• Features of ethnic and sex differences in the correlation of girth of waist to hip and body fat percentage and including them in disharmonious physical development. The tendency of teenagers to abdominal obesity and metabolic syndrome development.

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  • Wal-Mart Stores - the largest retail network not only in the US but also in the world. The history of Wal-Mart, a success story of its founder - Sam Walton. The basic principle that has made Wal-Mart Stores Inc. prosperous. Profile of Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

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  • Benjamin`s alliance between historical materialism and theology. The historical materialism in terms of revolutionary expectations for the future. The progress of the revolution by Marx required the creation of a powerful, united counter-revolution.

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  • Founded in 1790 Washington was designed by Major Pierre L'Enfant. It was the first American city planned for a specific purpose. It was designed to be a beautiful city with many streets and trees. Another name for Washington is the District of Columbia.

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  • Washington District is a powerful symbol of American nation of democracy and freedom. Building a capital, Washington District in 20th century. Quick District Orientation. Rivers and Industry. Statistics and Facts. Places of interest and Government.

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  • Washington Irving was an American author, essayist, biographer and historian of the early 19th century. His historical works include biographies of George Washington, Oliver Goldsmith and Muhammad, and several histories of 15th-century Spain.

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  • Coagulation and flocculation. Sludge storage and removal. Dissolved air flotation. Membrane filtration. Pathogens: viruses, bacteria. Chlorine - strong oxidant. Ultraviolet disinfection. Meaning of hygiene for the survival and development of children.

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  • Methods of construction of the automated test systems of radio-electronic technique objects. The basic directions of improvement of existing test systems. Principles and methods of reception and processing of the diagnostic information for AA SD RET.

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  • Formation and evaluation of social and cultural abilities in the fourth grade level. Psycho-pedagogical features of pupils. The use of a questionnaire as a method of estimating the motivation of students. Ways of evaluating sociocultural abilities.

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  • Analysis of the current state and prospects of development of national banking. Highlights of state regulation of banking activity in Ukraine and the role of the National Bank to provide state regulation. Determining trends improving banking regulation.

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  • The prospects of Ukraine's tax security development through its constituent mechanisms. The process of increasing the efficiency of the tax system mechanisms. The synergy effect of simultaneously improving each component of the tax security mechanism.

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  • The problem of responsibility for crimes connected with the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17 on July 17th 2014. The international community shows inability to impose responsibility on perpetrators for depriving right to life of 298 civilians.

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  • In Germanic languages, including English, weak verbs are by far the largest group of verbs, which are therefore often regarded as the norm, though historically they are not the oldest or most original group (three classes of Old English weak verbs).

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  • The analysis of the place and the role of the Web-culture as a component of the company's intellectual capital. Refining of the structure of the company's Web-culture. Essence and the systematization of the main methods of company's Internet activity.

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  • Web-дизайн — отрасль Web-разработки и разновидность дизайна, в задачи которой входит проектирование пользовательских интерфейсов для сайтов или интернет-приложений. Особенности разработки гибких страниц, использование специального языка для гипертекстов.

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  • Web-сайт в компьютерной сети как объединенная под одним адресом совокупность документов частного лица или организации. Знакомство с этапами и особенностями создания Web-сайта "Детский Хоккейный Клуб". Общая характеристика структуры CMS Joomla v.1.5.8.

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  • Общие сведения про web-индексы. Методы сбора и классификации информации: web-индексы, web-каталоги, системы поиска. Технология поиска информации в Internet: поиск с помощью поисковых систем web-индексов, с помощью тематических каталогов, поисковых систем.

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  • Создание Web-страницы с помощью языка HTML. Программы для создания Web-страниц. Графические редакторы. Дизайн веб-сайта. Модульные сетки, логотипы, баннеры, шапки и аватары. Создание шапки для сайта в Adobe Photoshop. Создание сайта "Студия web-дизайн".

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  • Система планирования пеших туристических маршрутов. Разработка web-приложения для составления пеших туристических маршрутов с местами остановок у достопримечательностей, находящихся под открытым небом. Программный продукт, доступный через браузер.

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  • Изучение понятия и классификации web-приложения. Средства разработки и области применения языков программирования для разработки web-приложений (HTML, PHP, Ajax. JavaScript, VBSScript, Perl). Сравнительный анализ разных сред создания Web-приложений.

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