• The feature of attracting as many needs as possible to increase the level of activity motivation. Analysis of the research of the human motivational sphere from the point of view of its development through the use of breadth, flexibility and hierarchy.

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  • The studying of the analytical framework to determine the level of efficiency of functioning of the state of health care in regional and national scale. The formation of analytical database for determining the efficiency of the public health system.

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  • The Roman legions against barbarian attacks. The account of the migrations from Germany. The nature of the influx of Germanic peoples. The leadership of Ambrosius Aurelianus. The term Anglo-Saxon its meaning. Migration of Germanic peoples to Britain.

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  • Description the cultural construction of political violence. Reveal central features of recent trends among anthropologists who investigate political violence. The relationship between collective remembering of violence and spirals of ethnic violence.

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  • To study the antibacterial activity of lipophilic complexes of biologically active substances from bedstraw species against the representatives of enterobacteriaceae family. Researsh of the systematic transfer of Galium cruciata to Cruciata genus.

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  • Implementation of argument-predicate structure of elementary sentences in the texts the business of legal discourse. The mental scheme for the participants of legal communication. An explanation of the syntactic peculiarities of legal discourse.

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  • The problem of grammatical value of article and its place in language. The features and complications of article, its usage and situations when there is no article with nouns. The article "a", "an" and "the". Difficulties of the usage of the article.

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  • The book written by Kishore Mahbubani, which is shaped within the explanation of the rise of Asia that some people would consider as sudden. The Author goes back in the past, to bring objectivity and causality in this new phenomenon for much of us.

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  • The problem of nutrient content of manure in Russian part of Baltic region: the relevance of reference documents, a comparison of the reference and experimental data, the improvement of reference documents. Animal waste as a source of nutrients for soils.

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  • Analysis of communicative intentions of medical discourse devoted to the problem of assisted death, as well as the major difficulties in their implementation. Assertive detection dominance and declarative techniques in intentional structure of discourse.

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  • The analysis of the approaches to the professional training of future teachers. The meaning of these approaches within the process of the professional training of future teachers of physical culture for the physical-cultural healing work at high school.

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  • To provide finance for the war against France - one of the reason for the foundation of the Bank of England. The provision of means whereby the movement of funds between the government and the banking system - the main feature of the discount markets.

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  • Economy as a science, its sections. A private property and profit as market economy elements. Essence and marketing functions. Industrial management of the organization. A role and advantages of a competition in the market. Enterprise fixed capital.

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  • The working with excel. The basic operations in the work: creating, editing, copying, removing different data. Editing the cell by using the formula bar and by double-clicking, using the formatting toolbar. Changing the font size and formatting numbers.

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  • The essence and advantages of organic production. Actual problems of organic products market development in Ukraine and the level of its information support for consumers. Shortcomings in the legal provision of incentives for agricultural enterprises.

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  • A tax and it`s types. The business enterprise as a system of monetary flow. Types of transactions. Types and forms of business organization. Activities and responsibilities of the central bank. Organizational structure of the Federal Reserve System.

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  • Basic formulas of combinatorial analysis. Theorem of addition of probabilities of incompatible events. Theorem of multiplication of probabilities. Bayes’s formulas. Mathematical operations over random variables. Properties of a distribution function.

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  • Влияние The Beatles, как одной из наиболее успешных групп XX века как в творческом, так и в коммерческом смысле, на рок-музыку и всемирное признание британских музыкантов. Творческие разногласия, приведшие к распаду группы, трагическая смерть Дж. Леннона.

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  • The theory of random walks in stock prices actually involves two separate hypotheses: successive price changes are independent, and the price changes conform to some probability distribution. Implications of independence the bachelier-osborne model.

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  • The theories, etiology, measurement, diagnosis, and treatment of psychopathology from the perspective of behavioral genetics, a field of enquiry broadly concerned with the inheritance of behavioral patterns. Schizophrenia and the Psychotic Disorders.

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