• Study the association of MGP gene promotor T-138C polymorphism with known risk factors of atherosclerosis. Complications illnesses in patients with ischemic stroke: hypercholesterolemia, high body mass index, diabetes, smoking, hypercoagulability.

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  • Характеристика систем сбора и передачи данных, построенных на платформе tagnet. Исследование и анализ структуры тега. Определение сущности буферной передачи, которая используется при передачи данных в системы, требующие гарантированной доставки.

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  • The problem of creating linguistic and cultural competence as part of the social and cultural competence of students. Categories of the modern Hebrew dictionary that will facilitate the scientific specification of the choice of educational content.

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  • Biography ukraine’s national bard and famous artist - Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko. Autobiographical poems and lyrical works. Shevchenko's literary. Poet's political convictions. Value of T.H. Shevchenko and its products for literature development.

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  • The biography of Taras Shevchenko – Ukrainian national bard and famous artist. His lyrical works and autobiographical poems. Shevchenko's political convictions in his works. Value of T. Shevchenko and his literary heritage in literature development.

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  • The market for the vending business. Business mission and strategy. Sources, uses of funds. Vending business in Kazakhstan. Marketing and pricing strategy of the Taraz vending company. Financial plan, seasonal data. Projected income statement, cash flow.

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  • Methods to analyse people's jobs. Approaches to task analysis. Development of the script processing, review grammar. Description of the procedure subtasks, hierarchical evaluation tasks using temporary operators. Refinement description of the model.

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  • Rationale research harmonization of accounting data accounting and fiscal nature for the purpose of monitoring, analysis, control and optimization of taxation. The determination of the place of tax accounting in the unified tax and accounting system.

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  • Providing state taxes, financing the production of public goods and redistribution of income. Dependence of the real economic growth and the level of taxation according to the undivided sample of 117 countries. The composition of the tax populations.

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  • The concept and features of the implementation process of taxation in modern Switzerland, its function and meaning. Income from capital gains. Wealth tax is levied only on the communal level, accordance with relevant tax canton and the established rates.

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  • Method and techniques of teaching pre-school children. Three stages in teaching a foreign language in schools. General outline of a daily lesson. Goals and objectives of education. Principles of foreign language teaching. Teaching aids and materials.

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  • The article basis of teaching grammar games. The advantages of using games. The role of games on languages lessons. The practical basis of teaching grammar games. Some main advantages of using games in the classroom. Learning grammar through games.

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  • Aims of the English language teaching. Psychological features of listening and its connection with other types of speech activity. The difficulties in understanding the oral speech. Use of listening at training to a foreign language in a modern school.

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  • Listening as one of the most challenging skills for English learning students. The content of teaching listening with describing its techniques, strategies, developing activities, using textbook activities. Using authentic materials and situations.

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  • The importance of listening skills in methodological research. Theoretical background of listening skill. The nature of the listening process. Teaching listening skills to young learners through "listen and do" songs. Listening skills and young learners.

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  • Language as a complex sign system, naturally or artificially created and relate conceptual content and standard sound. When to teach pronunciation. Pronunciation teaching and its importance in the development of students listening and speech skills.

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  • Motivating learners to learn, role of motivation in terms of educational psychology. Difference between teaching grammar to young learners and adults. How to make material easier and more interesting, how to use punishments and rewards with learners.

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  • Analyse of modern tendencies in teaching translation for professional purposes during practical courses. Precedently, grammar-translation method in foreign language teaching as the main mean to apply, consolidate and test the lexis and grammar.

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  • Assessment of dental status of pulp produced using thermal or electrical tests. The diagnosis of dental synthesis based on the state of the pulp stories, clinical examination, special tests, and radiological examination, an assessment of its reliability.

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  • The article explores the notion of technique in teaching foreign languages. The realization of the teacher’s educational objective in class. Distinctions between exercises and tasks. Tasks characteristics (information structure, recycling, convergence).

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