• Language as a complex sign system, naturally or artificially created and relate conceptual content and standard sound. When to teach pronunciation. Pronunciation teaching and its importance in the development of students listening and speech skills.

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  • Motivating learners to learn, role of motivation in terms of educational psychology. Difference between teaching grammar to young learners and adults. How to make material easier and more interesting, how to use punishments and rewards with learners.

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  • Analyse of modern tendencies in teaching translation for professional purposes during practical courses. Precedently, grammar-translation method in foreign language teaching as the main mean to apply, consolidate and test the lexis and grammar.

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  • Assessment of dental status of pulp produced using thermal or electrical tests. The diagnosis of dental synthesis based on the state of the pulp stories, clinical examination, special tests, and radiological examination, an assessment of its reliability.

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  • The article explores the notion of technique in teaching foreign languages. The realization of the teacher’s educational objective in class. Distinctions between exercises and tasks. Tasks characteristics (information structure, recycling, convergence).

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  • Calculation of air cargo terminal technical parameters. Determination of warehouse overall dimensions. Technological process of transfer goods in ULD on IAL handling. Loading characteristics of the aircrafts. The data of the standard packaging (ULD).

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  • Study of the concept and essence of technological skills (indicators) as an integral part of the musical and aesthetic competence of future primary school teachers. Development of levels and directions of formation of the designated competencies.

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  • Description of technology of off-wire computer networks with the productivity 100 Mb/s in the point of output and maintenance of information. Description of parameters of middle access and determination of multiple entrance. Physical layer, radio, WLAN.

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  • Set of professional and personal qualities that should ideally possess a modern translator to operate successfully in its segment of the translation market. Definition of qualities that determine suitability for professional translation activity.

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  • History of the invention and the principle of the phone. Features of cellular communications and mobile phones as one of the most popular inventions in the world. Biography of Alexander Graham Bell. History of the evolution of telephone technologies.

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  • Characteristics of television in South Korea, the impact on everyday life. A number of national television networks and cable operators in the country. The history of Korean television drama and the first series. The development of broadcasting in Korea.

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  • Issues and policy considerations of teleworking - the work from a distance from the main office with the support of information and communication technologies. The future of work in the information society. Different types of contractual relationships.

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  • Accounts of evolutionary past have as much in common with works of narrative history as they do with of science. These problem include selective attention, narrative perspective, foregrounding, differential resolution, and the establishment of canon.

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  • Semiclassical approach based on the Vlasov equation for finite systems with moving surface. Study isovector dipole excitations heated spherical nuclei with neutron excess. Collision integral in the approximation of the effective relaxation time.

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  • The essence of temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the coefficient of dielectric loss. This paper presents the investigation of temperature dependences of the microwave dielectric losses for different mechanisms of polarization.

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  • The study of temperature-frequency dependencies of the conductivity nestekhiometriya spinel. The existence of frequency dispersion of conductivity. The establishment of the value of conductivity, its dependence on the number of Fe2+ ions in the structure.

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  • Determination the temperature rise on the root surfaced caused by ultrasonic post removal using different devices and techniques in a laboratory setting. Investigation ultrasonic devices and serrated titanium post into distal root canal of a mandibular.

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  • The general rules for healthy eating. Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain pasta, rice, breads, and cereals, certified organic foods. Eat natural fats. Eat several good sources of calcium. Avoid processed and additive-rich foods.

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  • Characteristic essence, functions of strategic planning. The purposes of the organization. An estimation and the analysis of an environment. Administrative research of internal factors of firm. Studying strategic alternatives and a choice of strategy.

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  • Assessment of potato production in the Ulyanovsk region. Substantiation of the direction of the development of potato growing through the introduction of innovative technologies, the development of a cluster model and state support for the industry.

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