• Set of professional and personal qualities that should ideally possess a modern translator to operate successfully in its segment of the translation market. Definition of qualities that determine suitability for professional translation activity.

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  • History of the invention and the principle of the phone. Features of cellular communications and mobile phones as one of the most popular inventions in the world. Biography of Alexander Graham Bell. History of the evolution of telephone technologies.

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  • Characteristics of television in South Korea, the impact on everyday life. A number of national television networks and cable operators in the country. The history of Korean television drama and the first series. The development of broadcasting in Korea.

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  • Issues and policy considerations of teleworking - the work from a distance from the main office with the support of information and communication technologies. The future of work in the information society. Different types of contractual relationships.

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  • Accounts of evolutionary past have as much in common with works of narrative history as they do with of science. These problem include selective attention, narrative perspective, foregrounding, differential resolution, and the establishment of canon.

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  • Semiclassical approach based on the Vlasov equation for finite systems with moving surface. Study isovector dipole excitations heated spherical nuclei with neutron excess. Collision integral in the approximation of the effective relaxation time.

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  • The essence of temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the coefficient of dielectric loss. This paper presents the investigation of temperature dependences of the microwave dielectric losses for different mechanisms of polarization.

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  • The study of temperature-frequency dependencies of the conductivity nestekhiometriya spinel. The existence of frequency dispersion of conductivity. The establishment of the value of conductivity, its dependence on the number of Fe2+ ions in the structure.

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  • Determination the temperature rise on the root surfaced caused by ultrasonic post removal using different devices and techniques in a laboratory setting. Investigation ultrasonic devices and serrated titanium post into distal root canal of a mandibular.

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  • The general rules for healthy eating. Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain pasta, rice, breads, and cereals, certified organic foods. Eat natural fats. Eat several good sources of calcium. Avoid processed and additive-rich foods.

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  • Characteristic essence, functions of strategic planning. The purposes of the organization. An estimation and the analysis of an environment. Administrative research of internal factors of firm. Studying strategic alternatives and a choice of strategy.

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  • Diagnosing tendon and ligament injuries. Functional anatomy of the Equine Foreleg and Hind Leg. How and why Injuries Occur. Acute injuries, and directed therapy. Surgical therapies, support wraps, boots and bandages. Preventing tendon and ligament injury.

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  • Infinitesimal transformations, Maxwell tensor and electromagnetic forces. The Maxwell field tensor. Integral curves associated with the equations of motion and the end of the Lorentz transformation. Electromagnetic force and geometry of space-time.

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  • Study of problems the sufficient conditions for the existence of solutions of linear nonhomogeneous impulsive boundary value problems with small perturbations when generating boundary value problem of impulsive has solutions for arbitrary right-hand side.

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  • Research and artistic description of the famous Chinese Terracotta Army, the story of its creation in 221-210 BC as a part of a Grand funeral complex of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang and its sensational discovering, clearing and restoring in 1974.

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  • Standard English as the official language of Great Britain taught at schools and universities, used by the press, the radio and the television and spoken by educated people. Familiarity with the major groups of dialects are used in Ukrainian language.

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  • Functional stilistics and dialectolodgy. The specific fiatures and dialects. General notions of British dialects. Local varieties on the British isles. Social variation. Territorial varieties of the english pronunciation. Welsh english. Scottish english.

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  • Global processes of contemporaneity, influencing on distribution of international terrorism. Motivational bases of modern terrorism: tender aspect. Influence of negative consequences of terrorism and state of panic on quality of life of population.

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  • Some of the most spectacular terrorist attacks from the 21st century and their impact on tourism market. A characteristics feature of criminal terrorism. Impact assessment of terrorist threats on the development of the tourist industry in the world.

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  • Визначення основ зіставлення при порівнянні неспоріднених мов. Аналіз основних структурних рівнів української і корейської писемностей. Розробка комплексного підходу до вивчення неспоріднених писемностей у контексті компаративної графіки і орфографії.

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