• History of the Commonwealth of Australia. A constitutional democracy of the country, three branches of government. States and territories of Australia, geography and environment. Flora and fauna. Prosperous, Western-style mixed economy of the country.

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  • Historical background of CLT. Major characteristics of the communicative approach. Theory of language, of learning. Objectives, the syllabus. Types of learning and teaching activities. Learner and teacher roles and the role of instructional materials.

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  • Theoretical foundations of teaching speaking pupils of the senior form. The common difficulties in auding and speaking. Prepared and unprepared speech. Mistakes in speaking and how to correct them. The communicative approach to teaching foreign languages.

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  • Negative features of the Australian Communist Party's role during the Second World War. The rise, struggles, and fall of the Mundey leadership of the Builders Laborers Federation. Characteristics of the Sino-Soviet split. The impact of the Vietnam War.

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  • The comparison of the computer development in the USA and Ukraine. At the time when the computer science was just uprising this two countries were one of the most noticeably influential. Howard Aiken's contributions to the development of the computer.

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  • The main problems of the formation of democracy. Comparison of the political systems of Great Britain and Ukraine: a form of government, the functions of Parliament, representative democracy, legislature and executive bodies, local self-government.

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  • The constitutional justice as a new institute in statehood of Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika. Basic role of the constitutional control. The most important conditions of reduction of the legislation in conformity with the constitutional standards.

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  • Characteristics of liver and gall bladder. The composition of bile, its importance for the digestive process of a person. The basic properties and functions of bile in the body. The bile ducts, mechanisms of reception, accumulation and biliary excretion.

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  • Integration of the R.I. 01 industrial robot into the working system of the BB-01 flexible line. Operational and design features of the R.I. 01 loading robot. The central spindle of the system. The horizontal frame holding the arm of the loading robot.

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  • The transcendental or aggregate theory of matter, as it is developed by the commentators out of the writings of Leibniz, combines elements analogous to the ideas of Plato and the atoms of Democritus; it is Platonic in that the monads are eternal forms.

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  • The basic metabolic processes, accompanying the neutralization of pollutants in the soil and water environment. Hydrolysis of starch, lactose, proteins and fats. Dividing a gelatin-containing agar plate into four section. Using an aseptic technique.

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  • The competitive society reflects Darwin’s theory about survival on a higher level. The problem of a war is the urgent problem nowadays due to the invention of new high technological weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Basic forms of military drill.

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  • Question of modern constitutional system of board and constitutional justice. Idea of a priority of certain fundamental legal laws. The constitution in modern sense of this concept. The idea of constitutionalism. Basic fundamental legal principles.

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  • Of obtaining a maximum pore size at which the continuum approach can still be applied in the simulation of the spreading of cement in the saturated sand with grouting, which does not destroy the soil structure. Elementary volume size estimation.

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  • The emancipatory stance toward knowledge-building which emerge from the convergence of Foucault’s theories and feminist theories concerning the discipline of psychiatry. Example of feminist conceptualizations of women’s experiences of eating disorders.

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  • The results of the study of the influence of talks on fine arts on the speech development of preschool children. Motives of choice and preferences of preschool age children during the perception of artworks. Knowledge of the profession of the artist.

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  • Consideration cooperation between local and regional entities for better use of local resources, which will increase the competitive strength of the given region against other regions, on the example of the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

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  • Definition of the copyright maintenance under the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The notion of personal non-property copyrights. Term of protection of the copyright. Objects of the adjacent rights: executions, soundtracks, transfers and etc.

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  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Royal coat of arms. Four parts of the country: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The population, customs and traditions of the British isles. English how the official language.

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  • Canada has a diversified etymology, history, european colonization, Canadian Confederation, Government and politics, law, foreign relations and military, provinces and territories, geography and climate,economy, demographics, international rankings.

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