• Ruppia maritima L., або рупія морська як водна однодольна рослина з родини Ruppiaceae, яка мешкає в солонуватих водоймах і мілководдях морів. Включення рослини до списків рідкісних рослин. Моніторинг популяцій та створення охоронних зон локалітетів.

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  • Рассмотрение сочетаемости слова: коллокации и работа скетч-грамматики. Проведение сравнительного анализа скетч-грамматики ruskell 1.3 и скетч-грамматики Araneum Russicum. Определение особенностей депиктивных конструкций. Обзор похожих и однокоренных слов.

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  • Россия - страна с многовековой историей, богатой культурой и удивительной природой, расположена в восточной части Европы и в северной части Азии. Россия вымывается двенадцатью морями и тремя океанами. Природные ресурсы определяют развитие экономики.

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  • Characteristics of Russia as a country with a huge variety of scenery and vegetation, the steppe in the south, plains and forests in the south, tundra and taiga in the north, highlands and deserts in the east, occupying about one-seventh of the surface.

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  • Russia and the international trade system. Regulation of external economic activities. Foreign trade pattern. Volumes of Russian Foreign Trade with Countries Outside Former Soviet Union in Value Terms (without unorganized trade, in billions dollars).

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  • The development of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Problems and challenges of social, economic and political transition. Characteristics of natural resources and political priorities of Russia. Comparing Russia with the United States.

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  • The dictatorial policies of Lenin`s government. Active opposition of to the Soviet regime as the balance in favor of the counterrevolutionaries. Active resistance to the Bolsheviks through passive neutrality to collaboration. The role of Bill Shatov.

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  • Russian collectivism and communality, patriotism. Attitude to the rules and law. Human relations in Russia. Religion of this countri. The attitude to money and wealth. Social relations in Russian society. Public behavior. American National Character.

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  • Consideration and characteristics of features of the modern potential of the russian aviation industry. Investigation and analysis of solutions strategic objective of development of domestic aviation in Voronezh, Kaluga, Samara, Perm and Penza region.

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  • The Russian Federation it’s a largest country in the world and it ranks seventh in the world in population. The Russia is a federative democratic republic with a President. The administrative-territorial division of the country and the ethnic groups.

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  • Description of the crisis of financial markets and the economic downturn after the war with Georgia. The study of tax reform policies of the state budget, consumer price inflation and bank failures. Characteristics of food and metallurgical industries.

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  • Assessment of the current financial and economic situation in the country. State development of economic and industrial policies to overcome the financial crisis. Perfection of technologies and innovations, development of competitiveness in the country.

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  • The development of the Russian and the Chinese economy. Analysis of the growth of trade between countries in trade patterns. Energy issues Russian-Chinese economic relations. Incompatibility of Russian economic policy with genuine economic integration.

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  • Low Temperature Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Rutile TiO2 Nanorod Superstructures. Nanodispersed rutile with rod-like particles was synthesized by hydrolysis of TiCl4 in hydrochloric acid - ethanol alcohol aqueous solution at temperature 40 C.

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  • Essence theories of "Leninism" from the common practices and experiences of dozens of "Leninist" groups, organizations and parties. Lenin's death - the greatest political catastrophe of the ХХ century. Analysis of the Zinoviev period of the Comintern.

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  • The actual experience of western Mediterranean forums. The Distant Neighbours of the Western Mediterranean. Tragical events of 11 September 2001. The basic definition of terrorism. The notion that "triage" might lead to an "Arab-European" partnership.

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