeability of Word-Structure. Classification of Morphemes. Derivative Relations. Derivational Bases, Patterns and Affixes. Semi-Affixes.

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  • The language of each people is a system in which social processes are reflected. Sociectic measurement of a language consisting of linguistic sub-standards of varying degrees of codification, including slang. Study of productive means of word formation.

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  • Studying word, word-formation, inflection and derivation. Identifying morphemes and establishing word-formation rules Possible and actual words, complex words in the lexicon, measuring productivity. The phonology-morphology interaction: lexical phonology.

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  • Definition and features of word-formation, productivity. Types of word-formation: affixation, conversion, shortening, composition, secondary ways. Justification their value and effectiveness. Main results of practical research, analysis and value.

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  • Пример описания значений WordNet (электронного тезауруса). Анализ толкований для выявления отношений. Верхние уровни иерархии существительных. Психолингвистические предположения. Типы отношений часть-целое. Описание качественных прилагательных: heavy.

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  • Проблемы использования в автоматической обработке. Многозначность в WordNet. Лексическая многозначность: полисемия и омонимия, диффузность значений. Исследование зависимости возможности группирования смыслов от частотности совместной встречаемости.

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  • Alienation as the systemic result of living in a socially stratified society. An endless sequence of discrete, repetitive, motions that offer the worker little psychological satisfaction for "a job well done" in the Capitalist Mode of Production.

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  • Excerpts from the play "Dangerous Corner" of contemporary dramatist John Boynton Priestley. Exercising to the text. Translate Russian and English sentences, the use of word combinations and indirect speech. Answers to questions. Work with vocabulary.

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  • The computer graphics is one of the popular directions of use of the personal computer. Benefits of the program Corel Draw. Importing files of different formats. Standard window interface. Tools for drawing lines. Change the shape and color of objects.

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  • The concept, nature and importance of humor in the workplace. The use of humour by managers as a device to exchange information. The place and role of laughter in a possible increase of competitive advantages of the organization, unification team.

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  • Analyzing of the characteristics of the formation and development of the currency operations of the bank activity of EU, USA and Asian region. The role of the banking system as an organ of currency control, as an intermediary of currency transactions.

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  • International experience of companies, which using consultancy services to work effectively under conditions of uncertainty of the economic environment. Analyze global trends in the market of consulting services to support and develop business.

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