• Research entities of the software defined networking which is currently one of the most promising technologies in mobile backhaul networks based on the open flow protocol. Characteristic apply Mininet software to verify the open flow protocol messages.

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  • An study on the ambiguities and the risk on the Russian stock market. Portfolio theory, linear relationship between risk and return and the known probabilities of outcomes. The relationship between risk and return of uncertainty intraday observations.

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  • Consideration of the essence analysis model of monetary policy. Familiarization with the econometric Inference. Example solutions of the canonical LRE Model. The essence of the a priori distribution. Features of propagation of shocks; robustness analysis.

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  • Theoretical bases of testing. The history of testing and the meaning of testing methods. Types of tests. Testing as a method of motivation of pupils in teaching English language. Сlassification of tests and description their advantages and disadvantages.

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  • The characteristic of models of interruption and technique for testing for nondeterministic final automatic machines. Algorithm for carrying out of tests of a condition of a way of the final automatic machine and a parity in case of way default.

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  • Schematic outline of text analysis and some general recommendations. Glossary of literary and stylistic terms. Some phrases which may be helpful while preparing the analysis. Adjectives applied to literary characters and sample text for analysis.

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  • The identification of the basic text and discursive categories of Ukrainian online media-discourse. Of postmodernism as a cultural paradigm and artistic trend were characterized, the correlation between text and discursive categories of media-discourse.

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  • Проблеми лінгвістичного аналізу тексту мовної особистості в аспекті загальної теорії комп’ютерної лінгвістики. Специфіка створення лексикографічної системи за допомогою інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій, алгоритм створення програми TextAnalizator.

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  • Almost in every culture in the world there is a celebration of thanks for rich harvest. The American Thanksgiving began as a feast of thanksgiving almost four hundred years ago. The traditional foods and dishes: roast turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie.

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  • Description of Pilgrims sailing to America from Plymouth, England, in 1620. Analyze their first winter in the New World and the first Thanksgiving Day. Studying symbols and traditional menu of Thanksgiving dinner, the recipes of Native Americans dishes.

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  • Uzbekistan possesses enormous tourist potential аnd recreational resources, here lay the Great silk way, played significant role in integrations of the Orient and West. Our Government actively assists the development international and national tourism.

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  • The role and value of immigrants and their children in creating American jobs and driving economy of the country. Ways of perfection of the immigration system for keeping the highly skilled workers from around and stopping the loss of foreign students.

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  • Description of experiment on determination of the revolved moment of the charged elementary particles at a conclusion them from a spacehold. Change the rate of earthly movement through "Ether" with an inactive result and description of general paradox.

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  • Most people feel on occasion that life is absurd. Yet the reasons usually offered in defense of this conviction are patently inadequate: they could not really explain why life is absurd. Why then they provide a natural expression for the sense that it is?

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  • Review of new methods of navigation accuracy adjustment. Explanation of the terms accuracy, reliability in terms of calculating the coordinates. A comparative analysis of the methods of calculating the coordinates, convergence estimates of their results.

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  • The virulence of the pathogenic biotypes of the Yersinia Enterocolitica. The production of heat-stable enterotoxin, which is controlled by chromosomal genes. Identified strains of which were isolated from samples of products of slaughter cattle.

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  • Roman Ingarden's contribution in to philosophical phenomenology there is an important area which covers the problems of aesthetics. His works have been published mainly in the Polish language. Biography Roman Ingarden and his scientific activities.

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  • The American Dream that based on an ideology that everybody can be successful through own efforts, increasing the standard of living and achieving a better future for themselves and children. The right to pursue goals with a minimum of state control.

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  • The stylistic component and its lexicographical reflection. Stylistic neutrality and stylistic colouring. The word and its meaning. Lexical, stylistic transformations in translating. Stylistic Analysis of “The Great Gatsby” from lexical and grammatical.

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  • Major characteristics and the current state of Russian mortgage system. Empirical estimation of influence of particular factors on affordability in Russia. The effect of changes in housing price and changes in salary effect on housing affordability.

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